Everything You Need to Know About Park Yu-hwan: Profile, Social Media, Movies, Drama List, and Girlfriend


Ricky Park or Park Yu Hwan’s Full Profile

Park Yoo Hwan is a South Korean actor. He was father is a businessman and he has an older brother named Park Yoo Chun, who is also a singer and actor, who is five years his senior. The two had a very close relationship when they were young, and the same goes today. Park Yoo Hwan called his older brother “a treasure” and said that when he was young he thought all relationships were as close as theirs. He was born in Seoul, but lived in America. After their parents divorced, Park Yu Hwan and his mother moved back to South Korea. His father has since died of an illness.

Park Yu Hwan, who works under C-JeS Entertainment, started his career when he was cast as a supporting character in the 2011 MBC series called Twinkle Twinkle. The series is a light, cheerful, and heartwarming family drama, and he played the half-uncle to lead actress Kim Hyun-Joo’s character, Han Seo-Woo. While still acting on Twinkle Twinkle, Park was cast in a small  role as Book-Jo in another MBC series, called Gye-Baek. His next role was in the 2011 SBS series A Thousand Days’ Promise, where Park portrayed Lee Moon-Kwon, the younger brother of lead actress Soo Ae’s character. His great performance on the series earned him a nomination for Best New Actor at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards.

In 2012, Park Yoo-Hwan was cast in his first leading role, in the Channel A series K-Pop: The Ultimate Audition, playing Kang Woo-Hyun, the ignorant and bad-tempered leader of the boy-band M2. He played opposite of Go Eun-Ah, who played a happy-go-lucky girl named Ji Seung-Yeon. In May 2012, Park returned to MBC to star in the new daily drama Can’t Live Without You, a family drama that conveys the heart-warming story of a group of adult siblings who try take care of their mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. He played Kim Min Do.

Also he appears in A drama that focuses on the lives of employees at a home shopping company and revolves around the competition, friendship and love between friends in their 20s and 30s called I Need Romance 3 and the most recent drama he played in is She Was Pretty as a cameo.

He mentioned that his success as an actor wasn’t due to the help of his older brother, who had also been born in the acting world, but he was trying to succeed on his own. He had, indeed, been invited by his brother to join him to play a in drama, but Park Yoo Hwan refused and started out in small theaters, building his foundation as an actor. He went on to appear in the drama A Thousand Days’ Promise alongside actors Soo Ae and Kim Soo Hyun.

Here is his full profile:

  • Name: 박유환 / Park Yoo Hwan (Bak Yu Hwan)
  • Also known as: Ricky Park
  • Profession: Actor
  • Birthdate: 1991-Mar-09 (age 27)
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 177cm
  • Weight: 64kg
  • Star sign: Pisces
  • Blood type: O
  • Family: Older brother/singer Micky Yoochun
  • Talent agency: C-JeS Entertainment

Park Yu Hwan’s Drama and Films list

Being an actor for some time, of course, he has several dramas and films he has played in. Here is the list of dramas and films that Park Yu Hwan worked in.

Year Title Role
2011 Twinkle Twinkle Han Seo-Woo
2011 Gye-Baek Book-Jo (ep.5-7,12,15
2011 A Thousand Days’ Promise Lee Moon-Kwon
2012 The Strongest K-Pop Survival Kang Woo-Hyun
2012 Can’t Live Without You Kim Min-Do
2014 I Need Romance 3 Lee Woo-Young
2015 She Was Pretty Kim Joon-Woo
2016 Musudan Goo Yoon-Gil
2017 One Line Hyuk-Jin


Park Yoo Hwan made an acting debut in Hollywood, too. He appeared in the film Equals, starring Guy Pearce, Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult. The movie made it to the Venice International Film Festival, which was held in early September, 2015 . He was cast in a minor role in that futuristic love story.

He’s also taken great acting roles in dramas. You can see his acting in the tenth episode of “She Was Pretty,” which aired on October 21. Park Yoo Hwan‘s character, Kim Joon Woo, completely floors Han Sul (played by Shin Hye Sun) with his honesty. Many viewers have praised and totally fallen for how Park Yu Hwan can act as a straightforward person, and his romantic charms, and are excited to see how the story unfolds between the leads.

As we expected, he got to show what a great actor he is in the film Musudan. The film is a mix of action, mystery, thriller and monster movies taking place in the DMZ. The DMZ is the Demilitarized Zone which is the land border between both Koreas, and is considered the world’s most fortified land border. The interesting thing that needs to be taken into account is what a great job the actors do in helping to build the tense atmosphere in the film, including Park Yu Hwan, who shows his enthusiasm for acting.

As a result of his great acting skills, he’s been nominated for several classy awards. Take a look for his award list:

Year Award Category Result
2011 30th MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor in a Serial Drama Nominated
2012 48th Paeksang Arts Awards Best New Actor Nominated
2012 5th Korea Drama Awards Best New Actor Nominated
2015 34th MBC Drama Awards Best New Actor in a Miniseries Nominated



Park Yu Hwan’s Social Media

An artist is incomplete without having a social media account. This actor is no exception.  He has a twitter account called @rypaffo. His twitter has been active for a long time and we can all see that the account was last updated on August 6, 2014. He tweeted “long time”, and he also had an Instagram account, which he later deleted.

This is one of his pictures from his Instagram account


His Girlfriend and Relationship

The latest news from the artist who is also called Ricky Park is rumored having a scandal because of his ex-girlfriend. Through the Naver website, the issue has become a hot topic among netizens. The problem began with the accusation that his brother had committed rape. After his brother’s case was closed, the problem returned, polluting Park Yu Hwan’s good name. Park Yu Hwan is rumored to have a girlfriend whom he dated for a year and lived with for four years. When Park Yu Hwan decided to end the relationship, his ex-girlfriend sued him to pay for everything he had done.

“Park Yoo Hwan ended our ‘marriage’ unilaterally,” claimed the woman who pretends to be his ex-girlfriend. “I asked him to pay compensation for mental and physical losses caused by his actions.”

In response to the lawsuit, which was initially filed with the Seoul Court in May of this year, C-JeS Entertainment, as Park Yoo Hwan’s agency, said to the news, “The lawsuit who against Park Yoo Hwan is only a civil suit, and the truth will be revealed in court.”

The agency, similar to the solution taken in Park Yoochun’s case, will be releasing a statement after the court decision has been made: “We will be doing everything we can to block anyone who defamation through the trial, and will be releasing an official statement once the case has been resolved. The [plaintiff] is a civilian, and the details of the situation are of [Park Yoo Hwan’s and A’s] private affairs, so we earnestly request that you refrain from media coverage.”

But the case already reached its conclusion after the fourth arbitration, and the lawsuit against actor Park Yoo Hwan by his ex-girlfriend was concluded with a settlement agreement .A source from C-JeS Entertainment said on October 21, “Park Yoo Hwan and the plaintiff have determined through their lawyers that there had been a misunderstanding, and the case has been resolved peacefully.”

Besides that, for the record, in 2014, he said that he mostly dates women who are older than he is. His most important qualification for finding the right woman is communication. In an interview with Newsen, he answered a question about his ideal type.

“I put physical appearance at the bottom of the list when it comes to considering the opposite gender. I don’t think physical looks contribute much to a relationship, no matter how beautiful the person is. A relationship lasts long, when there is good communication. I hope I can meet someone who I can share my heart with.”

Park Yu Hwan showed off a photoshoot with Marie Claire.


Park Yoo Hwan was the model for a photoshoot that will be used as magazine material for Maire Claire in its December issue. The actor models modern fall looks for Marie Claire. In one picture he’s wearing a long, patterned coat and a warm-colored knitted sweater. His looks also helped in making the pictorial capture the hearts of Marie Claire readers and many of his fans. 

Indeed, Park Yu Hwan hasn’t appeared in the entertainment world since his case was closed, but we wish him all the best, and hopefully, he can come back with amazing things.