All Information About Park Shin Hye’s Latest News and Her Relationship

The Beautiful and Talented Park Shin-hye

Who doesn’t know Park Shin-hye? She is a famous actress and singer from South Korea who was born on February 18, 1990. Park Shin-hye made her breakthrough debut in the popular Korean drama Stairway to Heaven in 2003 as the younger version of Choi Ji-woo’s character. She was praised for her performance in that drama. Since then, her career began to rise up as she starred in some leading roles in big hit dramas such as You’re Beautiful (2009), The Heirs (2013), Pinocchio (2014–2015), and Doctors (2016).

Because of her amazing acting skills, Park Shin-hye often makes viewers think she has off-screen relationships with her male co-stars because they show a natural, warm, and lovely chemistry on-screen. It is no wonder Park Shin-hye is constantly rumored to be with her male co-stars. Let’s see some of her big hit dating rumors and her latest news!

Park Shin-hye’s Upcoming Drama

Park Shin-hye will entertain us once again with her upcoming drama Memories of Alhambra which will be airing on Netflix on December 1. She had the chance to act with co-stars Hyun Bin and EXO’s Chanyeol. The story is about a successful CEO of an investment company Yoo Jin-woo (Hyun Bin) who is visiting Granada, Spanyol, for business. He is then involved in a mysterious incident after staying overnight in an old hostel managed by Jung Hee-jo (Park Shin-hye).

Memories of Alhambra is directed by Ahn Gil-ho, and the script is written by Song Jae-jung. This will be another Korean television series on Netflix after Life and Something in the Rain. 

Some Dating Rumors of Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye x Lee Jong-suk

Many people still can’t move on from shipping the lovely collaboration between Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk in Pinocchio (2014-2015). This SBS drama is about the mix between love and career of Choi Dal-po (Lee Jong-suk) and Choi In-ha (Park Shin-hye). Choi Dal-po is an eccentric local news reporter with messy hair and outfits so people can’t recognize his handsomeness. Choi Dal-po used to be a taxi driver. Even so, he is a smart talker and memorizes well.

Meanwhile, Choi In-ha is an ordinary girl who dreamed of being a reporter. She has a unique syndrome called ‘Pinocchio’ where she hiccups whenever she lies. Because of this syndrome, she can’t hide her feelings when she has a crush. Well, she eventually falls in love with Choi Dal-po. Pinocchio is about how they will survive in their love and have a good life together and includes some dramatic tragedies between them, of course.

Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye’s chemistry in this drama is undeniable. Many people love to ship them together. This dream is supported by Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye’s closeness off-screen. They have been captured spending time together abroad and holding hands while attending an awards event. Reported from a source, they often make use of leisure time while working together to have short dates. The source also stated that Lee Jong-suk even went to Park Shin-hye’s apartment to take her on a late night drive for two to three hours.

However, their agencies denied these rumors. Wellmade Yedang’s representative stated, “They only went abroad together for their photo shoot after their drama. They’re not a couple. They were close friends even before they filmed Pinocchio and are still good friends, so I think they were misunderstood. Lee Jong-suk didn’t even know photos of them were taken. Many said that they looked good together while filming their drama so that’s why it was probably perceived that way, but they are just close friends.”