Full Profile of Park Yeong-gyu: Profile, Family, Movies, and Drama List

Park Yeong-gyu’s Family

Born in 1953, Park Yeong-gyu spent his childhood years with financial difficulties, which even prevented him from going on school trips. When Park Yeong-gyu was 15, he used to sell newspapers and ended up being bitten by a bulldog. Ever since he was a child, he had been dreaming of becoming a singer, but he eventually had to give up this dream due to financial reasons. Park Yeong-gyu spent his childhood in Daejeon and graduated from Daejeon Junior High School, Chungnam Mechanical Engineering High School, and Seoul University of Arts, Department of Fine Arts and Music. While still in college, he joined the army in 1976 and served for three years as operational maneuver at the observation yard. After serving in the army, he got back to acting again in the theater group. Because of his financial situation and his effort to make his dream of becoming an actor come true, Park Yeong-gyu works hard until he is diagnosed with a serious illness in 1981. He was diagnosed with Pulmonary Tuberculosis. At that time, Park Yeong-gyu worked as a salesperson as well, to support his life because his family was poor. The reason he chose to be a salesperson was that he could speak persuasively.


Park Yeong-gyu’s health returned again in 1983 after his mother helped him battle his illness. Feeling healthy again, in 1983, he came back to the theater and made his debut in 1985. His journey from being a theater actor to becoming the famous film actor he is today was revealed in the speech he gave at the 2014 KBS Drama Awards.

“When KBS was in Namsan, I attended Seoul University of Art. I come from the countryside and dreamed of becoming an actor. For the first time in 40 years, I won an award from KBS. I have been dreaming about this award for 40 years. I’m glad that now I’m able to get it,” said Park Yeong-gyu.

Park Yeong-gyu met his first wife while he was a junior college student. She was his junior with a 5-year age difference between them. When he was suffering from tuberculosis, his wife nursed him through his illness. According to rumors, his wife was actress Seo Gab-sook. But, this rumor has been proven false because Seo Gab-sook graduated from Chung-Ang University. With his first wife, they had one son. After being married for 13 years, they had to separate because his wife and his son wanted him to study in the US. In the end, Park Young-gyu got divorced as a result of irreconcilable differences.

Then, in the fall of 1997, Park Young-gyu met his second wife, named Choi Kyung-suk. Choi Kyung-sook is a famous designer and three years older than him. They got married and then they got divorced in 2001. According to rumors, the reason for their divorce was his relationship with his third wife. In 2004, Park Young-gyu’s only son, Park Dal, got into an accident with his friend and passed away. The news of his son’s sudden death really shocked Park Yeong-gyu. He tried to avoid everything in order to heal his broken spirit and decided to stay in the Phillippines for a while.


While staying in the Phillippines, Park Yeong-gyu left his entertainment career completely and decided to open his own business, a golf course for Koreans. During this time, when he was venturing in the new business, he met Kim Su-ryun who eventually becomes his third wife. It turned out that his business didn’t go well and he had to close it. He stayed in the Phillippines for a while after, but then he and his wife went back to Korea and he returned to working in the entertainment industry again.


When Park Young-gyu was awarded the Excellent Prize at KBS Drama Awards, he gave a speech where he said that he dedicates this award to his son who is watching from the sky.

“My son in the sky wants to see me do better. That’s why I work hard to make my son proud from the sky,” said Park Yeong-gyu after receiving the award.


Park Yeong-gyu’s Trivia

  • Park Yeong-gyu has a restaurant in Busan National University.
  • Park Yeong-gyu suffers from hair loss and wears wigs on some occasions.
  • Park Yeong-gyu is an actor who has been able to release an album and also show his singing abilities as well.