Do You Think Pentagon’s Hongseok Is The Closest Member to Jinho? Find Out More About Their Friendship!

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On July 2, 2019, one of the Korean media outlets, JoyNews24, reported that Pentagon would release a new album in a month. The news mentioned that the group would be releasing their album in July 2019.

Responding to this, Cube Entertainment, as the agency for Pentagon, finally gave an official statement about their comeback. Through MK Sports media outlets, the agency confirmed that Pentagon would be making a comeback in mid-July. “Pentagon will return soon in mid-July,” the agency representative said.

There was no further information regarding the exact date of the group’s comeback. The agency also hadn’t released details for the album title, teaser, track list, or concepts that Pentagon would bring. This is a fairly fast comeback, considering that Pentagon’s last comeback, with the release of the album titled ‘Genie: Us’, was just in March. On the album, Pentagon performed the lead song, titled Sha La La.

In addition to preparing for a comeback, Pentagon is also busy with preparations for a world concert tour. Pentagon’s first world concert tour, titled “Prism”, will be held in various countries in Asia and America.

The day the fans had been waiting for finally arrived on July 17, 2019. Pentagon officially released their new mini album, SUM(ME:R), which is the result of collaboration with Rapper Giriboy, and has four songs that are very appropriate to enjoy during the summer.

The main song from the mini album is titled Humph!, which, in the original Korean title, means ‘no access’. It’s is a fun, rhythmic song that will remind you of childhood memories.

The music video itself is full of colors and school uniforms that show the summer spirit. Humph! was made by Pentagon leader Hui, who wrote it with Giriboy. They also collaborated in creating the song Fantasytic. If Humph! sound light and pleasant when heard to start the day, Fantasytic has a more upbeat rhythm to pump up the spirit during the day.

Meanwhile, the other two members, Jinho and Wooseok, worked together in writing the lyrics for the third song, Summer. Unlike the previous two songs, Summer tends to be more relaxed and bob. The keys of the keyboard in the middle of this song show Pentagon’s identity.

The last song, titled Round 2, was made by the 9 members of the Cube Entertainment boy-group. This song really has the rhythm that is their hallmark.

According to a report from Yonhap, SUM(ME:R) is the only Pentagon mini album with a summer fun theme. The four songs in their ninth mini album are said to be very suitable as an accompaniment to the summer season. Universe, a call for Pentagon fans, can cheer, because the idols will do a world tour, titled Prism. The tour began April 27 in Seoul, South Korea and continues to New York and Los Angeles.

Well, that was all for the information of Pentagon’s Jinho and Hongseok moments and interaction, as they usually called  best friend in the group. Let’s keep supporting them and Pentagon so that we can see more of their comebacks and activities in the future!