Park Seo-joon’s Ladies in Dramas: Hwang Jung-eum, Kim Ji-won, Park Min-young, and Other Beautiful Actresses!

Park Seo-joon & Go A-ra – Hwarang

park seo joon & go ara

We’re moving on to the historical drama from Park Seo-joon and Go A-ra, Hwarang! In the drama, Park Seo-joon was cast as Moo Myung, and Go A-ra was cast as Kim Ah-ro. The series was a historical-romance story about Moo Myung, who was helping his friend find his father, which eventually led him to an encounter with Kim Ah-ro.

Moo Myung was a farmer before he joined Hwarang as a fighter and protector, and Kim Ah-ro was a local physician who was also famously known as a good story-teller. Kim Ah-ro met Moo Myung unexpectedly, and, at that time, she thought Moo Myung was her real brother, since Moo Myung was in his disguise as Kim Ah-ro’s brother.

As time went by, the two of them developed feeling towards each other, but Kim Ah-ro knew that it was a forbidden feeling, since she thought that Moo Myung was her brother. When the truth came out, both Kim Ah-ro and Moo Myung revealed their feelings with such relief.

The way Park Seo-joon played his character as Moo Myung, who always taking care of Go A-ra as Kim Ah-ro, really engaged the audience! No wonder he received so much praise from people for his appearance in Hwarang!

Here are some of the sweet moments between Moo Myung and Kim Ah-ro in Hwarang:


Park Seo-joon & Kim Ji-won – Fight For My Way

park seo joon & kim ji won

Next, we have the sweet chemistry between Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won in Fight For My Way! In this drama, Park Seo-joon played Ko Dong-man, an former tae kwon do athlete, and Kim Ji-won played Choi Ae-ra, an ordinary woman who dreams of becoming an announcer.

Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra have been known each other since they were children, and even as adults, they still lived next to each other in their neighborhood. Their daily routine was full of arguing and fighting, but deep down they really cared for each other. Ko Dong-man was always taking care of Choi Ae-ra and Choi Ae-ra always supported him on every occasion.

Ko Dong-man was the first one to show his love towards Choi Ae-ra, and they were knew that their love was real. The chemistry between Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra was undeniable, since their childish side was part of their love, as well. Park Seo-joon, with his playful character,  in combination with Kim Ji-won and her childish character as Choi Ae-ra were an adorable combination, right?

Here are some of the sweet moments between Ko Dong-man and Choi Ae-ra in Fight For My Way:

fight for my way
fight for my way

Park Seo-joon & Park Min-young – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

park seo joon & park min young

Last, but not least, we have Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim! This is might be the most adorable couple and have the most natural chemistry among all of the Park Seo-joon’s drama projects, right?

Park Seo-joon was cast as Lee Young-joon, a handsome, rich vice-director in his company. Park Min-young was cast as Kim Mi-so, Lee Young-joon’s personal secretary who has been working for him for almost nine years. Their working relationship was going well, until one day Kim Mi-so asked her boss to accept her resignation. And at the time, Lee Young-joon had recently realized that he couldn’t live without his secretary, and then slowly realized his feelings towards his secretary were love.

Kim Mi-so didn’t take advantage of her boss’ feelings, she also loved him as purely as she could, and really took care of Lee Young-joon, even in his hardest times. They were total opposites, but somehow they completed each other, as well.

Even though Lee Young-joon assured himself that he could let go of Kim Mi-so, deep down he planned a lot of unexpected ways to make her stay as his personal secretary. Both Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young brought their characters really well, some people even thought that they would do well together as a real couple!

Here are some of the sweet moments between Lee Young-joon and Kim Mi-so in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim:

Secretary Kim
Secretary Kim

That was all of the information about Park Seo-joon and his chemistry with some of his beautiful co-stars! No matter who was the co-worker, Park Seo-joon still knew how to amaze us with his chemistry and his natural acting skills, right?

Channel Korea has introduced you Park Seo-joon and some of his beautiful co-workers, and don’t forget to tell us who’s your favorite co-workers by leaving a comment down below!