Do You Think Pentagon’s Hongseok Is The Closest Member to Jinho? Find Out More About Their Friendship!


Find Out More About Pentagon’s Hongseok and Jinho’s Friendship!

Do you know about the Cube Entertainment boy-group, Pentagon? The group, who is known with their popular song, Light, has many talented members who can sing, rap, and dance. The members also have great friendships with each other, especially Jinho and Hongseok, who get attention from their fans and public for their closeness as best friends.

In this article, we’re going to find out Pentagon’s best friends, Jinho and Hongseok’s, moments together. Let’s scroll down and check out the article below!

Ex-Trainees From Big Company

Hongseok and Jinho of PENTAGON shared how they ended up at Cube Entertainment. The members of Pentagon revealed the reason during their debut showcase, where they talked about their debut song Gorilla. During the event, Jinho and Hongseok talked about their decision to leave SM and YG Entertainment.

Jinho shared his reasons, “I became a trainee for 6 years in SM, which is the best company. But in the end they had a different way of thinking, so I came out well. Then I got a call from Cube and got a chance to audition.

Jinho’s experience at SM the Ballad in 2010 made some fans believe that he would debut as one of the members of EXO. But, in fact, of the 12 members who debuted as EXO, there was no Jinho, even though he was touted as one of the strong candidates.

Even now, netizens are still wondering why Jinho did not debut with EXO, even though he, himself, had revealed that the reason he left SM Entertainment was because of differences in perspective. Nevertheless, some netizens suspect that he was not suited with EXO’s image, and his position was filled with another trainee.

I admire him because of his beautiful voice. I’m waiting for his debut and I think he will debut in SM. Too bad,” commented netizens. “If he wants to be a little patient, wait for him to be able to debut at the Big 3 agency as a member of NCT but that’s his choice,” said another netter. “I heard he didn’t debut because the type of voice is the same as one of EXO’s vocalists and his image doesn’t match. I support you!” added another.

Hongseok also revealed his reasons and said, “I was previously part of the iKON “Mix and Match” event, where I was eliminated. Even then, I didn’t consider being too young for an idol. So I lag behind, and I feel too old to debut as an idol. WINNER has debuted and iKON was the same, while I was afraid to wait for my turn to debut under the agency.

He continued, “I went out and looked for my own team and music. When I found the music I wanted to do, I left the company and ended up meeting Cube when I was looking for another agency. Then the PD from Cube explained about the team called ‘Pentagon’ and I felt they were perfect, so I talked to them that I would join and settle in the Cube Entertainment.”

Jinho & Hongseok’s Moments

Known as the closest friends among all the members of Pentagon, Jinho and Hongseok have been caught in some funny moments together. Check out their interactions and best moments below!

During a V-Live, Hongseok went to the practice room to see Jinho. The member who was positioned as the vocalist, Jinho, was surprised, as he had to make a special appearance during the V-Live. Hongseok, who came near him, was laughing before they sat next to each other.

Hongseok asked, “What are you doing?” and Jinho answered, “I’m making a song right now.” Hongseok, who was very curious, asked him again if he could sing a short phrase of the song during this V-Live. Although the song wasn’t finished yet, Hongseok still tried to negotiate with Jinho, and he became very nervous when he tried to play the piano.

Next, Hongseok and Jinho played a game where they were given a word and had to answer whether their answers matched with each other. The first question was mountain vs. ocean; Jinho answered mountain and Hongseok answered ocean.

The next question was boat vs. plane and Jinho answered boat, while Hongseok answered Plane.

When the question was seafood VS meat, Jinho answered seafood and Hongseok answered meat.

Still not getting matching answers with each other, the next question was tent vs. BBQ. Jinho answered tent, and Hongseok answered B&B.

The next question was fishing vs. amusement park. Jinho answered fishing and Hongseok answered with amusement park. After all these question, it seemed like they wouldn’t share chemistry together, right?

The questions weren’t finished yet. The next one was Incheon vs. practice room, and they finally gave answers that matched, choosing Incheon.

Do you think their chemistry showed well with this game session?

During a live broadcast on KBS Hongkira’s Kiss The Radio, Pentagon came as a guest, and they requested the song Please Don’t Go Away, by Lee Sora. Jinho said that the song was requested by him and Hongseok. When Lee Hongki, as the DJ, asked if there was any particular reason, Jinho revealed his memories of Hongseok through this song.

I listen to the song for the first time when I was very sad. After listening to this when I wake up on the next day is a sunny day, Hongseok and I eat a lots of delicious food and talk a lot. So I recommend this song.” – Pentagon’s Jinho.


“Our birthday is the same, and this is the reason that makes us closer.” – Pentagon’s Hongseok.


Beside being known as best friends who were born in the same day, Pentagon’s Jinho and Hongseok are a truly talented members of the group, and they also have a great visual as  idols. The two best friends have taken selcas together many times.

Check out Pentagon’s Jinho and Hongseok’s selca collection, below!

Cover Lay Me Down

The best friends, who are signed under Cube Entertainment, also like to show their talent in front of their fans. Pentagon’s Jinho and Hongseok uploaded a video cover of them singing to Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down.

The two were collaborating with each other, pairing beautiful vocals by Hongseok with Jinho playing the piano. Not only playing the instrument, Jinho also showed off his vocal, which could melt anyone’s heart by listening to this cover song.

What do you think about their singing skill?