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Jinho’s Project: Magazine Ho


Every end of the month, Jinho releases his project Magazine HO. For this time, Jinho again showed his soft voice with a song called “Girl,” a song is originally sung by solo singer Lee Mon-sae. Usually, the concept of Magazine HO involves Jinho singing in a recording room. However, this time, Jinho has decided to do something different and he introduces an outdoor concept.

Jinho made the cover of the song on beautiful sunny weather and a blue sky that matches the atmosphere of the song, enhanced with the music and the soft voice of Jinho that is able to make all those who hear it melt. Previously, Jinho had told all of his fans that he would show a different concept from Magazine HO.

Pentagon’s Jinho Will Hold His First Mini Solo Concert!


One of the main vocalists of Pentagon, Jinho, will hold his first mini-concert titled “Magazine Ho Mini Live.”

The mini-concert, which is scheduled to be held at the Hana Tour V Hall, Seoul, South Korea, is to take place on March 17th, with an entrance ticket of ₩ 55,000.

Magazine Ho itself is the name of the monthly project covering the songs that he did since 2017. Now, the oldest member of Pentagon will bring them directly to the stage through his solo mini-concert. Jinho also revealed that he had prepared special performances and guests for the concert later.

Pentagon’s Jinho’s Solo Discography



  • BTOB’s Jung Il-hoon – Always (2018)

  • Pentagon’s Jinho Feat Hui – Thank You

  • Pentagon’s Jinho Feat Hui – Happy Winter Song

  • Pentagon’s Jinho Feat Hui – All My Heart (진심)


  • What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim OST Part 4 – Just A Little Bit More (조금만 더) (With Rothy) (2018)

  • JINHO (진호), HUI (후이), KINO (키노), PENTAGON (펜타곤) – Miss U (On The Campus (So BE It)) OST – Part1

  • Pentagon’s Jinho, Hui, and Wooseok – How Can I Do (Eulachacha Waikiki 2 OST Part 4)