Get to Know More About Park Yong-woo


Get to Know Park Yong-woo

Park Yong-woo is a senior Korean actor who made his official debut with MBC Broadcasting 24th Talent in 1995. He was enrolled in the Theater and Film department at Chung-Ang University in 1991, after failed the college entrance exams twice previously. He also failed twice when he auditioned for MBC’s actors, and finally passed in 1995. After that, he spent ten years playing in supporting roles on TV and in films.

His career breakthrough was when he was cast as a leading actor for the first time, in a dark romantic-comedy film, My Scary Girl (2006). Later, he said those years playing as a minor actor was a good experience for his acting career. What a hard worker!

Talking about his perspective on acting in an interview with Korea Times, in 2005, he said, “There is no one born as a good actor, they achieved the title through great practice and work.” He also said,  “I guess every actor dreams of playing a main character and I’m not an exception. But for me, it is more important to become a good actor regardless of how big my roles are.”

He also shared his feeling with Donga Ilbo, in 2007, on why he is interested in acting, “Although I am not completely devoted to acting, it may look that way because I am not lucky enough to be able to enjoy my life fully. Although I usually get bored doing something for a long time, acting makes me feel alive and changes me; even though it entails pain. I want to be an extraordinary actor while being an ordinary person.” We can see how and why Park Yong-woo become a great actor.


park yong woo

Name: Park Yong-woo

Hangul Name: 박용우

Birth place: Seoul

Date of Birth: March 16, 1971

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 176cm

Blood Type: B

Education: Chung-Ang University

Profession: Actor

Talent agency: Prain TPC

Movie and Drama List


During his career as an actor, Park Yong-woo has worked in many dramas and movies, whether as a supporting or in a lead role. Here is list of his works:


Year Title
2016 Unforgettable
2014 Late spring
2013 Hwayi: A Monster Boy
2012 Forest of time
2011 Battlefield Hero
2009 Hand phone
2008 Once Upon a Time
2007 Love Now
Beautiful Sunday
2006 The World of Silence
For Horowitz
My Scary Girl
2005 The Art of Seduction
Blood Rain
2004 Mr. Gam’s Victory
2002 Lovers’ Concerto
2001 Musa The Warrior
Say Yes
2000 Ditto


Year Title
2018 (OCN) Priest
2015 (SBS) Life Tracker Lee Jae-goo
2012 (SBS) My Lover, Madame Butterfly
(SBS) Jejungwon
2005 (SBS) Best Mother
2004 (KBS2) Terms of Endearment
2003 (KBS1) Age of Warriors
2001 (MBC) Sun-hee and Jin-hee
1999 (SBS) Crystal
1998 (KBS2) Paper Crane
(MBC) Run Barefoot 
1997 (MBC) Myth of a Hero 
(KBS2) A Bluebird Has It
(KBS2 Hometown of Legends
(MBC) Best Theater “My American-style Boyfriend”
1996 (MBC) Ganyiyeok 
(MBC) Dangerous Love 
1995 (MBC) Best Theater “Keep Yor Letter in the Freezer”
(MBC) Apartment
(MBC) The Fourth Republic 
1993 (SBS) Professor Oh’s Family 



Year Title
2001 The Sting (Musical)