Ex YG Trainee and Pentagon Member, Hongseok: Profile, Dating Rumor, and More!


The Pentagon’s Lead Vocalist Hongseok

If you know Pentagon, you must know the handsome flower boy Yang Hong-seok. Hongseok already gained popularity when he was a YG trainee and involved in the survival show Mix & Match. Failing to debut with iKON, he moved into Cube Entertainment and finally debuted with Pentagon through the other survival show titled Pentagon Maker.

Hongseok is a very interesting person. If you ever watched Mix & Match and Pentagon Maker, you must be curious about every little thing about Hongseok. Well, let’s find out below!

Profile and Facts


Full Profile

Real Name/ Hangul: Yang Hong-seok/ 양홍석
Stage Name: Hongseok
Nicknames: Yang Jr, Hongseokkie, Honggie
Date of Birth: April 17, 1994
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Height: 181cm
Weight: 65kg
Nationality: Korean
Education: Hwa Chong International School (Singapore 2007 – 2010), Tianjin Nankai High School (China), University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (he resigned in order to start his music career)
Occupation: Singer
Position (in Pentagon): Lead Vocalist
Years Active: 2016 – present
Agency: YG Entertainment, Cube Entertainment
Ideal type: Someone with similar preferences and someone he can eat with


  1. Hongseok used to live in San Diego, Singapore, and China with a total of 11 years outside Korea
  2. He fluently speaks Korean, Chinese, and English
  3. His older brother named Junseok
  4. Hongseok’s hobbies are reading books and study languages
  5. He likes to work out
  6. Hongseok admitted that abs are his best features
  7. He likes Iron Man
  8. He modeled alongside HyunA for Clride.n
  9. He is the best cook at the group so Jinho called him ‘cooking mom’
  10. He has a driving license
  11. Hongseok and E’Dawn used to share a room in Pentagon’s dorm



Most of Hongseok’s discography is with Pentagon.


Albums Language Released Date Labels Formats
Pentagon Korean October 10, 2016 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Five Senses December 7, 2016 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Ceremony June 12, 2017 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Demo_01 September 6, 2017 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Demo_02 November 22, 2017 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Positive April 2, 2018 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Thumbs Up! September 10, 2018 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Gorilla Japanese March 29, 2017 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Violet January 17, 2018 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Shine August 29, 2018 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads
Cosmo February 13, 2019 Cube Entertainment CD, Digital downloads

Music Videos

Year Title Director
2016 “Gorilla” Vikings League
“Can You Feel It”
2017 “Pretty Pretty” Unknown
“Critical Beauty” Vikings League
“To Universe” Unknown
“When I Was in Love” bpm 권진모
“Like This” Flexible Pictures
“Violet” bpm 권진모
2018 “Shine” Flexible Pictures
“Naughty Boy” Digipedi
2017 “Gorilla” Hong Won-ki (Zanybros)
2018 “Violet” bpm 권진모
2019 “COSMO” Hong Won-ki (Zanybros)

Mix & Match


In 2015, after the survival show from YG Entertainment titled WIN which debuted boy group WINNER, the lost team (Team B consisted of 6 members) once again involved in the new survival show titled Mix & Match. This time, Yang Hyun-suk decided to debut a group called iKON with 7 members, which means there will be the new contestants joining the show.


The newcomers are Chanwoo, Hongseok, and Jung Jinhyeong, the fast learning and young trainee from YG Entertainment. The 1 left spot was not only contested with the three newcomers, but also the rest of Team B except B.I, Bobby, and Jinhwan because they had been designated as the permanent members by YG.

At the end of the show, Hongseok couldn’t make it to iKON and lost to Chanwoo due to lack of voting from Mix & Match fans. Hongseok also being said not too compatible with the others because he had the same age as Team B (even older than some members), and his voice is not really the YG style.

Departure from YG Entertainment to Join Cube Entertainment


As you know, Hongseok used to be the contestant of Mix & Match. After lost to Chanwoo, Hongseok decided to departure from YG Entertainment and move to Cube Entertainment. During the showcase for Pentagon’s 1st mini album ‘Pentagon’ on October 10, 2016, he revealed the reason why he left the company.

“I was a candidate for iKON, but I was eliminated. So then I was left behind, and I felt like I was too old to be debuting as an idol.WINNER debuted and so did iKON and I got scared of waiting for the next turn under the label. So I went out to search for my own team and music. The rookie development director [of Cube] explained to me about a team called Pentagon and it was perfect, so I told him right away that I want to stay here [in Cube],” he said.

He joined Cube Entertainment in 2015. At the time, Cube Entertainment also confirmed the news, “We have signed with Yang Hong Seok as a trainee. He’s currently practicing hard. As for when he will debut, nothing has been decided on yet, “they said.

Debut with Pentagon


Cube Entertainment revealed the upcoming boy group Pentagon on April 26, 2016, after hinting in December 2015. Well, the boys couldn’t just debut to Pentagon, they should pass through the harsh survival show Pentagon Maker on Mnet, and Hongseok should be involved in that high pressured show once again. Luckily, Hongseok’s destiny came this time as the final line up of official Pentagon members were him, Jinho, Hui, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok.

The group was originally scheduled to debut on July 23, 2016, by holding their debut concert at Jamsil Indoor Stadium. But, Cube Entertainment suddenly delayed the debut concert due to internal issues.


On October 10, 2016, Pentagon debuted with 10 members, including the eliminated contestants in Pentagon Maker, E’Dawn, Shinwon, and Yan An with their first album titled Pentagon.

Dating Rumors


In 2017, there was a rumor spreads about Hongseok dating a trainee. In an internet forum, the topic titled “Photos of PENTAGON’s Yang Hongseok on a date (feat. ‘Produce 101’ Lee Soohyun?)” attracted many people to discuss.

The topic was brought by fan photos of Hongseok hang out with a girl that is identified by Netizens as Lee Soo-hyun, a trainee from the first season of Mnet’s Produce 101 by looking her piercing and her moles on arms. They seemed so careless by hanging out so freely.


On July 7, 2017, Cube Entertainment made a clarification towards the rumor. They said, “It is true that the individuals in the photo are Yang Hongseok and Lee Soohyun; however, they are not dating. They are just friends.” The agency continued, “The two met for the first time in a long time so they had a meal together and went to Cheonggyecheon because the weather was nice that day. If they were dating, they would not have been so boldly out and about like that. The two are not dating.”


As it already said before, Hongseok said that his abs are his favorite and best feature. Is it that good? Let’s see!


Well, you lied if you are not dropping your jaw while seeing this blessed pictures of Hongseok’s abs!


When he was a trainee in Cube Entertainment, Hongseok used to have a private Instagram account @sungsibalnom0701. The account made the controversy that Hongseok keeps talking harshly and even judged some celebrity. After apologized to his fans, he locked the account and seemed not active right now. Hongseok doesn’t have any official account right now, so let’s see Hongseok’s latest post from Pentagon’s official account @cube_ptg!


Hongseok’s appearance on one of KBS’s show.


Sporty Hongseok with his grey hoodies. Try to keep warm, oppa!

Latest News

Recently, Hongseok participated in MBC’s Real man 300 along with Blackpink Lisa, Kang Ji-hwan, and so on. During the episode, the contestants should train in combat swimming, starting with a special swimming exam where Hongseok should beat Jeon So-mi’s father Matthew Douma. Hongseok was super confidence that he would beat the opponent and be accepted in advanced swimming class. He also revealed his past experience, “When I was studying abroad in Singapore, I was the top athlete swimmer in my school.”

The result comes out perfectly as he wanted. Not only beating Matthew Douma, but he was also the only one who made it into the advanced swimming class and showing impressive skills in treading water and being able to swim across 1.6-kilometer distance!