All About Park Yoon-jae: Profile, Social Media, Movies, Drama List, and Girlfriend

Park Yoon-jae’s Love Life

Park Yoon-jae and Son Eun-seo

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of dating rumors surrounding Park Yoon-jae. The only time that people have speculated about his dating life was in 2013, when a photo of him and his co-star, Son Eun-seo, had been released. The two of them looked incredibly close in the photo, which made people think that they are dating at that time. But of course, they denied the statement and said that their relationship is nothing more than a work-related one. Even though many people are still curious or maybe even suspicious about it, there is no proof or confirmation about whether they are dating or not.

Meanwhile, it has been recently confirmed that Son Eun-seo is dating her co-star Lee Joo-seung. They have met on-set twice; during the filming of the movie Showdown and the drama Voice. On the other side, there is still no news whatsoever about Park Yoon-jae dating anyone, even from Dispatch which was known to be an expert in finding out Korean artists’ love lives. It seems that he’s still in the process of finding someone right for him.

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