Everything About Park Soo-ah (Ex-Orange Caramel’s Lizzy): Graduating From After School, Solo Career, and More!

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As all we know, last year Park Soo-ah was declared to have graduated from ‘After School’ and joined an acting agency. Even though she’s not part of ‘After School’ anymore, she thinks that the group is the most beautiful thing in her life, and likened it to a diamond. She claimed that she often watched their videos from the old days, starting in their debut era.

However, there have been rumors saying that there was a fight between her and the other ‘After School’ members. The truth is that they are still in regular communicate and get together, especially on September 14, 2018, when they attended Nana’s birthday celebration. While they were there, they exchanged stories about their plans and how their careers were progressing.

Apart from that rumor about the ‘After School’ members, a while ago there were also rumors saying that Park Soo-ah would be involved in a new drama project, and that’s true. She and B.A.P’s Youngjae will be starring in a drama with title Kim is A Genius or KimSeul Gi Genius

The drama, which will air on JTBC, tells about the things that happened when a famous marketing company started making a “make-believe” application and is a comedy. Park Soo-ah will play Song Kwan-ji, as the main role, and Youngjae will play Chun Chan-dol. It’s projected to release on December 31, 2019, every Tuesday. So, wait for it, everyone!