About Korean Actress Park Sol-mi: Profile, Husband, and TV Shows


Beautiful Mother, Park Sol Mi’s Full Profile and Her Life

Park Sol Mi is a beautiful actress who was born on January 3, 1978, in the Iksan part of South Korea. Her stage name is Park Hye Jung. She made her debut in acting in 1996, when she appeared on the television show Papa. Her next role was six years later. This time, she got a large role on the television series Wuri’s Family. She became more famous after her starring role in the 2002 dramas “Bad Girls”.

Later that same year, she got another big role, on the show Winter SonataWinter Sonata is the second series of KBS’s Endless Love serial drama. The series was produced in March, 2002, in South Korea. It was already very popular with fans because the storyline was very beautifully packaged, and the winter background was very beautiful, making it was an instant success. This helped to propel her into fame as an actress.

Besides being an actress, she’s also an amateur pianist. She played piano at concert by the Japanese pop group Jaja in 2005, and after that she expressed a desire to perform with the band, later being invited to play on their second album, I Love You. Park Sol-Mi played piano for the album’s title track, and also appeared in the music video. The album was released in February, 2006, and she happy joined the band. After she joined, the band was ready to release an album, so she became active in Japan, doing promotion and a few commercials. She was praised by many fans after her performance in Winter Sonata and gained a lot of attention for her great piano performance.

In 2004, she had the opportunity to act in her very first movie. The film was called Dance with the Wind. It was big success for her, and she gained a loyal fan following. She built on her success from the film by starring in the television show Golden Apples, which became one of the highest-rated Korean dramas of all time. In 2007, she starred in the mystery film Paradise Murdered, and, in 2010, she took a role on the television series Merchant Kim Mandeok.



Full Profile,Drama and Movies List

Name: 박솔미 / Park Sol-mi (Bak Sol-mi)
Date of Birth: 1978-Jan-03
Height: 170cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: B
Education: Sang Myung University
Family: Han Jae Suk (Husband)

Here’s the list of her acting credits.

Year Title Role
1996 Papa Friend of Hee-joo’s fiancee’s younger sister (ep.15)
2001 Wuri’s Family Han Ha-na
2002 Winter Sonata Oh Chae-rin
2002 Bad Girls Park Jae-kyung
2003 All In Seo Jin-hee
2005 Golden Apple Kim Kyung-sook
2008 My Lady Se-ra
2009 Style Choi Ae-young (ep.7–8)
2010 The Great Merchant Oh Moon-seon
2012 Dear You Seo Chan-joo
2016 My Lawyer, Mr. Jo Jang Hae-kyung
2018 Happy If You Died Yoo Shi-baek
2004 Dance with the Wind (movie) Song Yeon-hwa
2007 Paradise Murdered (movie) Jang Gwi-nam
2009 Handphone (movie) Kim Jeong-yeon


Winter Sonata recieved very high ratings, and attracted a lot of attention despite the fact that it was just a classic Korean drama. A big part of its appeal was the location that was the drama’s background. The area’s beauty made it end up becoming a tourist spot. The painful storyline and lively acting moved the audience deeply, too.


Park Sol Mi’s Husband and Personal Life

Park Sol Mi began dating actor Han Jae-suk after they starred together in The Great Merchant, in 2010. The wedding was held at Aston House, Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul, on April 21, 2013, three years after they started dating. The celebration was small, just with their family and friends. News about Park Sol Mi’s pregnancy was announced after that.

In September 2013, Park’s agency, Heavenly Star Entertainment announced, during a phone conversation with a local media outlet, that the couple is expecting their first child. Several months later, the agency said “Park Sol Mi given birth a baby girl on March 23, at 5pm at a hospital in Seoul. She and her husband,Han Jae-Suk are both filled with happiness. Recently both the mother and the baby are healthy.”

About a year later she has shared some cute pictures of a day out with her daughter! In September, 2015, Park Sol Mi posted the photos to her Instagram (@park_solmi) with the caption, “The baby who wears sunglasses even when she sleeps. #sunglasslove. It was so refreshing outside today and there was a breeze, so it was a perfect day for a walk~.”


In 2014, her husband became involved in a draft-dodging scandal after investigations revealed that he and some fellow actors paid a broker ₩200-300 million to help them fail the medical exam and avoid mandatory military service. There was a rapid, widespread public condemnation, their exemptions were reversed, and they enlisted that year, and were eventually discharged in 2006. Despite the controversy, this family still held on to happy life!

In November, 2015, Park Sol Mi given a birth to a second child. Park Sol Mi’s agency told the press on June 9, “Park Sol Mi is pregnant with her second child, and she is focusing on taking care of herself and the baby at the moment.” and in November, the agency made another statement, “Park Sol Mi gave birth to her second son today. Both Sol Mi and her baby are currently in good health. After giving birth, Sol Mi will now focus on post-natal care.”