Wow! Park Seo-joon Showing Off His Abs During a Hot Workout Session!


Let’s Check Out Park Seo-joon’s Glorious Abs!

Park Seo-Joon makes frequent appearances on variety shows, but the one show that viewers can’t forget was his appearance on Youn’s Kitchen.

Youn’s Kitchen is about a Korean opening a Korean restaurant in a foreign country. It highlighted the difficulties of a Korean trying to operate a business on foreign soil, like the challenges of dealing with the language barrier and of introducing Korean food to those who’ve never tried it before.

People watching Youn’s Kitchen were quite surprised when Park Seo-Joon showed his skills with cooking, handling unexpected situations, and adapting well to a new environment on the show. It turned out, however, that Park Seo-Joon had still more surprises for his fans.

It’s no secret that Park Seo-Joon has a gorgeous body. He’s had plenty of opportunities to display it playing his role in the drama Fight for My Way. In that drama, Park Seo-Joon plays Ko Dong-Man, who used to be involved in taekwondo until some event in his past made him stop. Because of that, Ko Dong-Man became a nameless mixed martial arts fighter, and as the plot unveiled, it was revealed that Ko Dong-Man is trying to pick up his dream and make them come true.

Because of the nature of his character, Park Seo-Joon has to keep his body fit. When his fans were dying to know his workout routine, the actor finally revealed it during an episode of Youn’s Kitchen.


In episode 2 of Youn’s Kitchen season 2, Park Seo-Joon revealed his workout routine. He said he starts his day early in the morning, wearing casual clothes fit for exercising in. The first thing in Park Seo-Joon’s workout routine is to go jogging. He likes to jog around the neighborhood and stop at a little park with a Hello Kitty design. When he’s there, he takes out his yellow towel. It may seem like an ordinary towel, but it’s actually very stretchy, which makes it perfect for exercising his arms. In addition to stretching, Park Seo-Joon also does exercises like push-ups and pull-ups.

For those who’d like to see it for themselves, here’s the video that tvN posted on their  YouTube channel, which showcases Park Seo-Joon’s workout routine.