Park Shin-hye Tried To Be Minimalist On tvN’s ‘Little House In The Forest’

Learn More About Park Shin-hye’s Appearance In The Forest!

Have you watched the variety show that aired on tvN, called Little House In The Forest? The show is a memorable variety show that starred actress Park Shin-hye and So Ji-sub.

The two famous celebrities had to stay in the forest, in a small wooden house with no electricity, cellphones, or anything related to the city lifestyle. It will be an interesting show to watch, especially considering the actor and actress that will live in this environment.

If you want to know more about Park Shin-hye’s variety show, Little House In The Forest, scroll down and check out this article below!

About The Show

In this program, the cast were filming for two days and three nights. The cast members, Park Shin-hye and So Ji-sub, had stay in a small isolated house in the middle of the forest on Jeju Island. The house is not connected to electricity, gas, water, or any computer or cellular network, so must lead a self-sufficient and minimalist life.

Through this program, the cast members would be experiencing a non-modern lifestyle, even if it’s only for entertainment purposes. Although they only stayed for a short period, the experience was such a precious way to enjoy their time alone and enjoy nature while escaping from reality.

Park Shin-hye’s First Impression

As a famous South Korean actress, Park Shin-hye is accustomed to facing a very tight schedule. In fact, she sometimes goes without sleep when there is a lot of activity. “When there are so many activities, I get confused. I can’t even think,” said Park Shin-hye, expressing her feelings honestly. When asked to participate in the reality show Little House in the Forest; a South Korean artist living in a cabin in the middle of the forest, Park Shin-hye immediately agreed. She wanted to ‘escape‘ for a moment through this variety show.

The Little House in the Forest gave a new story to Park Shin-hye. Through this show, she realized her existence and the concept of happiness that made her feel more alive. “I am happy to be able to join this event. I can be really close to nature. Usually, you know, I will be very busy, to forget the time. Now, I can be happy with simple things like now,” said Park Shin-hye.

I can feel all these beautiful moments. I’m happy when I finally can light a fire, or make simple food. The weather is also very beautiful, the sound of birds is heard clearly. This is the happiest moment for me,” stated the actress. She was grateful to find such a happy concept through a television program.

She realized that every moment of her life was very meaningful, and she should be grateful. “It turns out that life is very beautiful. I am happy to be able to gather with my family, even though just walking in the park. There are many things that I should be grateful for, in a simple way,” Park Shin-hye added.

I am happy when my family and I are divided into teams to play bowling or when I go fishing with my family,” she said, while having a short flashback. She then explained, “I endured a difficult time with my family. The second thing that makes me happy are my friends.”

Park Shin-hye also mentioned her pet as a factor of happiness. “Sometimes when people can’t comfort me, my pets make me comfortable. I’m happy when I feel the soft fur of my cat on the tips of my fingers.

Park Shin-hye also stressed the importance of feeling happy. “There were times when my confidence was low, but through things that made me happy I felt like I was living a healthy life. But sometimes when I’m busy, I forget about the little happiness in my life and start complaining.

Park Shin-hye’s Starter Pack

On the first episode, she took a lot of food such as rice, ground meat, fish, vegetables, and tofu for her to eat while staying for Little House in the Forest. The actress from the dramaThe Heirs’ was about to cook her meal, and revealed that she usually cooked for 2-3 servings and she would keep the leftovers in the fridge since it was her habit while living alone in her house.

She said that for her first dinner, she would cook a radish soup to warm up the cold weather. At first, she cooked the rice and prepared all of the ingredients for radish soup. It doesn’t take very long to cook, she has finally finished her cooking and was ready to eat her dinner.

For a starter pack, it was funny that the actress had already mentioned that she brought more things with her than her partner, So Ji-sub. For their first mission, Park Shin-hye had to pack her things and return them. Was she able to live in the forest without her starter pack things?

Park Shin-hye’s Mission

Their first mission would revolve around the concept of minimalism. The cast members were only allowed to bring the important things that would be useful for them while staying in the forest.

It was hard for the actress to return her things, because she brought so much stuff from her house. At first she thought it would be okay if she brought everything, if only in a smaller size. She decided to takes 2 apples; one for breakfast and one for dinner, she also took a few leeks, onion, and yogurt.

When the staff reminded her to take out some clothes to wear, Park Shin-hye laughed and thought that she needed one outfit to go home in.

In the second episode, Park Shin-hye and So Ji-sub were given a mission to experience “real” happiness in the wild forest. They must answer a question to themselves, about whether they were truly happy and create their own art. It showed a scene of Park Shin-hye cutting a tree branch and connecting it with a rope. She was making a bird cage. “I made something meaningful. It’s my hope that if there is no home, this will still exist,” said Park Shin-hye.

When I woke up, the first thing I heard was the sound of a bird. The house I live in will be gone, but I hope the birds with me will rest comfortably and this will be their resting place,” she added.

The final mission for Park Shin-hye was making the birdcage to experience real happiness when she was in the woods. Although the birdcage looked small and unstable, the actress  hoped that it would make the birds comfortable. She also added flowers inside the empty spaces.

Together with So Ji-sub

At their first meeting at a press conference, Park Shin-hye and So Ji-sub were really awkward with each other, but still kept their formality and were being polite. As the actor and actress met at the filming location, they were given their missions to accomplish and lived in separate houses in the forest.

They got a mission to eat together. So Ji-sub visited Park Sin-hye’s house in Little House In The Forest. “I think I have to go there first because there are lots of things to bring,” said So Ji-sub. Elsewhere, Park Sin-hye said, “When I started getting ready, I felt pressured because this place was a mess and someone was coming to the house. There is no food at home and I will make something for him with the ingredients.

The funny thing is that So Ji-sub was also worried before meeting Park Sin-hye. “I don’t want to come empty-handed but don’t have anything to carry. I will cut some firewood for her. Even though the food I made is a little weird, it’s okay because I eat it myself. But when eating with other people, I do not want to give food,” said So Ji-sub.

No wonder when they finally met, Park Sin-hye and So Ji-sub looked awkward and confused. They finally ate together and talked about him living alone. “I like cooking. But instead of saying I’m good at cooking, I’ll just say I’ve lived alone for a long time (so I have to cook on my own). I also wouldn’t call that a decent meal. It’s only meat and vegetables. I think it will be more expensive to buy one portion of food so I occasionally eat outside,” said So Ji-sub.

I also often eat outside. But lately I make soup that is stored in the refrigerator,” said Park Sin-hye. “I think the food is better than usual,” she added. Park Sin-hye then admires So Ji-sub’s rice. So Ji-sub replied, “He is good at cooking and I enjoy the food. Next time when the weather is sunny, it will be better to invite him for tea.

Park Sin-hye and So Ji-sub also shared their impressions of shooting this program. Park Sin-hye was very happy with the simple concept and likes the moment when lighting a fire. So Ji-sub, himself, often checked the time when he was still in Seoul, but while living in the forest in this event, So Ji-sub had not done it anymore.