Park Shin-hye Tried To Be Minimalist On tvN’s ‘Little House In The Forest’

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Through the Little House in the Forest press conference, Na Young-suk PD-nim leaked the real difference between Park Shin-hye and So Ji -sub, the two cast member.

Initially he talked about Park Shin-hye, “[Park Shin-hye] lived a life far from minimalism. The audience can learn a lot from themselves when they have to live with something simpler.

In fact, when preparing for the shoot, Park Shin-hye packed a lot of things to live in the forest. “Park Shin-hye’s suitcase is 10 times more than So Ji-sub. This program does not say if living like this or that is the right way. It’s just showing how it feels to live a certain way, so the life of Park Shin-hye who has to adjust to the lifestyle of a minimalist will be interesting to watch.

To be honest, I’m not perfect [to] fulfill a minimalist lifestyle. But, now I know what I have to spend. “- Park Shin-hye

At Park Shin-hye’s first meeting with staff from Little House in the Forest, the actress told her life story with the question about whether she was happy with her current life.

Park Shin-hye replied, “I don’t know about happiness, but I’m grateful. I am indeed grateful. But I’m not sure how to measure happiness. ”

Unable to say that he was happy, Park Shin-hye cried and said, “I am always too sorry to talk to people about the difficulties I experienced. I just keep everything without letting anyone knows.

I think [in the forest], I will be able to feel comfortable without thinking about the people around me and what they think. When I received a call [about doing this show], in less than 30 minutes, I said ‘I’ll do it!’ ” At the last moment in the forest, Park Shin-hye said, “Thank you, little house in the forest. Thanks to home, I’m very happy. That is the greatest happiness.

Little House in the Woods starring Park Shin-hye and So Ji-sub, ended its broadcast on June 8, 2018. The TVN reality show made by PD Na Young-suk showed their activities while living in a small house in the middle of the forest.

As a farewell, Park Shin-hye uploaded 3 posts at once on Instagram. Most of the photos she uploaded are from her own shots and selfies in front of her small house.

One of the posts contained photographs of her with the crew Little House in the Forest. She said goodbye through the caption she wrote in the post.

“Little House in the Wood. Small but there is happiness. Together with the crew Little House in the Woods. Although the results of this experience can not change the people in this country, but I think small changes still occur,” she wrote.

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I don’t feel that I can replace the small happiness and precious time I gathered together through these memories with others. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to feel this happiness.”  Park Shin-hye

During her appearance in Little House in the Woods, Park Shin-hye did claim to be happy because she didn’t need to think about things in the outside world. She really took advantage of her short time in her little house by doing new things.

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고마워.. #숲속의작은집

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