Full Profile of Park Yeong-gyu: Profile, Family, Movies, and Drama List

Park Yeong-gyu’s Movie List

Title Year
The Parting

College Story

Lethe’s Love Song

A Man and A Woman in Winter


Love’s Scribble

Rainbow Over Seoul


Flesh Market

Gigolo in Shinsa-dong

Tomorrow’s Rain 1991
Emperor of Romance 1992
No Emergency Exit 1995
Attack the Gas Station 1999
The Underworld 2000
The Humanist 2001

Break Out

Season in the Sun

Oh! Brothers

Happy Ero Christmas

Dance With Solitude

Ghost House

Attack the Gas Station 2 2010
I Am the King 2012
Happiness for Sale

How to Use Guys with Secret Tips

The Royal Tailor 2014


Park Yeong-gyu’s Play List

Title Year
A Doll’s House
Spamalot 2010
Life Sharing Concert 2015


Park Yeong-gyu’s Discography

Album Title Release Date
Madonna/Chameleon June 1, 1989
Bear Again Today from Attack Gas Station 2 OST January 11, 2010
Bored from A Hundred Year Legacy OST May 16, 2013
Granada feat. Lee Youn-kyung from Immortal Song Compilation – Legendary Singer July 25, 2015


Park Young-gyu’s Awards List

Award Category Year
29th Baeksang Arts Awards Most Popular Actor from Film Category 1993
SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor Sitcom Category 1998
SBS Drama Awards Grand Prize in Sitcom Category

Big Star Award

SBS Drama Awards Special Performance Award, Actor in Drama Special Category 2011
KBS Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in Serial Drama Category 2014
MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Drama 2015


Park Yeong-gyu’s Career


Park Yeong-gyu’s interest in acting started from when he was young. He joined a theater club and got to perform as a theater actor under the famous theater director, Oh Tae-suk, the director of Daehakro. To this day Park Yeong-gyu thinks that he wouldn’t be where he is right now if it wasn’t for Oh Tae-suk. While he was in the theater, Park Yeong-gyu believed in himself and thought that he would become a famous actor in Korea. He worked hard for this dream of his and his dream actually came true.

Park Yeong-gyu’s name became known after making an appearance in the show MBC Talent Show. But, actually, he made his on-screen debut in 1985 in the movie The Parting. After making his appearance in the movie and the good impression he left on the viewers, Park Yeong-gyu started getting more offers for other roles for both dramas and movies. He made his drama debut in the drama MBC Bestseller Theater Green Cap alongside actress Seo Gab-sook. Even though he only played a supporting role, Park Yeong-gyu displayed the best of his acting abilities. And this goes for every other role he has taken.


Park Yeong-gyu is a versatile actor. Not only he has taken on to play some serious roles but he has also portrayed romantic characters, as well as playing comical roles. In 1988, Park Yeong-gyu appeared in the drama Forget Tomorrow together with actress Kim Hee-ae. In the drama, he portrayed a romantic character. Because of this role, he was chosen as the most popular entertainer for housewives. In 1989, Park Yeong-gyu shows his singing talent by releasing a trot album titled Chameleon. This album hit big; so much that Park Yeong-gyu had to perform twelve times a day.

After appearing in some dramas and movies, in 1999, Park Yeong-gyu starred in the comedy movie, Attack the Gas Station! His role in the movie is that of a gas station owner. In Korea, this movie hit big and made Park Yeong-gyu’s name established as an actor in the comedy genre. Other actors from the movie, such as Yoo Ji-tae, Lee Jung-jae, and Yoo Oh-seong, become big actors as well. In 1998, Park Yeong-gyu starred in the sitcom Soonpong Clinic. As a result of these two roles, Park Yeong-gyu specialized in comical acting.


In 2004, Park Yeong-gyu starred in the drama Emperor of the Sea with actors, such as Song Il-gook and Chae Si-ra. His performance as a spiritual father of Jang Bogo (played by Choi Soo-jong), left a deep impression on the viewers. This showed that Park Yeong-gyu can also be excellent when playing a character from the Joseon period. Due to the immense popularity of Attack the Gas Station!, in 2010, the prequel was made with the title Attack the Gas Station 2! Park Yeong-gyu got the leading role in the movie. However, the response to the prequel wasn’t as good as the first time, even though it had some success domestically.


Park Yeong-gyu took another Joseon period role in the drama Jeong Do-jeon. His character in this drama is Yi In-im. However, people’s response to the drama was quite bad and it got a lot of negative criticism for grounding the story on fiction, rather than facts. Despite the numerous negative reviews, the drama still achieved popularity in Korea with most viewers being men at the age of over 40. Thanks to his role in this drama, Park Yeong-gyu was awarded the Excellence Award for Actor in Serial Drama Category at the KBS Drama Awards in 2014.


Even though now he is in his 60s, Park Yeong-gyu is still working on dramas. In 2017, he starred in the comedy-drama titled Smashing on Your Back alongside actress Park Hae-mi. This drama tells the story of Park Yeung-gyu (played by Park Yeung-gyu himself), who starts living with his daughter and his son-in-law after his business goes bankrupt. He and his daughter are trying to rebuild his business and get back on their feet. More recently, in 2018, Park Yeong-gyu starred in the drama Are You Human? together with actor Seo Kang-joon and actress Gong Seung-yeon. This proves that Park Yeong-gyu is still actively taking roles in dramas even though he is in his 60s.