Wanna Look Fabulous Like Park Shin-hye? Get Inspired by Her Style!


The Fabulous and Gorgeous, Park Shin-hye

Starting her career in the entertainment industry when she was 13 years old, her name has been shining for a while now and she is still at the top of her career even though she is well in her thirties now. From time to time, this gorgeous actress is able to bewitch the audiences on the big screen with her fabulous acting skills. After finishing her role as Jung Hee-joo in Memories of Alhambra which ended on January 20th, 2019, now Park Shin-hye will star in the newest JTBC drama, SISYPHUS: THE MYTH. However, while waiting for official news, Park Shin-hye still shows her existence on social media. Starting from her photoshoots, she wants to share her news with the fans.

She looks incredibly fashionable and gorgeous on the photos, making fans and viewers curious about the clothes she is wearing. So, in this article, Channel-Korea will introduce you to Park Shin-hye’s fashion style. Do you guys wanna look fabulous like Park Shin-hye? Check out her style choices below!

Park Shin-hye at the Valentino Show 2019


Last March, Park Shin-hye went to Incheon International Airport to fly to Paris, France. The 90s-born actress, Park Shin-hye, accepted an invitation to appear on the Valentino Fashion Show on Sunday, March 3rd, 2019.


Park Shin-hye looks beautiful and gorgeous with a maroon top combined with a long brown skirt. She became a model for Valentino collections in the new edition. Then, she also brought a handbag to complete and perfect her look! Not only that, but before arriving in Paris she also wore Valentino brand clothing. She wore a black outer jacket, with a red strappy bag that stole the attention of netters!

Park Shin-hye at the Paris Fashion Week 2019


On the same day (March 3rd, 2019), she also showed off the handbag that she brought at the Paris Fashion Week through her post on Instagram. Her post received a lot of praise from netters, moreover, her short hair with some curls added a charming and cute impression.

In addition, Park Shin-hye also wore the Valentino brand from head to toe all day. Like the pink clothes that she wears in the photo below!


Get Inspired by Park Shin-hye’s Style!


Airport Fashion

Park Shin-hye is wearing warm clothes at the airport. As seen in the photo, she wears a simple outfit but looks elegant with a black suit and long white coat outer. She looks more elegant and mature because she carries a blue pouch!

Next, she is wearing clothes by Bruno Magli at the airport. This can be seen in early June when she made a visit to Hong Kong for a fan meeting and a tour. In this photo, she’s seen carrying a black bag by Bruno Magli, an Italian fashion brand that has appointed her as her model since last spring. She also wore a patterned white dress, and wear half black wedges with a brown base such as wood.

Park Shin-hye’s next airport fashion style is a long green outer! She was seen wearing a long green outer, combined with a white shirt, and black culottes pants. For the shoes, she wore white sneakers and added a white bag with a red strap.

Casual Style


Park Shin-hye looks pretty without make-up and dressed in a casual outfit, for example in the photo above. She wore a striped long sleeve shirt with a combination of black and white color, holding a black bag in her hand and wearing blue heels. This style looks simple for her!


If you want to look simple but still fashionable, you can imitate Park Shin-hye’s choices in fashion! She combines a plain white shirt with a denim jacket and boot cut jeans, and it is guaranteed fashionable with this style that can be used when you’re on campus!


The last simple style is a combination of black denim pants with a shirt and heels. This outfit looks simple for people who want to look good all the time, but are too lazy to dress neatly.

Girlfriend Look


Besides being the ideal girlfriend for every man, Park Shin-hye also is an inspiration for women who like being dressed in the “girlfriend style look.” In the photo above, she wears a checkered shirt, with simple jeans making for a simple “girlfriend look,” especially with her long hair with bangs!


Moreover, in the scenes of her latest drama, Park Shin-hye can be seen wearing a long flannel shirt with messy bun hair.

Red Carpet


Park Shin-hye does look beautiful, especially when attending a ceremony event and walking on the red carpet. She always manages to draw attention with her appearance wearing unique, sparkling and also amazing clothes. Such as the photo below!




Park Shin-hye is indeed beautiful in dresses, especially if she wears a gown and looks very elegant. She’s like a beautiful fairy gown queen when she wears a dress in a bright color such as the photo above on the right side. Park Shin-hye also looks elegant and gorgeous in a red dress, making an amazing impression!

That was everything about Park Shin-hye’s fashion style, and hopefully, this can be an inspiration for you! If you like any of her style choices, kindly share your opinion in the comment section!