Everything About Park Soo-ah (Ex-Orange Caramel’s Lizzy): Graduating From After School, Solo Career, and More!

Park Soo-ah

Park Soo-ah (Ex-Orange Caramel’s Lizzy)

Park Soo-ah (Park Soo-young) was born on July 31, 1992, she’s commonly known by her stage name, Lizzy, and she is a South Korea singer and actress. She debuted as a member of the girl-group ‘After School’ with the sub-unit ‘Orange Caramel’ in March, 2010. Besides her activities with the girls, in 2011 Lizzy starred in the television drama All My Love, followed by  Angry Mom in 2015. Because she isn’t part of ‘Orange Caramel’ anymore, she started using the name Park Soo-ah, in July, 2018, as her working name.

Lizzy’s Profile and Facts

Park Soo-ah

Full Profile

Stage Name : Park Soo-ah / ex-Orange Caramel’s Lizzy

Birth Name : Park Soo-young

Birthday : July 31, 1992, Busan, South Korea

Zodiac : Leo

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 46 kg

Blood Type : A

Twitter : @p_lizzy

Instagram : @luvlylizzy

Lizzy’s Facts!

  • She’s an only child
  • She graduated from Kyunggi Girl High School
  • She plays the piano well
  • She has a lot hobbies, such as listening to music, playing games, eating snacks, and doing arts and crafts
  • Lizzy’s ideal type: she likes people who can make her smile all the time when she’s with them. She really likes that type, moreover, the best thing is when she’s with a man who is connected with her and also matches with her personality.
  • Lizzy first joined a television drama in 2010, with All My Love
  • After leaving ‘Orange Caramel’, she decided to change her stage name from Lizzy to Park Soo-ah
  • Lizzy is good friends with Super Junior’s Heechul
  • Her first appearance in the entertainment industry was with rapper DefCon in How to Leave the Rapper, on SBS Inkigayo
  • Besides being good at playing piano, she’s also a good swimmer.

Lizzy’s Discography

Park Soo-ah


Title Year Album
“Beautiful Girl” 2011 All My Love OST
“Clara’s Dream” 2012 Lipstick
“Cosmetics” with Andup Cupcake Project
“Mermaid Princess” with Mystic White Non-album single
“Sour Grapes” 2013 Orange Caramel
“Chemistry” with Yoon Gun 2014 Autumn Play
“Not an Easy Girl” featuring Jeong Hyeong-don 2015 Non-album single
“Goodbye PMS” with Park Myung-soo Non-album single
“Magic Words” with Chamsonyeo Non-album single
“Flower” with Kanto 2015 Cheer Up! OST
“비밀번호 486 (시집가는 갑순이)” (Password 486 (going to marry this gapsun) 2016 King of Mask Singer 45 (single)


Lizzy’s Filmography

Park Soo-ah


Title Role Year
White the Melody of the Curse Member of Pure (Cameo with After School) 2011
Momo Salon Hyeni 2014
Love Forecast Min-ah 2015

Televison Dramas

Title Year Role Channel
All My Love 2010 Park Soon-deok MBC
Rascal Sons 2012 JIn Yoo-ri MBC
What is Mom 2012 Park Soo-young (cameo episode 16) MBC
Akuruyo Byoto (Evil Spirit Ward) 2013 Tehi (cameo ep 3-4) TBS
After School Bokbulbok  2013 Lizzy (cameo, ep 5) Nate
Angry Mom 2015 Wang Jung-hee MBC
I Picked Up a Celebrity On the Street 2018 Oksusu
Fates & Furies Tae Jung-min (main cast) SBS
Devilish Charm Kang Song-hwa (cameo ep-10) MBN/Dramax


Variety Shows

Title Year Channel Notes
Running Man 2010-2011 SBS Regular cast episode 18-25
Pit-a-Pat Shake 2012 MBC Regular Cast
Tasty Road 2015 O’live MC
King of Mask Singer 2016 MBC Episode 45
My Daughter’s Men 2017 E Channel MC
Dead if Shot 2018 Naver Cast Member



The Reason She Graduated From After School

Park Soo-ah

Lizzy made her official debut as a member of ‘After School’ when they released their third single, “Bang!”, on March 25, 2010. She had participated in the casting when she was in High School, in 2009. She was the youngest member (Maknae) in the group before E-Young joined in December.  Lizzy, Raina, and Nana formed a sub-unit named ‘Orange Caramel’ in June, 2010, and released their first mini album featuring the lead single “Magic Girl”.

On May 1, 2018, Lizzy (now known as Park Soo-ah) announced that she would “graudate” from ‘After School’, meaning that she was leaving the group, and she drafted a handwritten letter to her fans. In the letter, She expressed her gratutude to her agency, CEO, members, and, of course, fans. Her agency, Pledis Entertainment, also announced Lizzy’s exclucive contract that same day.

Park Soo-ah

Pledis said their contract with Lizzy had expired. Lizzy and the agency had discussed whether or not the would be extending her contract, but the result of that discussion was that the contract wouldn’t be extending and the agency appreciated Lizzy’s desire to pursue another career. Even though their relationship has ended, the agency will always support Lizzy’s future, who would be branching out into different fields. And now, the remaining ‘After School’ members  Raina, Nana, E-Young and Ga Eun.

Solo Activities

Park Soo-ah

After officially leaving After School, Park Soo-ah joined her new agency, Celltrion Entertainment. Celltrion Entertainment announced that the artist would play in a television drama which was a realistic melodrama series called Fate and Furies. The story explores all the things that happen in human life, such as a way of life filled lies, anger, and cause regret. In the drama, Park Soo-ah would play the youngest daughter of a TH Group entrepreneur. He is also the younger brother of In Joon, Tae Jung-min. This drama released on December 1, 2018.

Previously, Park Soo-ah had starred in the drama I Picked Up A Celebrity on the Street, which is a web-drama that would elevate the genre of comedy-drama. In that drama, she partnered with actors Sung Hoon and Kim Ga-eun, playing a character named Jin Se-ra.

After she left ‘After School’, she starred in many dramas or web-dramas, because, as her ex-agency said, she really wanted to try new activities in addition to singing.

Her Plastic Surgery Rumors

Park Soo-ah

Whether someone has had plastic surgery is a common question for every beautiful face among South Korean artists. Everyone wonders about their faces, whether they’ve done plastic surgery or not? Lizzy was no exception.

Park Soo-ah

Arround March, 2018, when she attended a press conference for Follow Me 9 from the FashioN channel, Park Soo-ah answered all the public’s questions about plastic surgery. At the time, she was asked if she’d ever felt jealous of her classmates looks. She answered casually, saying she wasn’t jealous because she had undergone plastic surgery on her face and was very satisfied with it.

She also explained that she had done it a long time previously, but the public didn’t believe her and thought that she had done another plastic surgery. Actually, her face looks different because of her make up style. Park Soo-ah also didn’t argue about the statement that she had done plastic surgery.