Check Out Pentagon Members’ Toned Abs to Brighten Your Day!

Get to Know Pentagon

Pentagon is a boy-group from South Korea which debuted under CUBE Entertainment on October 10, 2016.  The group has 10 members: Hui, Jinho, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yanan, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino, Wooseok, and E’dawn. Pentagon was created through the Mnet survival show called Pentagon Maker. Unfortunately, E’dawn left the group on November 14, 2018, after he officially announced he was dating fellow singer Hyuna without informing CUBE  Entertainment.

After their debuted, fans wanted to know everything about their idols, such as updates about their work, their daily life, new fashions and hairstyle, and their diet tips. Fans even, or may especially, wanted to know about their idols’ abs.

In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a show and tell about the Pentagon members’ abs, so keep reading!

Pentagon Member’s Toned Abs

 Jinho’s Abs


Jinho is one of the older members of Pentagon, but is often thought to be the maknae (youngest member) in the group because of his small body and cute baby face. He is known as the cutest tiny hyung. He’s a little shy, and has a calm personality that makes him seem younger than he is.

Although Jinho isn’t known for his abs, but his slim build is a good match with his cute face. Even though he’s 27 years old, he still seems like a high school student. That youthful charm is one of the things about him that his fans love the most. His shy, serene personality and his smile have been winning his fans’ hearts.

Jinho’s position is as main vocalist in the group, which makes good use of his sweet, stable voice with its lovely upper registers. Everything about Jinho could make you fall in love without hesitation.

 Hui’s Abs


Pentagon’s leader, Hui, is the lead vocalist, producer, song-writer, and a male idol who has a good body with nice abs. Even though Hui had to work hard to build his chocolate abs,  his efforts have produced good results because his fans love his abs so much.

Hui looks cool and sexy when he’s working, with his fit body and toned abs. Although he looks a little thin, he actually has a good, healthy body with strong muscles.


Hongseok’s Abs

Known as one of the pillars of Pentagon and one of the main vocalists, Hongseok is also famous for having some of the best abs among all male idols. He also has the best-proportioned body in Pentagon, thanks to his workouts and love of sports. He makes sure that working out is always part of his regular routine and he thinks his abs are his best attribute.

Hongseok has a naive and slightly naughty expression, which adds to his charismatic aura making him compelling to fans. With a handsome face and chocolate abs, plus his sweet voice, Hongseok wins everyone’s hearts.

In 2019, the Cube Entertainment idol appeared in the July edition of ‘Men’s Health‘, and boy did he deliver. It seems like Hongseok’s body is made of pure muscle and absolute sexy charm! His adorable face and built body are definitely a sight worth seeing. Netizens have been fangirling, stating that Hongseok is “the definition of perfection.

Mens Health Korea posted Hongseok’s cover photo on their official Instagram, and netizens and fans makde comments like: “Damn, Hongseok looks so healthy”, “Shocked”, “Holysh*t”, “Omg”, “Cute on the outside, sexy body is the inside”, “I thought this was an edit”, “Perfect”, “Wow”, “I am breathless”, et cetera.

Shinwon’s Abs

Shinwon is like gift from God with his sexy face that resembles a Greek god and body proportions like a model. He is the third-tallest in the group after Wooseok and Yuto. Growing into a manly guy with broad shoulder gave him an amazing visual. His charm isn’t just reliant on his good proportions, he’s also a sharp dresser, which is the icing on a very nice cake.

Even though his abs aren’t as well-defined as those of some of his group-mates, his smooth abs created the best part of his body. Shinwon looks great in everything he wears, and he does workouts to maintain his great proportions.

Yeo One’s Abs

Yeo One is one of the members who doesn’t display his abs. His best feature is his sweet smile, which could make even the coldest heart melt. He also has a very expressive face which only adds to his charm.

Like Shinwon, Yeo One has good taste in fashion. His airport fashion always makes people look at him twice. His body is well-proportioned, tall and fit, which allows him to wear his clothes very well. His hobby is swimming, which naturally builds a good proportion  for him.

Yan An’s Abs

Visual of Pentagon, Yanan is the flower boy from China whose handsome face makes him look like a prince. His masculine, but an almost delicate face that captures every girl’s heart.  Although he isn’t known for his cut abs, he still has body proportions that could make any man envy him.

His most charming feature is his shy smile. His cool and warm expression makes him like character from a manga. He also has very fair, beautiful skin.

Yuto’s Abs

Pentagon’s Yuto is like a model for almost man who is dreaming of having a handsome face and amazing body proportions. Yuto is someone who has a handsome face with a cool expression, a cute side, a warm heart, a sweet, cute smile, a big and tall body, and broad shoulders all wrapped up in one neat package.

A beautiful body with the best abs means Yuto has everything. His bass voice and powerful rap just adds to his perfection. It’s like anything he does could fit him well. His toned abs and built muscles are a perfect gift for the fans who love him so much. Integration between his perfect body and good visual makes him look more healthy and sexy.

Kino’s Abs

Kino is the mood maker in Pentagon. He’s very talkative and has a cheerful personality. He’s a very sensitive big boy. Kino has a masculine, cute face with bright skin.

Even though he doesn’t have chocolate abs, he still looks good with his standard height and healthy body. Kino is a bit of a perfectionist, and that carries over to taking care of his body. He works out regularly to make sure he stays fit and healthy.

Wooseok’s Abs

Wooseok is the maknae (youngest member) and the tallest member in the group. The boy  has a cool expression with q handsome visual and great proportions. His masculinity could make any girl’s heart flutter.  His body could make all of his fellow big brothers in the group envious for his tall body and good-looking visual.