Heartbreaking Funeral Held for Winter Sonata Actor Park Yong-ha

Park Yong-ha’s Funeral

On the morning of his death, many of his friends and family gathered at the funeral hall at Kang Nam Virgin Mary Hospital. His body was cremated and the funeral was held for around 3 days before he was then transported to his final resting place, going through a route that passed all three major broadcasting stations and then finally arriving at his home.


The funeral procession was done with the help of his very dear friend, So Ji-sub, who was completely devastated by the news. Having been there since the early morning, he offered to become one of the people in charge in the funeral procession as someone who would greet the guests and comfort them, while also being the one who will have to carry the casket out the hall later on. He stayed all throughout the 3 days the funeral was held, proving the tight friendship he had with Park Yong-ha.


Other than So Ji-sub, celebrities such as Jang Geun-suk, Choi Ji-woo, Kim Bum, and other co-stars also attended the funeral. They chose to pay respects quietly and followed through on the last day to take his remains to its final resting place. Their visits were colored with tears and puffy eyes, as they said goodbye to their dearest friend.

So what do you think of Park Yong-ha and his time as an actor? Do you think that his choices were justified considering the situation he was put in? Or do you think it was very rushed and foolish of him? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!