Everything You Have to Know About Park Si-eun, Who Played As Kang Ha-neul’s Wife in “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo”

park si eun

Who Is Park Si-eun?

Park Si-eun is well known as a Korean artist. She is an actress, host, and also talented in singing and dancing. She became involved in the entertainment industry in 1998 in the drama Kim Chan-wan’s Three Tales. At first, she was just an extra. But, she is pretty impressive so she eventually received better roles. Her famous dramas were It Was Love and Hold My hand.

Full Profile of Park Si-eun


Born name: Park Eun Young

Stage Name: Park Shi Eun

Birthplace: Andong, North Gyeongsang, South Korea

Birthdate: January 6, 1980

Age: 38 years old

Zodiac: Capricorn

Blood Type: B

Weights: 44 kg

Heights: 162 cm

Hair color: Black

Eyes color Black

Nationality: South Korea

Religion: Protestant

Talents: Singing, dancing

Education: Suhmoon Girls High School, Dongduk Women’s University majoring in Broadcasting and Entertainment

Profession: Actress, model, entertainer

Agency: PF Entertainment

Family: Jin Tae-hyun (husband)

Debut year: 1998

Drama List

park si eun

1998: Kim Chang Wan’s Three Tales as an extra, aired on KBS2

1999: School1 as Chae Jung Ah, aired on KBS2

1999: Jump as an extra, aired on MBC

2000: Wang Rung’s Island as Park Hwa Jung, aired on SBS

2000: Drama City “Under the Cherry Tree” as an extra, aired on KBS2

2000: Virtue as Shin Ae Ri, aired on SBS

2000: Nonstop as an extra, aired on MBC

2000: Mother and Sisters as Kwon Bo Ra, aired on MBC

2001: Great Friends: Season 2 as an extra, aired on KBS 2

2001: Drama City “Thanks To” as an extra, aired on KBS2

2002: Present as Kyung Hee, aired on MBC

2002: Hard Love as Jang Nan Young, aired on KBS2

2003: Drama City “ For Insomnia” as Seol Hwa, aired on KBS2

2004: Match Made in Heaven as Kim Jae Sun, aired on MBC

2004: The Land as Yoo In Shil, aired on SBS

2005: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang as Hong Chae Rin, aired on KBS2

park si eun

2006: Doctor Kang as Lee Hye Young, aired on MBC

2006: Finding Dorothy as Na Kyung Joo, aired on MBC

2009: The Iron Empress as Queen Wonjeong, aired on KBS2

2010: Pure Pumpkin Flower as Oh Sa Ra, aired on SBS

2011: Hooray for Love as Han Yoon Jin (special appearance), aired on MBC

2011: Just like Today as Moon Hee Joo, aired on MBC

2012: Father Is Sorry as Hye Ri, aired on Chosun TV

2012: Dear You as Kang Myung Jin, aired on JTBC

2012: It Was Love as Han Yoon Jin, aired on MBC

2013: Hold My Hand as Han Yeon Soo, aired on MBC

2014: Everybody, Kimchi! as Han Yoon Jin (special appearance), aired on MBC

2016: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo as Myung/Lady Hae, aired on SBS

Due to her acting skill in Hold My Hand, she got nominated two times at MBC Drama Awards for Excellence Artist in a Serial Drama in the years 2013 and 2014.

park si eun

Besides playing drama roles, Si-eun also takes parts in movies and other filmography projects like theater shows and variety shows. She also appears several times in Korean music videos. In 1999, she was involved in a music project with Choi Do-won. So, here are other appearances by her!


2009: Autumn Story

Variety Show

2012: Law of the Jungle in Vanuatu as a cast member, aired on SBS

Music Videos

1998: “Hero” by Choi Chang Min

2007: “Invisible Tears” by Monday Kiz

2013: “Fly to the Sky” by So Hyang

2014: “Draw” by Sook Hee

Theater Shows

2008: Jesus, Jesus as Mary

2011: Alone in Love as Ha Ru

Music Project

1999: “Last Letter” feat. Choi Do Won (album: Flying)