Get to Know More About Park Won-sook: Family, Movies, and Drama List

park won sook

Who is Park Won-sook?

Park Won Sook is an actress. She was born on January 19, 1949, the Chinese year of the Ox. Capricorn is her zodiac sign.

Park Won-sook’s Profile

park won sook

Name: Park Won Sook

Hangul: 박원숙

Date of birth: January 19, 1949

Place of birth: South Korea

Son: Seo Beom-gu

Park Won Sook’s Filmography

park won sook


Oh! My God | Guseju (2006) – Jung-Hwan’s mom

Moonlight Hunter | Dalbitt sanyanggun (1987)

Er Woo Dong: The Entertainer | (1985)

Deer Hunt | Saseum sanyang (1985)

Every Night Is Paradise | Bammada cheonguk (1985)

Jangdeureul jabeun yeoja (1984)

Widow Dance | Gwabu chum (1984)

Heart and Face | Eoguli anigo maeuminnida (1983) – Song Ok-kyeong

Yokmangui neup (1982)

Leave Revenge to Me | Boksuneun naege matgyeora (1982)

Terminal | Jongjeom (1981)

People of Dark Streets | Eodongui jashikdeul (1981)

Yeohoshin (1981)

Man with a Nickname | Byeolmyeongbuteun sanai (1981)

The Girl and the Minstrils | Muhyeob geompung (1980)

The Wealthy Woman | Bokbuin (1980)

Come Up and See Me | Nareul boreo wayo (1980)

Chivalrous Man Named Shilsoni | Hyeobgaek shilasoni (1980)

Unforgettable Love | Ijeoya hal geu salam (1980)

One Night in an Unfamiliar Place | Natsheon goseseo haleutbeom (1980)

A Gentleman Wearing a Camilla Flower | Dongbaeg ggot shinsa (1979)

Traveller’s Sadness | Yeosu (1979)

A Life Like a Swamp | Mangmyeongui neup (1978)

Lee Mu-gi of Oryuk Island (1978)

Yes, Goodbye for Today | Geulae geulae oneuleun anyeong (1976)

Anna’s Will | Annaui yuseo (1975)

park won sook

Drama Series

Dear My Friends (tvN/2016) – Lee Young-Won

My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol | Nae Ddal, Geumsawol (MBC/2015) – So Kook-ja

The Family Is Coming | Ddeotda! Paemilri (SBS/2015) – Jung Kkeut-soon

Fated To Love You | Woonmyungcheoreom Neol Saranghae (MBC/2014) – Company President Wang (Lee-gun’s grandmother)

Triangle | Teuraiaenggeul (MBC/2014) – Heo Choon-hee (cameo)

Golden Rainbow | Hwanggeum Moojigae (MBC/2013-2014) – Kang Jung-sim

Hundred Year Inheritance | Baeknyeonui Yoosan (MBC/2013) – Bang Young-ja

Bachelor’s Vegetable Store | Chonggagne Yachaegage (Channel A/2011-2012) – Hwang Soo-ja

Lights and Shadows | Bichgwa Geulimja (MBC/2011-2012) – Park Kyung-ja

Poseidon (KBS2/2011) – Uhm Hee-sook

Can’t Live With Losing | Jikoneun Motsalah (MBC/2011) – Yoo Jung-nan

The Greatest Love | Choigowei Sarang (MBC/2011) – Pil-joo’s mom

Smile Mom | Wooteoyo Eomma (SBS/2010) – Park Soon-ja

Three Sisters | Sejamae (SBS/2010) – Jang Soon-ae

City of Glass | Yuriui Seong (SBS/2008-2009) – Yoon In-kyung

Love and Law | Daehanminguk Byeonhosa (MBC/2008) – Ko Kyung-hee

Lonely Bird | Kyeowulsae (MBC/2007-2008) – Mrs. Kang

Perfect Neighbor | Wonbyeokhan Yioteul Mannineun Beom (SBS/2007) – Ms. Sun-woo

Coffee Prince | Kapi Peurinseu 1hojeom (MBC/2007) – Eun-chan’s mom

Love Can’t Wait | Sarangeun Amudo Motmalri (MBC/2006) – Jang Yeon-suk

My Sweetheart My Darling | Eoyeoppeun Dangsin (KBS1/2005) – Jo Ok-jin

Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest | Paran Manjang Miseu Kim 10eok Mindeulgi (SBS/2004)

My 19-Year-Old Sister in Law | Hyeolsunimeun Yeolah Heop (SBS/2004)

Into The Storm | Pokpung Sokeuro (SBS/2004)

A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House | Hongbune Baktejeotne (SBS/2003) – Oh Jeom-sun

All In (SBS/2003) – Jang Hyun-ja

Romance (MBC/2002) – Yun Mi-hee

Rival (SBS/2002)

Beautiful Days | Hwaryeohan Shijeol (SBS/2001)

My Home | Woori Jip (MBC/2001)

Rookie (SBS/2000)

All About Eve | Ibeuui Modeun geot (SBS/2000)

Loving You | Saranghae Dangsineul (MBC/1999)

Wish Upon A Star | Byeoleun nae gaseume (MBC/1997)

You and I | Keudae Keurigo Na (MBC/1997)

TV Movies

Father’s House | Abeojiui Jip (SBS/2009) – Soon-ae


Lifetime Achievement Award – 2013 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2013

Park Won-sook’s Television Series


Dear My Friends (Hangul: 디어 마이 프렌즈; RR: Dieo Mai Peurenjeu) is a South Korean television series starring Go Hyun-jung, Kim Hye-ja, Na Moon-hee, Go Doo-shim, Park Won-sook, Youn Yuh-jung, Joo Hyun, Kim Young-ok and Shin Goo. It aired on the cable network tvN on Fridays and Saturdays at 20:30 (KST). It consisted of a total of 16 episodes that were aired between May 13, 2016, and July 2, 2016.


Family Present (Hangul: 떴다! 패밀리; RR: Tteossda! Paemilli) is a South Korean television series from 2015, based on the 2012 novel Grandma’s Back (Hangul: 할매 가 돌아 왔다; RR: Halmaega Dolawatda), written by Kim Bum. Starring in the series are Lee Jung-hyun, Jin Yi-han, Oh Sang-jin, and Park Won-sook. It was aired on SBS from January 3 to March 15, 2015, Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 20:45 for a total of 20 episodes. This drama was about Jung Kkeut’s abrupt return to Korea, after 50 years living in Hollywood, to reconnect with his family. It is when his family members scramble to fight for their inheritance of ₩20 billion that they learn about emotional growth and reconciliation.


Smile, Mom (Hangul: 웃어요, 엄마; RR: Useoyo, Eomma) is a 2010 South Korean television drama starring Lee Mi-sook, Park Won-sook, Ji Soo-won, Yoon Jung-hee, Go Eun-mi and Lee Jae-hwang. This weekend theater drama aired on SBS from November 6, 2010, to April 24, 2011, Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 8:50 p.m. for a total of 50 episodes. Smile Mom includes reconciliation and love stories from 3 pairs of mothers and daughters Park Soon-ja (Park Won-sook) is the mother of Kang Shin-young and Kang Do-young. Under her husband’s patriarchal custom, she is forced to raise her children and also care for her father-in-law and husband in a certain manner. Kang Shin-young helps her husband Shin Meo-roo, who is a politician; she even wrote a draft for his speech. To further promote the good image of her husband, she presents her life to the public. Kang Do-young’s eldest brother (Seo Dong-won) is incompetent, troubled, and useless.


Park Won-sook also starred in Live Together, a reality show about middle-aged actresses sharing their experiences and the emotional pressure of living alone. And through stories that touch their hearts, the show aims at finding new life settings that will allow residents to support each other, both emotionally and with regards to practical problems arising when one is living alone.