Get To Know Park So-yeon Who Almost Debuted With Girls’ Generation But Later Rose As T-ARA’s Main Vocalist

Get to Know Better T-Ara’s Main Vocal, Park So-yeon

You are already familiar with one of the members of T-Ara Park So-yeon, right? Park So-yeon debuted with the other T-Ara members in 2009 under MBK Entertainment. T-Ara’s career is marked by hook-heavy dance-pop music, their close partnership with composer Shinsadong Tiger. A broad array of visual concepts has earned the group a “chameleon-like” reputation. However, in 2017, So-yeon decided to leave T-Ara because she did not renew her contract with MBK Entertainment and focused on her solo career.

Before becoming a trainee at MBK Entertainment, Park So-yeon was once a trainee at SM Entertainment and almost debuted together with Girls’ Generation and almost became the leader of Girls’ Generation. However, she left the company six months before their debut due to personal circumstances. After debuting with T-ara, Taxi’s show that the time came so easily and easily was two minds, not fully prepared for the debut.

In this article, Channel Korea will give you a rundown of everything about Park So-yeon, starting from her profile, almost debuting as a member of Girls’ Generation, debuting as a member of T-Ara, dating rumors, and the latest news about her. Want to know more about her? Check this out!

Full Profile and Facts about Park So-yeon

Real Name: Park In-jung

Stage Name: Soyeon

Position: Main Vocalist

Date of Birth: October 5th, 1987

Age: 32 years old

Weight: 52 kg

Height: 163 cm

Zodiac: Libra

Blood Type: B

Religion: Christian

Instagram: @melodysoyani

Fun Facts about Soyeon:

  1. She was formerly a trainee under SM Entertainment, preparing to be a member of Girls’ Generation, but left the company six months before their debut due to the high level of stress during the trainee period.
  2. She is so close to MBLAQ’s Seungho.
  3. Soyeon was part of T-ARA’s subunit T-ARA QBS with members Boram and Qri.
  4. Soyeon and Boram left T-Ara in May 2017, when their contracts expired.
  5. Soyeon admitted of being a hardcore fan of old-school boy band Click-B.
  6. She loves to sing trot songs.
  7. Her ideal type is a manly and serious man.
  8. Soyeon is the most talked-about member of T-ARA.
  9. Soyeon’s hobby is mirroring.
  10. Soyeon’s roommate is Eunjung.

Soyeon Almost Debuting With Girls’ Generation

As we have seen before, Soyeon is one of the candidates who almost debuted and even became the leader of the girl group formed by SM Entertainment, Girls’ Generation. Soyeon always practiced very hard and spent a lot of time practicing for her debut. However, six months prior to her debut with Girls’ Generation, Soyeon felt stressed and eventually decided to quit the Girls’ Generation project and SM Entertainment.

Reporting from Allkpop, she said, “I have reached a hard time in my life. Not only my parents, but my entire family supported my dreams, especially my grandmother and uncle. But right after I had given up my trainee life, they passed away in the same year; both told me one thing: ‘Become a singer.'” She continued, “After the funerals, I dusted myself off and tried to find my determination to reach my dreams again. I clenched my jaw and said to myself, ‘Let’s try this one more time.'”

Soyeon also revealed why she left Girls’ Generation, at that time Soyeon felt her interest and enthusiasm diminish and felt the heavy burden of her mind. To SNSD, she honestly replied, “After I left SNSD, I have just resolved and promoted the SNSD members. But after debuting and promoting, I have only realized now that my time spent with T-ara and my time spent with SNSD I was happy with SNSD, but I don’t have regrets on becoming a T-ara member. T-ara is a junior group to SNSD who hopes to become like that. I was the unnie in the group with SNSD, and we all still keep in contact. Our parents are close to each other as well.”

Park So-yeon’s Debut in T-ARA

After deciding to leave SM Entertainment and leave Girls’ Generation, Soyeon was desperate to reach her dream of becoming a singer, but her grandparents always gave her the spirit to continue fighting, until finally she tried very hard and managed to debut together with T-Ara. Park So-yeon was the second new member to be added to the band after the two former members Jiae and Jiwon left the group in mid-2009.

She participated in the musical adaption of T-ara’s hit song “Roly-Poly.” She has stated that it was one of her dreams to stand on stage and act on it. Soyeon replaced Hyomin as T-ara’s new leader for their “Lovey-Dovey” promotions. Soyeon is the fourth leader of T-ara after Eunjung, Boram, and Hyomin. In July 2013, she stepped down as leader and Qri became the fifth leader.

But at that time, SNSD had already debuted, and SHINee and F(x) members, both of whom were juniors, were now seniors. Laughing, he continued, “I first debuted. On our broadcast debut, Jonghyun and Taemin from SHINee came to greet me. I treat them like I did when we were all trainees and talked informally to them. Thinking about it now, I felt wrong and finally was very worried about it, we talked about it and decided to like each other like when we were trainees.”

On March 6th, 2017, MBK Entertainment announced that T-ara would be releasing their last album as a six-member group in May after Boram and Soyeon’s contracts ended. On May 7th, 2017, MBK Entertainment was revealed to be rescheduled to June 2017, with Boram and Soyeon not participating due to the expiry of their contracts.

Reporting from Allkpop, Soyeon stated, “I started practicing 10 years ago. I only say something, that I want people who are really devoted and really want to pursue this path. You can’t just do it without putting an effort, and you can’t just work hard. You have to want it.” She continued, “By relying on talent alone, you will be able to overcome the years needed. As a trainee, you might think that you all need dreams and your passion, but as soon as you debut, your dreams and passions become your career and society, you cannot eat, you cannot sleep. Really, you don’t stand on stage. Really, only those who are crazy because careers must pursue it.”

Park So-yeon’s Dating Rumor

Park So-yeon has been in a relationship with Oh Jong-hyuk for six years. They have been dating since 2010, but for three years they hid their relationship until, in 2013, their relationship was revealed in the media. However, in 2016, park So-yeon and Oh Jong-hyuk broke up because of their very busy schedules, of course, the news shocked their fans.

Reported from Soompi, T-ara’s agency MBK Entertainment said, “Both naturally drifted apart referring to their focus on their separate entertainment industry activities. We have confirmed that it is true they broke up recently.” MBK Entertainment continued, “Having dated for a long time, they have decided to maintain a good relationship and keep supporting each other’s work.” Oh Jong-hyuk’s DSP Entertainment agency commented, “Oh Jong-hyuk and Park So-yeon recently broke up. Since it’s a private matter we cannot comment anything more on it.”

After breaking up with Oh Jong-hyuk in early 2016, at the end of 2016 Soyeon was reported of being in a relationship with Japanese wakeboard athlete, Shota Tezuka. Park So-yeon is 6 years older than Shota Tezuka. Soyeon and Shota began dating in July 2016 and constantly dated by traveling between Korea and Japan. MBK Entertainment immediately gave a related confirmation regarding the news about Soyeon’s dating rumor, “Hello. This is T-ARA Soyeon’s label, MBK Entertainment. We want to address SoYeon’s dating rumors that broke today. Soyeon and Shota Tezuka have been close friends since 3 years ago. Sometime around mid-August, the two friends started to open up to each other and progressed into something more than just a friendship. Thank you.”

Soyeon added on during her interview, “We did not admit to dating. It was falsely reported. I don’t have a boyfriend right now. We don’t have any dating restrictions, and I’m not the type to hide things. It’s exactly as the label stated before.” She did seem to still be friends with the wakeboarder, also commenting, “He’s an athlete, so he travels all over and is very busy, which means we don’t have time to hang out. We do keep in touch. I’m thinking over things. I’m the type to think about going into a relationship for a long time before I do.”