Park Shin-hye Tried To Be Minimalist On tvN’s ‘Little House In The Forest’

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On August 17, 2019, Park Shin-hye appeared as a guest star on “Entertainment Weekly” that aired on KBS2 TV. The top actress in South Korea, Park Shin-hye, talked about her journey iof 16 years as an actress through an interview.

When the interviewer holds up a huge poster of Park Shin-hye’s face various times, she praised the natural beauty that she even had back when she was still a child. The actress  said that she looked older when she was younger and thought that she wouldn’t be able to appear in many dramas or projects.

When the interviewer asked about how she faced all of the things in the entertainment industry, she replied, “I actually suffered from a migraine for a month when decided and prepared for a project. I guess it because I feel stressed, tired, nervous and anxious but after I arrived on the set, the migraine immediately goes away.”

Besides known as an actress who has a beautiful face, she has been paired as part of a couple with famous actors during several dramas, such as Yoo Yeon-seok, Kim Rae-won, Hyun Bin and many more. She revealed the secret behind their great chemistry together by saying, “We worked together on our lines and harmonized our scenes at the set.”

The actress, who made her debut in the movie Evil Twin (2007), revealed that she is active with philanthropic work, and opened up the Shinhye Center in Africa and in the Philippines. The actress shared about her experience sponsoring children who needed help, and gathered together with her fans to support the programs.

She also revealed that she donated the profits from her fan meeting a while ago to open the centers, which made her proud of what she did for them. Besides the charity, Park Shin-hye also helped some firefighters get a washing machine by LG, and the company responded by donating 20 each of the fire suit washing machines and dryers.

Well, that was all the information about Park Shin-hye’s appearance in Little House In The Forest and her latest news. Let’s hope for the best for Park Shin-hye’s career in the future so we can see her appearance in television dramas or movies!