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Pentagon’s Most Recent Comeback, Genie:us


Recently, Pentagon made their comeback with their 8th mini-album titled Genie:us. This comeback introduces a different concept from their previous comebacks with a flower boy theme. They give us the naughty and sexy vibe of the members as you can see from the teasers image.

The title track of this mini-album is “Sha La La” with the topsy-turvy MV theme and breaking into different dimensions. The title track is composed by Hui, Han Yo-han, and Minit. Hui and Wooseok also participated in the writing of the lyrics for “Sha La La.” The mini-album and the MV were released on March 27th, KST.

Unfortunately, our Kino couldn’t participate in the live performance of Pentagon’s new comeback songs due to his injury that he got this past January which has not fully healed yet. He explained, “About 2 months ago, I injured my leg while practicing. With the thought of recovering as quickly as possible to stand on stage for our comeback, I focused on recovery when there wasn’t anything in the schedule, but it didn’t go according to what I wanted.”

He continued, “I no longer need crutches, and I’m currently receiving rehabilitation treatment. It’s disappointing, but I will not be able to participate in performances. I’ll participate in all scheduled activities with the exception of performances.”

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