Then and Now: Let’s Look at Park Seo-joon’s Face Transformation, Did He Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Let’s Compare Actor Park Seo-Joon’s Visual Before & After Debut!

Park Seo-Joon, birth name Park Yong-Kyu, is a rising South Korean actor born on December 16, 1988. Unlike most Korean male celebrities, Park Seo-Joon has already completed his mandatory military service in 2010 before debuting as an actor in 2011. With his lead role in the hit drama series Fight My Way and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, his popularity is going up and up all over the world. But, besides his hard work and talent which finally paved his path to success over the years, he is also known for his charming visual. To this, many netizens have raised suspicions of plastic surgery before his debut. Let’s look at his appearance from then to now!

Park Seo-Joon’s Visual Transformation: Then & Now

As we may know already, Park Seo-Joon has become a popular actor in South Korea who is known for his stunning looks. Even though for some his handsomeness is just typical or familiar, we can’t deny the fact that he is actually the first Asian male model to become the face of Tommy Hilfiger. He is also the face of cosmetic brand Laneige for its men’s grooming brand.

As a celebrity who is a representative face of Asia, it’s unavoidable that he has been rumored to have undergone numerous plastic surgeries. But, is it true?,

When this hallyu star was still a baby, he had sparkling wide eyes and a plump face. But, of course, we can’t see his mature features then. The controversy arose when a past picture of him as a student surfaced. He had a somewhat tired gaze, darker skin, skinnier face shape, and typical single eyelids for Korean men.

Some years before debut, his face shape and facial features still matched his school days, so there are no signs of cosmetic enhancement thus far. He still had a balanced nose that is neither too sharp nor small and also the same killer smile.,

After debuting in the acting world, his skin looks visibly brighter, and he seems to have gained some weight as you can see from the picture above. Being a male at 25 years of age, it’s unlikely that he’s gotten skin lightening. His nose shape has remained the same, and although we did see some thinning in his later years, this can be explained by weight loss. So, there’s no evidence of a nose job. However, you can sort of see his eyes become wider compared to his pre-debut days. This has led to subtle double eyelid surgery speculations.

Overall, he looks the same throughout the years with no significant change. He even made it clear on the tvN’s show Taxi that he didn’t get any plastic surgery, although he previously wanted to do it because he didn’t feel refined before debuting. Moreover, there’s no solid proof regarding beauty enhancements.