Talented Actress Park Shin-hye: Here’s a List of Her Achievements in the Entertainment Industry

Asia Artist Awards

The Asia Artist Awards (AAA) is an award ceremony that is organized by the South Korean business newspaper Money Today and it’s global media brands, StarNews and MTN. It honors the outstanding achievements and international contributions of Asian artists in television, film, and music. In this case, Park Shin-hye got a chance to attend and become a nominee at the event. Check out the nomination, below!


In 2016, on November 16, the Asia Artist Awards (AAA) were held at Kyung Hee University’s Hall of Peace in Seoul. This award ceremony was attended by many outstanding celebrities, included Park Shin-hye.

At that time, Park Shin-hye was nominated for “Best Female Artist Awards,” with a drama that she starred in, called Doctors. The actress won that category, defeating actresses such as Hwang Jeong-eum, Han Hyo-joo, and Song Hye-kyo. Park Shin-hye, who wore a long, black dress with sparkles at that time, gave her speech on the stage.


The Asia Artist Awards (AAA) was held again in 2017, and was filled with the top South Korean stars. This award ceremony was held at Jamsiil Arena on November 15, 2017, and was attended by a total of 20 singers and 20 actors and actresses. The awards are divided into two special categories, for singers and also actors or actresses.

Awards trophies are given to those who get achievements that year, both in terms of popularity and for the things that they presented in entertainment industry. Park Shin-hye won an award in the category of “Asia Icon.” Here’s the documentation!


Asia Rainbow TV Awards 2014

The Asia Rainbow TV Awards is a television awards ceremony that ua held by Hong Kong television and the China Production Committee. The first ceremony was held in 2011. Park Shin-hye got the chance to be winner on this awards ceremony in its second year, 2014. She won with the category “Outstanding Leading Actress,” with nominated work being The Heirs. 

China TV Drama Awards 2013


Park Shin-hye’s acting in the series The Heirs was, in fact, able to capativate the audience. Not only did the actress earn a high rating, but she also won at the Anhui TV Drama Awards (China TV Drama Awards) in 2013. In that event, which was held in Beijing, she won the award for “Popular Foreign Actress.” Park Shin-hye wore a black dress and looked happy when receiving the award.

She came with her co-star, Kim Woo-bin, who posed with her on the red carpet. On that occasion, she also briefly sang a song from The Heir’s soundtrack, entitled “Story.” At that time, the enthusiasm of her fans was very much felt, and she got a good response from China’s media.

KBS Drama Awards 2012

The KBS Drama Awards is an awards ceremony that is held by KBS for outstanding achievements in Korean dramas that aired on the KBS channel. On December 31, 2012, Park Shin-hye was crowned as “Best Actress Award” for One-act Drama/special at that awards ceremony.


The adorable actress posted a photo of herself wearing a white dress during the event. She said, actually in act as Yeon Hwa in Don’t Worry, I’m a Ghost, it’s means to her. Even when she was receiving the award and giving a speech, she admitted that she was very nervous.

MBC Entertainment Awards 2007

the MBC Entertainment Awards is an award ceremony that’s held annually, and sponsored by the MBC broadcasting corporation. This award ceremony is held at the end of the year. In 2007, she won an award from MBC Entertainment Awards for “Best Newcomer in a Variety Show,” and this is a great achievement. Moreover she had only started her career a few years previously.