All About JYJ’s Park Yu-chun: Profile, Movies, Drama List, Discography, and Girlfriend

JYJ’s Passionate Vocalist and Actor

Park Yu-chun is the widely famous vocalist of the group JYJ, who is also known for his acting ventures throughout his career. He has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, and not all has been smooth sailing for him. Nevertheless, he managed to make a name for himself as a member of one of the biggest SM groups to date. Not only that, but he was also recently hit with a scandal that has further tarnished his name in the industry, but through it all, he has managed to stay afloat.

He might not be the best at his craft, but the true resilience he has displayed after multiple court cases is something that needs to be appreciated, so let’s take a deeper look at Park Yu-chun’s career and scandals thus far!

Name Park Yu-chun
Date of birth June 4th, 1986
Height 178.4 cm
Weight 64 kg
Blood Type O
Academic Background Garak Elementary School
Hanam High School
Postmodern Music in Kyunghee University (Dropped Out)
Computer Information and Communication Engineering at Kyunghee Cyber University
Family Eldest of two sons
Debut DBSK (December 26th, 2003)
Position Vocal


Born on June 4th, 1986 in Seoul, South Korea, Park Yu-chun has spent his early childhood in his hometown and in the US. He attended Elementary School in Seoul but later moved to the US in 1998 with his parents and younger brother, where he attended his middle school. He spent most of his teenage years in Fairfax, Virginia and slowly but surely started to develop an interest in becoming a singer. This was demonstrated by his winning at the American Music Festival which led to him being scouted by Brothers Entertainment to soon after prepare for his debut.

In 2003 he swiftly returned to South Korea to prepare for his debut but not long after, he went and moved to SM Entertainment. He trained in SM Entertainment for a year and five months, which is one of the shortest training periods for SM idols. He was the last member to join the DBSK lineup. When he moved to Korea for his debut preparations, he also started attending a local high school, Hanam High School to be specific, together with fellow members Kim Jae-joong and Kim Jun-su and they made their debut before finishing off their mandatory education.


In December of 2003, Park Yu-chun debuted as part of the group DongBangShinKi (DBSK) with their first single “Hug” as part of fellow label mate BoA and Britney’s show. They performed it prior to the release of the physical single in January of the following year. Their career is decorated with hits such as “Rising Sun” and “Mirotic,” which remain classics until this day. Not only that, but their advancement in Japan also marks the rise of Hallyu outside of Korea with the help of Korean Pop Music, instead of Korean Dramas that was representative of the first years of Hallyu Wave.

After their stint in Japan for a few years, and releasing their hit single “Mirotic,” three of the members, including Park Yu-chun, decided to part ways with SM Entertainment and DBSK. In 2009, they filed a lawsuit to nullify their binding contracts and leave to form a 3-member group named JYJ. The lawsuit was a big spectacle at the time, as it was almost unheard of, before their senior group Shinhwa, previously did it. Even so, the circumstances were different because not all of the members left, but half of the lineup still remained. They managed to win the lawsuit and perform as a trio with singles such as “Ayyy Girl,” “Get Out,” and “Back Seat,” which had drawn controversy but publicity none the less.

Aside from JYJ, Park Yu-chun is also known for his stint in acting; he has starred in numerous successful dramas as the leading actor. He debuted as an actor with the drama Rainbow Romance, in 2005 when he was still a member of DBSK. His career really took off when he took the role of Lee Sun-joon in the drama Sunkyunkwan Scandal, as it received a good response. Alongside his name were actors such as Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in. Another notch to his post is his role in the hit drama Rooftop Prince, again the titular character. This propelled his name to become a household name in the Korean entertainment industry.

Park Yu-chun took a break from his career in 2015 when he enlisted to serve his mandatory military service for his country. Due to his asthma, he was assigned to be a public service worker, instead of active duty. Thus, he is not serving full time and is only made to halt promotions while he works and stays at home. During this time, he did cause quite an uproar when he was involved in a sexual harassment case that took a while to be cleared. Not only that but a rumor about marriage, involving him, was spread before being discharged.

His discharge from the service in 2017 brought joy for fans as he could actively perform again as a singer and actor. He is scheduled to have his first public appearance, after being discharged, on March 10 and March 11, 2018, on a fan meeting with his audience.