One of the Highest Paid Korean Actresses, How Much Is Park Shin-hye’s Net Worth?

Leading Actress Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye is a household name in the Korean entertainment industry, hitting box office left and right and starring in hit dramas since forever. Her name holds a certain significance that only a few actresses have managed to achieve both domestically and internationally. Due to her success in dramas like The Heirs and Pinocchio to the upcoming Memories of the Alhambra, she has scored multiple deals with brands such as Mamonde and Swarovski. The hype around both her acting skills and beauty are simply unmatched.

Thus, it is to no one’s surprise that she is being paid good money for her appearances and acting projects all across the board. So, are you curious as to how much money Park Shin-hye earns? Or, rather, how she spends the money she has earned? Stay tuned to find out!

Park Shin-hye’s Career

Park Shin-hye started her career in 2003 with the drama Stairway to Heaven. Her debut project aired on SBS and garnered a fair amount of attention. As she was a child actress at the time, Park Shin-hye played the role of the young version of Han Jung-suh, the lead female role who faces trouble with both her family and romantic partner. The success of the drama helped her branch out into other projects such as Tree of Heaven, Prince Hours, and Bicheonmu.

It was not until 2009 that she earned her breakout role in the drama You’re Beautiful as Go Mi-nyeo, an orphaned girl who transforms into her twin brother to help out a struggling band. The drama was a hit due to her acting and chemistry with the lead male actors Jang Geun-seuk and Jung Yong-hwa. The reviews were stellar both domestically and internationally as the drama was aired all around Asia. Following the success, Park Shin-hye starred in Heartstrings as Lee Gyu-won and reunited with You’re Beautiful co-star Jung Yong-hwa. Deservingly, the drama started a cult following as viewers fell in love with the two college lovers.

2013 might just be the most successful year for the actress who appeared in not only one but two highly successful dramas that solidified her name in the industry. The first is a part of the anthology series Flower Boy, titled Flower Boys Next Door. Park Shin-hye portrays the role of Go Dok-mi, a girl who is used to sheltering herself within the walls of her apartment that suddenly meets her outgoing and extroverted neighbor. The drama tells the story of how the two fell in love despite their differing personalities.

The second is the well known classic The Heirs where she portrays the role of Cha Eun-sang, a hotheaded girl who strives to make ends meet whilst suddenly be swept away in her student life while attending a privileged high school. Both dramas earned a spot in most viewers’ lists for best drama of the year, with each having its own avid viewers. Those two dramas essentially launched her name in the eyes of casting directors and the general public alike, with none doubting any of the projects she set her eyes on.

After that, she starred in other successful dramas such as Pinocchio, Entertainer, Doctors, and Temperature of Love. As expected, most of the dramas listed above received a warm reception from viewers who have followed her throughout her career since she was just a child actress. One of her upcoming projects is a drama titled Memories of the Alhambra, a drama she is starring in alongside actor Hyun-bin. The drama is highly anticipated despite its release still being months away, and the network is already promoting the drama like it is airing tomorrow. The high anticipation and viewership of her projects are testaments to how successful she is, justifying the paycheck she receives at the end of the day.

Park Shin-hye’s Net Worth

Some sources have tried estimating Park Shin-hye’s pay for each of her projects and her total net worth. As most may know, Park Shin-hye is not only active in drama projects but also movies, commercials, and is a brand ambassador for beauty and lifestyle brands. Her presence in the industry is so strong that brands are willing to pay her hundreds of thousands of wons for appearing in their events and commercials.

Following her success in 2015, some sources have estimated that her total net worth is somewhere along the lines of $3 million. Considering the number of projects she has taken part in, she is earning around 25 million won ($21,000) per episode as of August 2015. This is summarized according to data taken from industry experts and insiders that have worked directly with her and her projects. However, another more recent source cites her earnings to be around $16,700 per episode, a lower amount due to her waning popularity after taking on fewer projects in 2016, 2017, and 2018. She used to take up to 3 drama projects in her most productive years. Nowadays, that amount is down to a drama a year.

Park Shin-hye’s Hobbies

Park Shin-hye’s astounding paycheck lets her indulge in the wonders of life that some might call lavish and luxurious. This includes the foreign imported Sedan that she currently drives, which is an Audi A7. Her car is quite famous after Dispatch leaked some of her pictures with fellow co-star Lee Jong-suk. At the time, the two were rumored to be dating as she was seen driving to his apartment using this very car.

The car itself is known for its speed and stylish design with specifications to match. For the cheapest, most basic model, it could cost up to 80,000,000 Won. This entails a car that seats 4 to 5 people, 8 speed-shift automatic gear, 333 horsepower, and a full set of in-car entertainment. The specifications the car offers are definitely more than enough to entertain most people, moreover fit for the top actress that Park Shin-hye is today.

So, what do you think about Park Shin-hye’s earnings and net worth? Do you think her work warrants the pay she gets? What’s your prediction for her earnings in the upcoming year? Comment your thoughts down below!