PENTAGON’s Wooseok or X1’s Wooseok; Which One Is Your Favorite?


The Battle of Wooseok, Which Wooseok Do You Like the Most? It Must Be Both!

Not every idol in K-pop has a name that is unique to them. Even though there are some idols who share the same real name, usually they chose to have a stage name that ets them apart. But what if their stage name is the same as another idol’s? Minho, Woojin, Mina, and the most popular idol name, Minhyuk? Who comes to your mind when you read those names?


Do you know that, besides those names that are quite commonly used by idols as their stage names (which is basically their real name), there are also idols that share the same stage name. Who are they?

It’s the rising K-pop star Wooseoks, everyone!


If you hear the name Wooseok, which Korean idol comes to your mind? Is it the tall boy from the boy-group Pentagon, or is it the cute boy from X1? Well, it must be either one of them, right? But, how well do you know these two Wooseoks? Scroll down to get to know them both better!

Pentagon’s Wooseok

The big guy from Pentagon is absolutely none other than the giant maknae, Jung Wooseok! If you don’t know who Jung Wooseok from Pentagon is, well, let me quickly explain him to you. Wooseok is in charge of rapping in Pentagon. Even though he is the youngest member in the group, Wooseok, who was born in Gwangju, South Korea, on January 31, 1998, is the tallest member, with the height of 188.4 cm or 6’2″.


With height like that, some fans have called him a giant baby. Even though he is so tall, he has a baby face and a cute charm that will make you fall in love. Plus, Wooseok is a beast when he’s rapping on stage while performing with Pentagon.


Not only does he shine as a member of Pentagon, Wooseok also once debuted in another sub-unit along with other Cube Entertainment trainee, Lai Guanlin, that was a Wanna One member before.

Enough with a brief introduction, let’s learn more about the details down below!

Pre-debut Era

Wooseok was born and raised in Gwangju, until he moved to Seoul in 2014 because he was accepted as a trainee in Cube Entertainment. Wooseok not only became the maknae after he debuted with Pentagon, he is also the maknae, or the youngest member, in his family.

He lived with his parents and his older sister in Gwangju. While he was in school, he said that he used to be the tallest kid in class. Due to his height, he auditioned to be a model at Cube Entertainment.


However, Wooseok got a high responses from female audience members when he was auditioning. It was all because of his bright personality, which brought the love from the people who watched him perform. Later, he was trained as a singer after that. In 2016, he participated in a survival pre-debut show for the making of Pentagon, which was put together by Cube Entertainment. The show was called “Pentagon Maker”.


Through this show, Wooseok showed his ability to rap, sing, and compose lyrics. He then succeed to debut as the youngest member in Pentagon, as well as becoming the rapper and vocalist of the group. He officially debuted with Pentagon on October 10, 2016.

Debut with Pentagon

Debuting as one of the 10 members of Pentagon on October 10, 2016, Wooseok automatically became the youngest member in the group, as he is the only member who was born in 1998.

As a youngest member and tallest member in Pentagon, he quickly became popular with fans and netizens, especially when he demonstrated his amazing rapping skills through the group’s debut song, called “Gorilla”.


Not only could he rap and sing, Wooseok also participated in composing songs and writing lyrics for his group. He was the co-writer of Wanna one’s debut song, “Energetic”. He also participated in composing the Unit Red song called “No Way”. He can also do beat boxing, and usually did the beat boxing for Pentagon when performing live. Let’s take a look at some of the skills of the giant maknae, Wooseok, from rapping to beat boxing!

Wooseok also appeared as a cameo on an episode of a JTBC drama called “Age of Youth 2” with the other Pentagon members. The episode was aired on September 2, 2017, and Wooseok appeared a member of an idol group, along with the other Pentagon members, who was sitting in a car on the way to somewhere.

Let’s take a look at the footage of Wooseok’s appearance on “Age of Youth 2”, along with the other Pentagon hyungs!

Not only has he participated in a drama, Wooseok once again showed his acting skill by making another appearance, with his label mate, Jeon Soyeon, who later on debuted as the leader and rapper of idol group G-idle. Wooseok appeared with ex-member of Pentagon, E-Dawn in Soyeon’s music video, called “Jelly”.

In 2018, Wooseok continued to pursue his goal of becoming a model by appearing on Hera Seoul Fashion Week along with fellow Pentagon member, Shinwon. Let’s take a look at how stunning Wooseok was as a model!


He is also close with fellow label-mate Lai Guanlin, who was a trainee at the same time he was. Wooseok and Guanlin debuted together as a sub-unit called “9801” in March, 2019.


The group name is a mash-up of the year Wooseok was born and the year Lai Guanlin’s was born, which is 2001. Oddly enough, both of the boys are insanely tall. Just like Wooseok, Lai Guanlin was also the tallest member in Wanna One, despite his young age compared to other members. Let’s just take a look at how these giant babies became beasts with their debut song, called “I’m a Star”.


Wooseok really rocks it whether he is performing with Pentagon or when he’s with the 9801 sub-unit. What do you think about his performance? He really has a charisma that makes every girl fall in love with his cute looks, despite his manly performance while rapping, right? Breathe if you agree!