The Handsome Pentagon Member Yanan’s Full Profile


Pentagon's Yanan

Here’s Yanan’s filmography!


Title Year
Spark (Web Drama) 2016
Hello, My Twenties! 2 2017
Joseon Beauty Pageant 2018
The Best Fried Chicken 2019


Variety Shows

Title Year
Pentagon Maker 2016
Pentagon’s Textbook 2016
Pentagon’s Private Life 2016-2017
Pentagon’s to Do List 2017
Pentagon’s Thursday Night Live 2017
Pentory 2017-present
Just Do It Yo! 2018-present


Watch one of the variety shows here:

Pentagon’s Yanan’s Performance at Pentagon’s Concert!

Pentagon's Yanan

Before Yanan went on a hiatus, he always participated in all of Pentagon’s concerts. Whether it was a comeback, world tour, or to promote one of their albums.

From the five concerts, there’s a theme for their concerts, such as LOVE for the 1st concert, TRUST for the 2nd concert, PROMISE for the 3rd concert, DREAM for the 4th concert, and the last but not least, MIRACLE.

On the stage, Yanan always showed us his best performance, whether through his angelic voice or his manly dance moves. Watch one of Yanan’s performances here:


Pentagon’s Yanan Went on Hiatus?

Pentagon's Yanan

After all of the time Yanan spent participating in activities with Pentagon, he and one of the other members of Pentagon at that time, E’Dawn, were confirmed to be on hiatus from any activities to do with Pentagon.

Yanan’s agency, Cube Entertainment, confirmed this news through their official Twitter account in August 2018.

Pentagon's Yanan hiatus

From the statement, it was revealed that E’Dawn had stopped his activities for a while. Meanwhile, Yanan had to stop his activities due to a health problem. He has to take a break and get some rest, prioritizing his health before any activities. Moreover, he gained an injury in his right hand when he was exercising during his preparation for Pentagon’s comeback.

Cube Entertainment also apologized to all of Pentagon’s fans and said that Pentagon will continue their activities without Yanan and E’Dawn.

Well, let’s wait for Yanan to again be on stage and the big screen!

Wanna Know About Pentagon’s Yanan’s Latest News?

Pentagon's Yanan

There’s not much information about Yanan which can be considered recent news since his hiatus. It seems like he is still resting due to his health, so it is no wonder he isn’t participating in any new activities. Here’s Yanan’s statement on his Weibo account:

Pentagon's Yanan

Let’s pray for his health and that he makes a speedy recovery and can come back as soon as possible to the entertainment world!