All About Comedian Park Soo-hong: Profile, Love Life, Mother, Instagram, etc.


South Korean Comedian, Park Soo-hong

Park Soo-hong is a South Korean comedian and television presenter. Born on October 27, 1970, he began his career in comedy in 2002. He won the Excellence Award at the 2003 Entertainment Awards and the PD Award at the 2004 MBC Entertainment Awards. He is currently the MC of the reality show All Broadcasts of the World.

Profile and Facts of Park Soo-hong

Full Profile

Born: Oct. 27, 1970 (age 48)

Star sign: Scorpio

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 65 kg


  • Park is a fan of darts, and has attended and participated in competitions from the Phoenix Summer Festival, which is organized and sponsored by the Korean Dart Association.
  • In 2018, ahead of South Korean local elections and South Korean inter-election, Park took part in the 613 Vote and Laugh campaign (Hangul: 613 투표 하고 웃자), among other comedians such as Kang Ho-dong and Shin Dong-yup, and encouraged the South Korean public to use their votes in the elections.

Career as Comedian

In 1991, Park won a bronze medal at the National College Comedy Contest, making his official debut into the South Korean entertainment industry. In the early 1990s, Park was part of a group of comedians who called themselves Potato Man (Hangul: 감자 골), which consisted of Kim Gook-jin, Kim Soo-yong and Kim Yong-man, who all debuted in the same year on KBS. It had been reported that Kim Yong-man was hospitalized due to his busy schedule, and Kim Gook-jin tried to negotiate with the television program’s producer to ease their workload.

However, this request was not well received by the producers, who later decided that it was necessary to permanently prohibit Team Potato from appearing on television. As a result, in January, 1993, the four comedians planned to leave South Korea for the United States, taking a break from the South Korean entertainment industry. In the end, only Kim Yong-man and Kim Gook-jin went to America, Park started his mandatory military duties, instead, and Kim Soo-yong went to Canada.

In 2004, Park hosted the 2004 MBC Entertainment Awards, along with Kim Won-hee. The following year, he hosted the 41st Baeksang Arts Awards, with broadcaster Lee Hye-seung. In 2017, Park hosted the 2017 Kama Drama Awards, along with Lee Yoo-ri and Namkoong Min. In 2018, he hosted the Miss Korea 2018 contest, along with Yura (Girl’s Day).

Appearances on the Variety Show My Ugly Duckling

The concept of the show My Ugly Duckling revolves around how much mothers know about their sons’ lifestyles. The panel in the studio consists of three hosts and four main cast members.  Moms watch video recordings of their son’s daily activities and, by doing so, the moms discover many new sides of their sons (sometimes very shocking things).

Park Soo Hong is one of the main cast members on My Ugly duckling, as well as being famous for hosting many weddings. At the age of 46, he is a club lover and loves to watch television programs. He has his own circle of friends, who often accompany him to places like clubs, public bathrooms, etc. He seems to be undergoing a bit of a midlife crisis, showing interest in trying many new things, like tattooing, waxing, and hair bleaching. Ji In Sook is the oldest among the mothers in this program. She has a very cute personality.


Love Life

Park Soo-hong, who is widely known as an honorable man in the entertainment industry, turned out to be a wild criminal. Almost every night, he called his friends to go out at night to drink, smoke, and party until dawn. Strongly believing that her son lived an exemplary life because he was always a model child, Park’s mother was amazed and said, “If he marries, he won’t party this much.” She was even more hurt when Park revealed that “he wanted to die as a glamorous single” after feeling betrayed by his family for opposing his marriage to his ex-girlfriend.

Hong Jin Young chose Park Soo Hong or Kim Jong Kook, in one episode of My Ugly Duckling. Hong Jin Young replied, “I choose Kim Jong Kook. I received a threat letter from international fans so that I would not name him (Kim Jong Kook). He then added, “But Kim Jong Kook is a good and kind person. He is an oppa who is comfortable for me.” Park Soo Hong’s mother was very disappointed because she is fascinated by Hong Jin Young’s charm and hoped that she and her son have a chance.


Gay Rumor

The comedian, who is now 46 years old, was rumored to be gay. Responding to this, Park Soo Hong also discussed the rumors through My Ugly Duckling. Through the program, aired on the SBS television channel, Park Soo Hong was filmed while attending the wedding of a friend. While enjoying the event, Park Soo Hong raised the topic of being rumored to be gay.

“I think this happened because I had never been involved in a dating scandal, and I also looked suitable when using costumes to be a woman”, explained the comedian. Park Soo Hong also said that the word ‘gay’ is a popular keyword if you write his name on a search engine.

“Soo Hong will never be able to be gay because he really loves women”, said Kang Ho Dong, who was in the studio, making the people around him laugh.



Park Soo-hong’s official Instagram is @park_soohong. Currently, it has 119 posts, 56.7k followers, and follows 130 accounts. Here are some of his most recent posts:

He was taking a selfie in an event. The caption is “#Fruit of Love Doddock Talk Concert #Park Soo-hong #Doddess Chef #Doddle #Beauty Creator #Ha Sang-wook”

He was taking a selfie at the JTBC program, The Real King. The caption is “#jtbc The real king #Park Soo-Hong”

Park Soo-hong was on a photoshoot for a magazine. The caption is “#Park Soo-Hong #Ultra V Magazine Photo”.

Park Soo-hong took a photo together with the performers at a festival. The caption is “#Park Soo-hong #Yun Jung-su #Son Heon-su #DJ Shareholder  Cheongju 2018 Jikji Korea Festival”.

Park Soo-hong acting as a brand ambassador for a cosmetic in Korea. The caption was “#Park Soo-hong #Ultra Videobenon ampoule”.