Details About Park Yoo-chun’s Drugs Controversy

Park Yoo-chun Drugs Controversy

Learn More About The Drug-Related Controversy Involving Park Yoo-chun

Are you familiar with the name Park Yoo-chun? Park Yoo-chun, or previously known as Micky Yoochun, is one of three TVXQ ex-members that left the group and went active again with another group called JYJ. Back in 2016, he got caught up in a scandal where he had to face multiple sexual assault allegations and a rape allegation as well. But, he was dismissed of all charges and ruled as “not guilty” by the court, though his reputation went down because of this scandal. However, he got caught up in another scandal again this year, this time relating to drug abuse. Are you curious about this controversy? Today, Channel-Korea will give you a run-through of everything related to Park Yoo-chun’s drugs controversy. So stay tuned!

Hwang Ha-na Arrested on Drug Abuse Charges

Hwang Hana Arrested

In April 2019, Hwang Ha-na was arrested after it was revealed that she allegedly used and distributed drugs, but was not punished for her action because of her connections last year. Not only she used and distributed drugs, but it was also revealed that she took many sex videos which she then used to blackmail and threaten people with.

After she was arrested, she explained that she was forced by a celebrity friend called “A” to take and buy drugs. She said that “A” would secretly inject drugs while she was sleeping and that he coerced her to buy drugs. Later, it was revealed that “A” was none other than Park Yoo-chun.

Park Yoo-chun Held a Press Conference

Park Yoo-chun Drugs Controversy

In response to the accusation of coercing Hwang Ha-na to take drugs, Park Yoo-chun held a press conference on April 10th, 2019. In the press conference, he denied that he forced Hwang Ha-na to take drugs nor suggested her to buy drugs. He also admitted that he is going through depression because of his recent scandalous case related to sexual assault, in which he was found not guilty. However, he said that he is still going through a painful period of being rebuked by society and feeling shame, as well as guilt. After he delivered his statement, Park Yoo-chun concluded his press conference and didn’t take any questions from reporters.

The Police Found Evidence Of Park Yoo-chun’s Alleged Drug Use

Hwang Hana accused Park Yoochun

Even though Park Yoo-chun held a press conference in which he denied Hwang Ha-na’s accusations, later the police found pieces of evidence that showed Park Yoo-chun’s alleged drug use, apart from the testimony of Hwang Ha-na. Furthermore, the police are also suspecting that the two continuously met despite their break-up. Due to this, the case is forwarded to the prosecution and the police banned Park Yoo-chun from leaving the country.

On the other hand, it was also revealed that after police re-investigated another drug case in which Hwang Ha-na was cleared of charges, they found additional information that Hwang Ha-na had allegedly used drugs.

Park Yoo-chun’s Lawyer Responds

Park Yoo-chun Drugs Controversy

After a further investigation was conducted, it was revealed that the police had obtained a CCTV footage of Park Yoo-chun purchasing and taking drugs. There was also an additional video in which Park Yoo-chun and Hwang Ha-na are taking drugs together. In response to this, Park Yoo-chun’s lawyer, Kwon Chang-bum, released an official statement in which he asked for the public’s understanding that they are not able to reveal further details relating to the videos as it is still under police investigation.

Park Yoo-chun Reportedly Tests Positive For Drugs

Park Yoochun

On April 16th, the police collected hair while conducting a search and seizure investigation on Park Yoo-chun. The hair was later sent to the National Forensic Service for testing. As Park Yoo-chun’s hair was mostly removed, the police requested a test on hair from his head and leg hair. It was revealed that Philopon was detected in his leg hair and the test result came out positive.

Notwithstanding, Park Yoo-chun and his lawyer kept denying the drug abuse allegations. After Park Yoo-chun took the drug test and the result came out positive, his lawyer said that even though the results cannot be denied Park Yoo-chun’s stance that he did not do drugs remains unchanged. He further explained that they are in the middle of looking into how the drug entered Park Yoo-chun’s body and was detected by the drug test initiated by the National Forensic Service.

Park Yoo-chun’s Agency Terminates His Contract

Park Yoo-chun Drugs Controversy

In the middle of his investigation, the agency that is managing Park Yoo-chun, C-Jes Entertainment, gave their official statement regarding Park Yoo-chun’s contract termination. In the statement, the agency said that while trusting Park Yoo-chun’s statement that he is not guilty, they found out that he was tested positive for a drug test that was initiated by National Forensic Service. Hearing this news, the agency decided that they will terminate Park Yoo-chun’s contract just as the singer himself had said in the press conference that he will retire from the entertainment industry.

In the statement, the agency also expressed its deepest apology and promised to do their best to take strict measures in order to prevent such events from happening again.

Park Yoo-chun Confesses To Additional Instances Of Drug Use

Park Yoochun Arrested

While Park Yoo-chun finally admitted to most of the charges on drug use, it was revealed that he had also confessed about two additional instances in which he injected the drug on his own, without Hwang Ha-na, on April 30th.

It was also reported that he denied some of the charges that were made against him, such as the number of times he purchased drugs. Meanwhile, Park Yoo-chun’s lawyer, Kim Chang-bum, is stepping down from the case after Park Yoo-chun admitted to using drugs.

Latest News

Park Yoochun Hwang Hana

After Park Yoo-chun confessed that he used drugs, it was revealed that he had been taking drugs since the summer of 2018. He said that after receiving the drugs from his ex-girlfriend Hwang Ha-na, he afterward took drugs by himself out of curiosity at his home which is located in the Samseong neighborhood in Seoul.

However, there was a difference between Park Yoo-chun’s and Hwang Ha-na’s statement regarding the drug use and how many times it was administered. Hwang Ha-na insisted that she purchased and injected the drugs at Park Yoo-chun’s suggestion, but Park Yoo-chun testified that he used the drugs seven times in which six of the instances were with Hwang Ha-na.

Meanwhile, there are also talks of possibilities where Hwang Ha-na is connected to Burning Sun. This is because there is a witness who saw Hwang Ha-na getting drugs for a person who was acting like a puppet, as well as having a connection with a criminal and gave him a list of celebrities who use drugs. Not only that, but she was also involved in a drug case of a college student. In the written verdict of the case, it was revealed that the drug supplier involved in the case was a famous DJ who’s known to be friends with Seungri, as well as a close friend of Hwang Ha-na.

That was all the information regarding the drugs controversy of Park Yoo-chun. What do you think about this case? Do you think that Park Yoo-chun also plays a big role in this case, or is he just getting pulled into it by Hwang Ha-na? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the drugs controversy in which Park Yoo-chun got himself caught in the comment section below!