Get Closer to Park Sang-myun: Profile, Wife, Movies and TV Shows List

Park Sang Myun

Who Is Park Sang-myun?

Park Sang-myun is a Korean senior actor. He graduated from Seoul Institute of Arts and made his debut in 1996. He made his first appearance in the movie Boss. During his early career, he was often an extra. But, his personality came out and caught viewers’ attention. The production house started considering him for supporting roles. The Foul King was his first huge project, and he slew it. He gained popularity through this project and received many offers for important roles afterward. One of his biggest hits was My Wife Is a Gangster.

Let’s take a peek at his profile!

Full Profile of Park Sang-myun

Name: Park Sang Myun

Birthplace Daejeon, Soul, South Korea

Birthdate: January 27, 1968

Age: 50 years old (51 y.o. Korean age)

Zodiac Aquarius

Weights: 90 kg

Heights: 180 cm

Hair color: Black

Eyes color: Black

Nationality: South Korea

Education: Seoul insitute of Arts and Theater

Profession: Actor, TV host

Agency: Imagine Asia


  • Kim Su-kyung (wife)
    Park Sang-myun married Kim Su Kyung, a non-celebrity, in 2015.

    Park Sang Myun
  • Park Yoon-jin (daughter)
  • Park Hee-tae (mother)
  • Kim Jeong-soon (father-in-law)

Movie List

1996: Boss as an extra

1997: The Rocket Was Launched as an extra

1997: No 3 as Jhae Cheol

1997: Downfall as an extra

1998: Two Cops 3 as an extra

1999: Doctor K as Park Ho Dong

1999: A Growing Business as Chef

1999: Nowhere to Hide as Jjang Gu (cameo)

2000: The Foul King as Tae Baek San

2000: Just Do It! as Shim Chung Eon

2000: Libera Me as Park Han Mu

2001: The Humanis as Amoeba

2001: My Wife Is a Gangster as Kang Su Il

2001: Hi, Dharma! as Buk Kom the Brown Bear

2002: A Perfect Match (special appearance)

2002: Can’t Live Without Robbery as Kang Sang Tae

2002: Baby Alone as Man Su

2003: Silver Knife as a neighbor (special appearance)

2005: She’s on Duty as the homeroom teacher (special appearance)

2005: Never to Lose as the police chief (special appearance)

2007: A Good Day to Have an Affair as Dew’s husband (special appearance)

2007: Mission Impossible: Kidnapping Granny K as Ahn Jae Do (special appearance)

2007: The Mafia, the Salesman as Dae Ga Ri

2010: Attack the Gas Station 2 as Mang Chi

2013: Miracle in Cell no. 7 (special appearance)

2014: Mr. Perfect as Lee Byung Joo’s father


Drama List

1999: The Boss as Hippo, aired on MBC

2000: Three Friends as Park Sang Myun, aired on MBC

2000: Bad Friends as Hong Joo Gon, aired on MBC

2001: Her House as Kim Dae Woong, aired on MBC

2001: Shoot for the Stars as Han Ba Da, aired on SBS

2003: All In as Im Dae Chi, aired on SBS

2003: Detective as an extra

2004: More Beautiful Than Flower as Park Young Min, aired on KBS2

2004: Into the Storm as Ann Dong Soo, aired on SBS

2005: Green Rose as Lee Choon Bok, aired on SBS

2006: The King of Head Butts as Kim Cheol Seok, aired on SBS

2006: Seoul 1945 as Park Chang Joo, aired on KBS1

2006: Look Back with a Smile as Lee Sang Myung, aired on KBS1

2007: Moon Hee as Kim Young Chul, aired on MBC

2007: Urban Legends Deja Vu: Season 2 (special appearance)

2008: Our Happy Ending as Kang Joong Ki, aired on MBC

2008: My Lady Boss, My Hero as Kim Sang Joong, aired on OCN

2008: Love Marriage as CEO Ryu, aired on KBS2

2009: Three Men as Park Sang Myun, aired on tvN

2010: Give Me Your Memory as Minerva, aired on Bee TV

2010: King of Baking, Kim Takgu as Yang In Mok, aired on KBS2

2010: Mary Me, Mary! as Wi Dae Han, aired on KBS2

2011: Color of Women as Park Woo Chul, aired on Channel A

2012: History of Salaryman as Jin Ho Hae, aired on SBS

2012: Feast of the Gods as Im Do Shik, aired on MBC

2012: Twelve Men in a Year as Dong Gun, aired on tvN

2012: Suspicious Family as Chun Eok Man, aired on MBN

2012: Lovers in Haeundae as Boo Young Do, aired on KBS2

2012: Ohlala Couple (special appearance)

2013: Drama special “Glass Bandage” as Seo Kyeong Do, aired on KBS 2

2014: Wife Scandal: The Wind Rises (special appearance), aired on Chosun TV

2014: Into the Flames as Park Jong Yeol, aired on TV Chosun

2014: Triangle (special appearance), aired on MBC

2014: Healer as Chae Chi Soo, aired on iKBS2

2016: Sweet Stranger and Me as Bae Byung Woo, aired on KBS2

2017: Sensitive Boss (special appearance), aired on tvN

2018: Shall We Live Together, aired on KBS2


Variety Shows

2008: Star King panelist episodes 66, 68, and 69, aired on SBS

2012: The Duet as guest (with Lee Hye Ri), aired on MBN

2012: Roller Coaster: Season 2, aired on tvN

2012: E-King as host, aired on MBC

2012: Law of the Jungle: Season 3 as cast member, aired on SBS

2013: Treasure Island as host, aired on MBN


Theater Shows

2000: Guys and Dolls

2003: Inherited

2006: How Are You, Sister?

2008: Really Really Like You

2009: The Thing About Men

2009: Really Really Like You

2013: Tomorrow Morning


Awards and Nomination

1999: 20th Blue Dragon Film Awards, nominated as Best Supporting Actor (A Growing Business)

2000: 21st Blue Dragon Film Awards, nominated as Best Supporting Actor (The Foul King)

2000: MBC Drama Awards, winner of Favorite Character Actor of the Year, Viewers Choice (The Boss)

2001: MBC Entertainment Awards, winner of Special Talent Award (Bad Friends)

2006: KBS Drama Awards winner of Best Supporting Actors (Seoul 1945)

2008: SBS Entertainment Awards, winner of Best Entertainer (Star King)

2010: 18th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, winner of Acting Award for TV (King of Baking, Kim Takgu)

2010: KBS Drama Awards, nominated as Best Supporting Actor (Mary Stayed out All Night, King of Baking, Kim Takgu)