Park Shin-hye: Profile, Boyfriend, Work and Latest News

Who is Park Shin-hye’s Ex-Boyfriend?

There is no official statement to be found about Park Shin-hye’s ex-boyfriend. The actress is keeping her private life a secret, and tries not to publish her relationships.

While the dating rumors have been flying, which one of these male celebrities is the one who truly had been dating Park Shin-hye, and isn’t any more?

What Is Park Shin-hye’s Ideal Type?

When Park Shin-hye appeared as a guest on SBS Some Guy, Some Girl, the actress confessed about the ideal man that she wants to marry. She shared that she’s looking for a man who looks like her dad, and the man should be a family-oriented person.

When Park Shin-hye had an interview session on MBC Section TV, aired in 2013, the actress identified actor Park Hee-son as her ideal type.

When she was asked a specific ideal type, Park Shin-hye revealed that she likes a man with a tall figure, kind, and caring. Her ideal type must have the personality of a leader, and be responsible. If she had to choose what kind of Hollywood celebrities or actor that represents her ideal type, Park Shin-hye said that she likes Chris Hemsworth, and the actress found it attractive when she saw a picture of the actor, holding a baby in his arms, saying he looked very gentle and strong at the same time.

Who is Park Shin-hye’s Boyfriend For Now?

The lucky man who finally won Park Shin-hye’s heart is actor Choi Tae-joon (hangul: 최태준) who was born in July 7th, 1991 and made his debut as an actor in the drama Piano in 2001. Choi Tae-joon was a permanent host on the Korean variety show Hello Counselor in September, 2016, after appearing as a guest for two weeks the previous month.

Park Shin-hye is known as the princess of Korean drama, but had never been paired with Choi Tae-joon as a couple, or even had a project together outside filming. They just never meet each other through their work. Instead, they met through in college at Chung-Ang University since both studied under the same faculty.

In March of this year, media outlet Dispatch released photos as proof that the couple are dating. Paparazzi from Dispatch  dropped some photos of the celebrity couple going out out for multiple dates and visiting different places late at night, such as the Little Tin Drums, a lamb barbeque restaurant, which is run by Park Shin-hye’s parent in Gangdong District, SeoNae-dong 548-3 in August, 2017. As reported by Dispatch,  the actor seems to be having a casual talk with Park Shin-hye’s mother, and when they were about to leave the restaurant, Park Shin-hye’s mother came out to send them off.

The photos below are taken from near Park Shin-hye’s villa in Cheongdam-dong in February, 2018. Park Shin-hye wore a flannel shirt and black trousers, while Choi Tae-joon waited inside the black SUV.

As reported by the couple’s close friend, Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon are officially dating each other. Meanwhile, their friends and family already know about their relationship. According to the confession of a friend from SBS, Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon look very supportive of each other, and the actor usually meets Park Shin-hye at her place in Cheongdam-dong, quietly, or they go outside the city with friends whoknew that Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon are dating.

The celebrity couple was rumored to be dating in April, 2017, and went overseas to meet each other. Then they were spotted together in the botanical garden a month later. When rumors they were dating first came up, both stars denied the news and their agency stated that they’re just close friends.

A year has later, Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon had grown very fond of each other, and their agency finally released an official statement acknowledging that the actress and actor were dating. As reported from Allkpop, S.A.L.T Entertainment said that Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon were close friends, but start to see each other near the end of 2017. They are very supportive and also give strength to one another. Their agency wished the public would also give them support, and look forward to the couple as they’ve recently started to date each other.

Park Shin-hye: Latest News

Actress Park Shin-hye Enjoying Summer with Bohemian Style

This summer, Park Shin-hye released pictures a photoshoot that was different than she had ever done before. The 28-year-old actress chose to wear a bohemian style for the shoot, and looked very natural.

Bohemian style mostly comes from a a look including elements like tall boots, layered accessories, and mix and match tops with a denim vest, and floral or lace dresses. Do you thinkthe bohemian style suits Park Shin-hye the best?

Park Shin-hye Sheds Tears During an Interview for Little House in the Woods

Park Shin-hye burst into tears during a private interview for Little House in the Woods, when the actress was asked by the show’s producers if she was happy with her life.

Park Shin-hye revealed that she didn’t know about happiness, but she’s thankful and appreciatative for everything. The actress said that she doesn’t know how to measure happiness.

I feel bad for always saying that I’m going through a difficult time, and sharing my feelings with people when everything seems hard for me. I just can’t endure it all and I ended up with the thought that my friends probably have difficulties of their own too.”

“I thought it will be comfortable to live in the forest and spend time without thinking about any people around me, about what’s on their minds, and worrying about others. When I received the call for doing this show, without even 30 minutes I accepted the offer and said to myself ‘I will do it!'”

On her last day in the forest, Park Shin-hye was thankful for being a part of Little House in the Woods,  because she could experience living in the house and having the greatest happiness in her life.



There was all the information about Hallyu actress, Park Shin-hye, that we can give you. Park Shin-hye can be called a goddess, with the true beauty she’s possessed since childhood. She’s also the most caring and down-to-earth celebrity, who is always donating and volunteering with many charity programs all over the world.

Let’s hope for the best to the Hallyu Star and actress, Park Shin-hye. Don’t forget to give much love and support for her work on-screen and also her personal life!