Talented Actress Park Shin-hye: Here’s a List of Her Achievements in the Entertainment Industry

SBS Drama Awards



As all we know, the SBS Drama Awards is an annual ceremony presented by SBS, that aired on its channel. This annual event is for giving awards to the outstanding actors and actresses, or achievement for the dramas that aired on their channel. Park Shin-hye successfully got an award early in her career in the television industry. In 2013, Park Shin-hye got a chance to be called the “Best Young Actress,” and she got it when she starred in Stairway to Heaven.


After she won at the SBS Drama Awards on 2003, she got another chance to be nominated for two more awards. At that time, she was nominated in categories “Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Special” and “New Star Award.” She won the “New Star Award” in the nominated work You’re Beautiful series.



The Heirs was a good drama, indeed, and got a lot of audience attention, especially for the main cast, Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye. This drama was very highly rated, and got many awards. Even more went to the cast, and Park Shin-hye was one of them.


At the 2013 SBS Drama Awards, she won in three categories. They were the “Excellent Award Actress”, “Top 10 Stars Award”, and “Best Couple Award” with Lee Min-ho. When she was receiving the award trophy for the “Excellent Awards Actress”, Lee Min-ho gave her a hug, and Park Shin-hye was crying while she was on the stage because of the award.


Then, the long-awaited couple finally got the trophy. When she received the “Best Couple Award” with Lee Min-ho, they were holding each others’ hands. The one who gave them the trophy was Kim Woo-bin, and none of them could stop laughing. Park Shin-hye said that she deliberately wore a dress like a wedding dress just for Kim-tan (Lee Min-ho’s role).



The SBS Drama Awards, which was held on December 31, 2014, was hosted by herself, Park Shin-hye. She again won three awards, and the series that she starred in, Pinocchio, also won at this awards ceremony. The main actress, Park Shin-hye won the “Top 10 Stars”, “Excellence Awards, Actress in Drama Special”, and also the “Best Couple Award” with her co-star, Lee Jong-suk.


In 2016, SBS aired many romantic and fantasy-themed dramas that attracted fans. These dramas also starred Hallyu stars whose names are increasingly popular not only in Korea, but also in Asia. At this award event, Park Shin-hye reached an award, and she got the title as “Top Excellence Award, Acteess in a Drama Special”, also ” Top 10 Stars,” and the important thing is, she was also awarded the “Grand Prize (Daesang).”

K-Star Magazine Awards Ceremony

On March 5, 2014, Park Shin-hye attended the K-Star Magazine Awards Ceremony at the Riverside Hotel. While on the red carpet, she was seen wearing a black brocade dress, and she looked so perfect with that outfit. Even more, she won the award for “Popularity Award’ during the ceremony.

6th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards 2015

The Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards is an annual Korean government-run award ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s Korea Creative Content Agency. This award ceremony honors  those who have made a contribution to the popular culture and arts, including comedians, actors, singers, writers, and models. The ceremony took place on October 29, 2015, and was located at the National Theater of Korea.

On that occasion, Park Shin-hye got an award as “Prime Minister’s Award,” with some other outstanding actors: Kim Jong-kook, Lee Jong-suk, and actress-singer, IU (Lee Ji-eun).

2019 Asia Philanthrophy Awards 2019

Her last and newest award is from the Asia Philanthrophy Awards 2019. It provides a platform to identify and recognize individuals or NPOs who contribute their time and ability to improve or enhance philanthropy troughout Asia or for Asia. Philantrophy means an act of love to improve the quality of life for himanity. Philanthropists share their time, talents, and finances to solve various social problems in our society. Philanthropic work can be achieved through various means, such as giving, serving, asking, and joining to make fundamental changes to social problems and achieved shared human values. Park Shin-hye was named as “Special Award” as Special Artist Philanthropic Celebrity of the Year. Look at her video, below!

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