K-Drama Review: ‘The Penthouse Season 3’, The Finale War and End Game of the Conflicts

the penthouse season 3 kdrama review

What Happened in The Penthouse Season 3?

Have you followed the euphoria of The Penthouse dramas? With 3 seasons, many K-drama lovers have been in love yet annoyed by the plot, but the sensation is there. The unexpected plot twist, the tension, and the war is loved by them. Will the suffering end? In this article, Channel Korea will provide you the synopsis and additional reviews about The Penthouse Season 3, so stay tuned!

The Penthouse Season 3: Synopsis & Review


The Penthouse series has become one of the most awaited series, especially after the success of The Penthouse season 1 and season 2 which were released by SBS. Following the plot in The Penthouse Season 2, the cruelty and the tension are still there.

The ending of The Penthouse Season 2 left us hanging since Logan Lee (Park Eun-seok) was suddenly bombed by an unknown old man right in front of Shim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah). In season 3, the mystery is revealed little by little.


Shim Soo-ryeon insists on gaining revenge on the people who “killed” Logan, and it turns out that the culprit is Joo Dan-tae (Um Ki-joon). With Oh Yoon-hee (Eugene), the two make such a good team. While making up their plan, Oh Yoon-hee has to sacrifice herself because of Joo Dan-tae and Cheon Seo-jin’s crime. Yoon-hee falls from the cliff and Soo-ryeon is very messed up about her best friend’s death.


While longing for Yoon-hee, Soo-ryeon doesn’t forget her plan to gain revenge on anyone who killed Logan and Yoon-hee. Thankfully, Logan is alive since Ha Yoon-chul (Yoon Jong-hoon) saves him due to an order from Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon). Even though Seo-jin has nothing to do with Logan, she wants to benefit from Logan’s family.


Logan and Soo-ryeon start many plans to finish off Joo Dan-tae and Cheon Seo-jin for everything that they have done. Will they be able to take care of everything and have their revenge? You better watch the full episodes of The Penthouse Season 3!

The Penthouse Season 3 Drama Scenes (Spoiler Alert!)


Here are some sneak peeks of The Penthouse Season 3 scenes that you shouldn’t miss:


The bad terms between Soo-ryeon and Seo-jin are still there. If Soo-ryeon used to be a calm woman, then she surprises us with her bravery. While talking to Seo-jin, she even places her hand on Seo-jin’s neck and says that she will never leave Seo-jin alone with all of the sins that she has done. What a woman crush, our Shim Soo-ryeon!


This is one of the most epic scenes ever from The Penthouse series! Shim Soo-ryeon accepts the invitation from Joo Dan-tae to meet him alone. Turns out, Soo-ryeon keeps a gun under her dress as her secret weapon while fighting against Joo Dan-tae!


For those of you who hate Seo-jin in the drama, you might have been happy when this scene appeared on your screen. However, she didn’t die. Not yet!


Yes, your sight is right. Joo Dan-tae is shot by Soo-ryeon while they are in Hera Palace. After all this time, the “real” antagonist eventually dies.

Meet the Main Cast of The Penthouse Season 3


The Penthouse Season 3 main characters:


Shim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah) wants to kill everyone who has done such horrible things to her family, especially Joo Dan-tae and Cheon Seo-jin. She gets even more upset after her best friend Oh Yoon-hee dies.


Logan Lee (Park Eun-seok) is a Korean-American guy as well as an entrepreneur. In this season, he takes revenge against the people who tries to kill him, and his relationship with Soo-ryeon goes to the next level.


Joo Dan-tae (Um Ki-joon), the main culprit ever since The Penthouse‘s first season, is crazy over wealth and power which make him do bad things to get them.


Just like Dan-tae, Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) is thirsty over wealth and the Cheong A group which was inherited by his father. She even uses benefits by using her daughter to escape from trial and punishment.

Let’s Listen to The Penthouse Season 3 Soundtrack!


“Let Me Be” by Baek Zi-young seems like a perfect song to describe Shim Soo-ryeon’s life. It depicts how someone wants to turn back time to the old days when everything’s fine, but it’s just too late.

“Good Bye” by Xia Junsu might be one of the saddest OSTs from The Penthouse Season 3. It tells the longing of people who have lost someone that they love, just like Soo-ryeon and Rona losing Yoon-hee.

Why You Have To Watch The Penthouse Season 3


If you haven’t watched The Penthouse season 1 and season 2, we recommend you to watch them first so you can enjoy the sensation of The Penthouse Season 3. Here are reasons why The Penthouse Season 3 is worth watching:

1. The Badass Shim Soo-ryeon


Yes, the queen of Hera Palace is back. She is no longer a calm and lady-like person, but she has turned into a badass woman with a bunch of brilliant ideas while looking for revenge for the dead people that she loved.

2. More Revenge and the End Game


Yes, The Penthouse series is filled with revenge, but in season 3, everything will pay off evenly. The main antagonist will get what they deserve, and justice will side with the right, even if it has to go through various sacrifices.

3. More Relationships Between the Hera Kids


If in the previous seasons all of the Hera Kids were being mean, this season is the opposite. Jenny (Jin Ji-hee), Min-hyuk (Ex-MyTeen‘s Lee Tae-vin), Seok-hoon (Kim Young-dae), Rona (Kim Hyeon-soo), and even Seok-kyung (Han Ji-hyun) become even more mature and know what’s best for them, especially Seok-hoon and Rona. We could say the relationship between Jenny and Min-hyuk experiences a slight improvement as well!

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