Look at Park Seo-joon’s Appearances and Funny Moments on ‘Running Man’!

Park Seo-joon

Variety Show and Park Seo-joon!

Do you know one of the main characters in drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Park Seo-joon? Despite being active as an actor, Park Seo-joon also has many appearances in variety shows! Among the numerous variety shows, he particularly made quite a number of appearances in Running Man. Are you curious about his funny moments in this variety show? But first, let’s check his profile for a short while!

First Appearance in Running Man

Running Man Episode 184

Park Seo-joon made his first appearance in Running Man in episode 184. The episode itself was broadcasted on February 9th, 2014. At that time, he appeared with a group of actors, including Seo In-guk, Kang Ye-won, Son Ho-joon, and B1A4’s Baro. The theme of the race was 2014 Running Man Winter Olympics. For the games, the losing team had to face a difficult task as a punishment.

The cast was divided into two teams, the first team was Running Man Team and the other was the All-Star Team. This time, Kim Jong-kook was not included in Running Man Team, but he was placed as the leader of the All-Star Team instead. In the first mission, their speed was tested as they had to do a speed-skating relay race and the losing team had to make lunch for everyone.

Running Man Episode 184

Before the mission started, it seemed like Running Man members would be the ones to make lunch for everyone, but it changed when Kim Jong-kook made a distance thanks to Baro. Gary also pushed Son Ho-joon at the pass, and at the end, Park Seo-joon was the last skater who tumbled in the midway, allowing Haha to pass him and win the first round.

In the second round, they went neck-and-neck again as Seo In-guk succeeded in closing the gap. But unfortunately, when Baro faced Haha as his opponent, he fell onto the ice as they came around the bend and caused Running Man Team to win the mission. As a result, the All-Star Team members had to make lunch for the day.

The second game took place by a stream where the cast was tested for their concentration. Each team had to build a rock tower on the table across them, but they had to go through cold water barefoot even though it was in the middle of winter. While Kim Jong-kook urged his team members to go faster, Seo In-guk responded hilariously that even if he wanted to go faster, the pain caused by the cold wouldn’t let him do it anyway.

Park Seo-joon in Running Man Episode 184

Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon gritted his teeth while going across the cold water with flowery CG and Frozen soundtrack in the background. After he completed his task, he belatedly let out a long utterance of pain. The mission ended with the All-Star Team as the winner, and the second round also had the same result. Running Man Team tried to bargain so that they could do more rounds, but the other party declined and they had to do laundry as a punishment.

In the third game, their teamwork was tested in a challenge of racing around a flag while holding each other’s ankles. Both teams were doing a great job overall, but in the first round, Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo marched quickly winning the round. Kim Jong-kook, was unsatisfied with the result, so he coached his team so that they can win, but his members were already exhausted.

Chopping Woods Punishment

While Running Man Team members said that his team members can’t keep up with his pace, Kim Jong-kook insisted that his body hasn’t even warmed up, but it immediately responded to Park Seo-joon with rage, who said that he’s normal. In the second round of the game, the All-Star Team had to accept their loss and face the task of chopping wood as a punishment.

The final mission was the main event of this race, where both teams had to compete in a game of name tag ripping on ice. The competition was kind of chaotic and definitely a bloody battle, but in the end Running Man Team won with a score of 15:12 and was awarded gold.