Do You Wanna Know Park Si-hoo’s Latest News and Upcoming Drama?

Park Si-hoo’s Little Information

Park Si-hoo is a alented actor that was born on April 3rd, 1978, in Eunsan Myeon, Buyeo, South Korea. Made his official television debut in 2005 and after playing as a supporting role for a long time, his career finally reached the pick of fame with the popular romantic comedy series Queen of Reversals and Prosecutor Princess in 2010. Following in the next year, he played the leading roles in the period drama The Princess Man and the thriller film titled Confession of Murder in 2012.

In what follows, in this article, we are going to provide you with information about Park Si-hoo’s latest news and also a sneak peek into his recent and upcoming drama. Let’s check them out!

Park Si-hoo’s Latest News Updates

We all know that the more popular an artist becomes, the more problems will arise, and this phrase is so suitable for our talented actor Park Si-hoo. Back then in 2013, he was involved in a sexual harassment scandal. At that time, an idol candidate (A) accused him of rape, claiming that he had sexually assaulted her twice in his place while being drunk. But Park Si-hoo denied the allegation saying that it was, in fact, consensual because they are in love with each other.

The shocking news was that A had the purpose of trapping Park Si-hoo and getting his money by making a plan with her friends through messages. She even prepared her best acting to make the public and investigator believe. The scandal caused all Park Si Hoo’s activities to stop. He also got backlash and failed to receive the Paeksang Arts Awards even though he actually had the leading vote by 47%.

Park Si-hoo was incredibly hurt. For him, it was a period in time when he couldn’t tell who was really on his side and who were really his friends. He even reported cutting off contact with people, then added that he was later able to completely manage his acquaintances at the time, according to a reporter from Rumor Has It.

We hope for all the best and that he will be okay in the future and no more scandals like the one before.

Park Si-hoo’s Recent Drama This Year

On June 4th, Park Si-hoo’s and Song Ji-hyo’s appearances as the leading roles in the drama Lovely Horribly has been confirmed. The drama has been described as a horror, romantic, comedy about a man and a woman who are bound by an unusual fate, namely the happiness of one always results in the misfortune of the other. Park Si-hoo will play a successful A-list whose luck never seems to run out, while Song Ji-hyo will play an unlucky drama writer whom nothing ever seems to go according to plan.

“I got a great vibe from the script when I first read it, and because it’s an unusual genre I’m very excited about the drama. I will do my utmost to make the drama a good one,” said Park Si-hoo in a remark.

Then Song Ji-hyo commented, “I’m excited and eager to be a part of a drama with such intriguing subject matter. I will work hard during the filming in order to show great chemistry with the other cast and crew.” Lovely Horribly‘s premiere aired in August, following the end of Are You Human, Too? 

Here are 3 reasons why Lovely Horribly became one the drama recommendations to watch:

A New Genre That Has Never Existed Before

Unlike any other, this drama reveals a new and refreshing genre. It was a combination of 4 elements, that is romance, horror, melodrama, and comedy.

Unique Premise and an Award-Winning Script

Lovely Horribly won the Grand Prize for a mini-series and drama writer at the KBS Awards.

Starting With Famous Artists and Great Chemistry

Starting with Park Si-hoo as Yoon Phillip and Song Ji-hyo as Oh Eul-soon, the cast of this unique drama is enriched by other popular artists, such as Lee Gik-kwang and Ham Eun-jung. The two of them managed to convey really strong chemistry in particular scenes, which made the drama more lively and fun to watch. Here is a sneak peek of the drama!

Park Si-hoo also planned to take on another role in a drama titled Babe! that should begin airing on TV Chosun. But any further information about when will filming begin is kept a secret and is surrounded by mystery, remaining unknown. So let’s just wait for the next news and confirmation about the drama, whether it comes from Park Si-hoo himself, the producer, or even his company. Let us wait patiently for the awesome drama and Park Si-hoo’s great acting skills guys, Hwaiting!