Here Is Actress Park Ye-jin Life Stories From Her Wedding to Her Movies!

The Sweet Lady, Park Ye-jin

I bet your 2009 was passed with the drama Queen Seondeok in it! This drama was very popular at the time it was released. It was about a peasant girl who turned out to be a queen, because she is the twin sister of King’s daughter. And yes, the King’s daughter Princess Cheonmyeong, was played by the talented Park Ye-jin. Park Ye-jin is a South Korean actress, born on April 1, 1981. She started her debut in the entertainment industry as an actress in 1999, in a horror movie called Momento Mori. As her acting skill was maturing, she rose her fame for her leading role in the drama What Happened In Bali in 2004, and the South Korean comedy variety show Family Outing in 2009.

Not only by her hard work, Park Ye-jin is also known to have had an underground relationship, and secretly married an actor. A year after they tied the knot, they finally held their official wedding ceremony in a super private and intimate way, which only certain people being invited to the wedding, including various friends from the entertainment industry. Take a look to learn moreabout Park ye-jin’s love life and stories about her career!

Who Is Park Ye-jin’s Husband ?

Park Ye-jin has officially been married since 2015. The man who’s been her husband for these three years is Park Hee-son, a South Korean actor born on February 13, 1970, who is 11 years older than his wife. As another talented actor, he graduated from Seoul Institute of The Arts and got a degree in theater. He began his acting career on the big screen in 2002, when he starredin the movie Three. Since then, he’s already starred in plenty of big hit movies, such as A Million, The Scent, and 1987: When The Day Comes. 

This Park couple was known to be dating in 2009 and confirmed the rumor in 2011. They used to both be under the same agency, King Kong Entertainment, but Park Ye-jin left the agency and moved to Jellyfish Entertainment. At that time, they were rumored to have broken up, but there was no evidence. In 2015, the couple who were previously rumored to have split up, surprisingly were married, instead! Well, they are really meant for each other.

Rumors said that Park Hee-soon started paying attention to Park Ye Jin at the company dinner, and then planned to attend every event she might be at in order to know her further. Later, he made the brave choice of asking her for a date. People said Park Hee-soon liked her because she is kind and honest. She’s also good-natured and has a good sense of humor.

The Late and Private Wedding

Even though the couple already tied the knot in 2015, they decided to celebrate their wedding later, due to their busy schedules, and were satisfied with just registered their wedding at first. They also kept it a secret. On January 27, 2016, Park Hee-soon’s agency stated in a press conference, “We know Park Hee-soon and Park Ye-jin recently registered their marriage. While the two are already husband and wife, we don’t know if they plan to have a wedding ceremony as well as other specific plans.” 

They finally decided to celebrate their wedding a year later in a small and private party at Itaewon, Seoul. This modest celebration was attended by the couple’s close friends and family. Some celebrities who were spotted attending the wedding were Gil, Jang Na-ra, Jo Yeo-jung, and Jessi. They posted some snapshots from Park Ye-jin and Park Hee-soon’s wedding moments. Here are the documentaries :

This photo was dedicated by the rapper Jessi. She put a caption on, referring to Park Ye-jin, “My beautiful bride <3.” Park Ye-jin wore a simple white dress with a pretty flower crown on her head, she looked stunning and happy.

As this little party put the emphasis on the intimate and casual, the groom, Park Hee-soon, wore super-simple shorts and a white shirt, yet still looked simply stunning. The guests also seemed to be wearing casual clothes to celebrate this intimate wedding party.

The celebrity guests posed comfortably in their casual outfits, looking happy for Park Ye-jin and Park Hee-soon’s brand-new chapter in life.