Want to Know About Park Shin-hye’s Diet Plan and Exercise Routine? Let’s Take a Look!


Park Shin-hye’s Diet Method

Korean entertainment is very well-known for their good-looking idols. And of course, not just in Korea but in every entertainment industry all around the world, appearance is one of the most important aspects of an idol. In Korea especially, appearance can be said to be the number one point feature of the idols, followed by their talent. So, it is no wonder, even though they have very busy schedules to always go under a strict and consistent workout and diet because they are required to maintain their appearance.

What’s most famous about the Korean entertainment industry is not just the boy or girl groups, the actors and actresses, the songs, the dramas, and the fashion but also the diet method! Let’s all admit that we ourselves have at least once sat on the computer, connected to the internet and searched “AOA’s Kim Seol-hyun’s diet method” or “SISTAR’s So-yu’s workout,” and then try to do it (because I do, too). Many people have tried and commented that the idols’ diet methods are very strict and even extreme.

The beautiful and gorgeous actress Park Shin-hye who has starred in various famous dramas such as You’re Beautiful, Heartstrings, The Heirs, Doctor, and many more, is one of the actresses who is undergoing the most extreme of diets. Why is her diet method extreme? That’s because she only consumes approximately 300 calories per day! Do you guys think you will be able to do this?

Park Shin-hye’s Diet and Exercise


It is important to make sure our stomach is full to the get energy necessary to do our activities before lunch comes. Don’t worry, Park Shin-hye does take her breakfast too, but what does she eat for her breakfast?

  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 glass of fat-free milk


The most awaited time of the day – lunch. If you do this diet method, you will still get to have your lunch but what you will get is:

  • half-bowl of rice
  • 2 cabbage leaves


After a long day, we want something delicious and plentiful to fill our tired body. Once again, don’t worry, you will take your delicious dinner:

  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 cabbage leaves

But maintaining your food is not everything you need to lose weight. The goddess Park Shin-hye said that we need to move our body. Park Shin-hye herself does a dance workout regularly. She also workouts 4 times a week to maintain her weight.

Park Shin-hye’s Diet Plan

Commitment and discipline are the key to a successful diet. Workout and maintaining our food intake are (still) not everything we need to lose weight. Here are some tips that Park Shin-hye has, that help her in keeping the commitment to lose weight:

  • She commits not to eat later than 6 PM
  • Whenever she wants snacks, she goes for vegetables and fruits
  • Workout and exercise constantly
  • Get motivated

So boys and girls, what do you think about her diet? Extreme enough?