Get To Know Park So-yeon Who Almost Debuted With Girls’ Generation But Later Rose As T-ARA’s Main Vocalist

Park So-yeon’s Discography

Soyeon also participated in several collaborations with other singers.

In 2011, she collaborated with Ahn Young-min, for the song “Song For You.”
In 2012, she collaborated with Lee Bo-ram and Yangpa, for the song “I Know.”
In 2013, she collaborated with Seong Yoo-jin, Seo Eun-kyo, Taewoon and Choi Sung-min, “Painkiller.
In 2015, she collaborated with Hahm Eun-jung, Song Minkyung, Cho Seunghee, and Speed’s Jongkook, Sejoon, and Seungri, “Don’t Forget Me.”

In addition, Soyeon has also participated in filling the soundtrack for several films.

In 2010, she collaborated with Ock Joo-hyun for the Coffee House OST, “Page One.”
In 2010, she sang the song “What Should We Finish” part of the Death Bell 2 OST.
In 2011, she collaborated with Lee Bo-ram for Gisaeng Ryung OST, “Until The End.”
In 2013, she collaborated with Ahreum for Bunny Style!, “Sign.”
In 2013, she sang the song “Love Poem” for the soundtrack of Bunny Style!

Park So-yeon’s Filmography

Park So-yeon has also participated in several dramas. In 2010, Park So-yeon starred in the drama Giant which was aired by SBS and she acted as Bunny Girls along with Qri. Giant is a drama covering the lives of three siblings growing up in the 1970s and their pursuit for revenge.

Then, in 2012, Park So-yeon starred in a drama aired by KBS2, Lovers of Haeundae. In the drama Lovers of Haeundae, Park So-yeon plays Lee Gwan-soon. This drama tells about Prosecutor Lee, who lost his memory, and becomes involved with gangsters. He meets a woman, the daughter of a gangster.

Park So-yeon’s Latest News

There is no recent news about Park So-yeon. Now Park So-yeon focuses on her individual activities and participates in several events. However, T-ara will celebrate 10 years of their debut, well, let’s hope for the best for Soyeon’s and T-Ara’s careers. If you want to know more about Park So-yeon’s latest activity, you can follow her Instagram account @melodysoyani.