Here Is Actress Park Ye-jin Life Stories From Her Wedding to Her Movies!

Debut Image vs Family Outing Appearance

As she began her debut in a horror movie, she made her debut image as a cool, fierce woman. In her first film, she even played as a ghost who haunted the school. Later she took the leading role in the romantic melodrama Something Happened In Bali, in 2004. She once again played a cold-hearted and wealthy woman who wanted to run away from her fiancee.

Her popularity began to increase when she became a regular cast member on the first season of the variety show Family Outing. This show was the top Korean Sunday Television at the time, in which the cast traveled around South Korea, taking care of the houses of elderly families who get sent on vacation. The cast then accomplishes the tasks left for them by the homeowners.

She showed a different side of herself on the show, and gained the funny nickname “Sweet and Vicious or “Sweet and Savage Miss Ye-jin” because she usually appeared as a  pleasant, demure ladylike figure. She was very no-nonsense and tenacious in preparing fish and chicken for meals. Park Ye-jin also maintained a strong rapport with Lee Hyori. She also became known for her high-pitched, nasal screeching when she expressed joy and excitement.

Unfortunately, Park Ye-jin was only involved with the show for one year, from June 2008 to June 2009. She had to leave the show due to her busy schedule filming the period drama Queen Seondeok and the movie Fortune Salon.