Let’s Take a Look at Actress Park Min-young’s Instagram And Her Latest News!


World-Renowned Actress Park Min-young

One can say that 2018 has been the years for Park Min-young, after having starred in the notable What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, alongside Park Seo-jun. The drama boomed across not only domestic Korean drama enthusiasts, but also internationally, with everyone tuning into the unique love story between a CEO and his secretary. Previously, Park Min-young had starred in many dramas as a minor cameo or second lead, but this is the first time she got to play the leading role in such a major drama, and for it to blow as big as it did only serves to tell the future she has lined up for herself. Now, in 2019, what has the actress got going for herself?

When trying to predict future projects and see what our favorite celebrities are up to, we tend to check their social media accounts, the same could be said for Park Min-young and her Instagram page. On it, one can tune in to her daily life, behind the scenes look and work, while also be updated when it comes to her leisure activities, holidays and even get a glimpse of her pet dog. Through it, she communicates with fans and makes sure that they can follow her in every aspect of that word, online. So let’s take a look at some of Park Min-young’s iconic Instagram posts!

Instagram Feed


One of the things that the actress loves to do in order to show fans her daily life, without showing to many personal things, is to take a selfie. This is usually done behind the scenes of her work when she needs to communicate something personally to the fans. Not only that, Park Min-young often not only posts a selfie, but a video of herself so that fans would feel a lot more up-close and personal with her.

In one of her latest updates, Park Min-young uploaded a video selfie to remind fans to catch her on the silver screen. As she is currently starring on the drama Her Private Life, she asked fans to tune in to the third episode airing that same night. It also seems that the drama is currently still shooting, as she teased fans by asking what she is shooting that day, alluding to the fact that the video was made on set.

Park Min-young took another selfie that she posted to remind fans and celebrate Valentine’s Day. The selfie was taken just right with her kissing a stuffed bear. Not only that, she is dressed in a white t-shirt and light pink blazer, the perfect outfit to celebrate the occasion. Like the post before, this one is also in a video format, which gives off a more intimate and personal feel than her other selfies.

This particular selfie seems to have been taken in a practice room of sorts, possibly a behind the scenes look at how she practices for her fan meetings. She is dressed simply in a t-shirt and leggings, but just as gorgeous as ever. Her red and white Nike Jordans also make a statement in what is a very monochrome background and outfit. The actress can also be seen having enjoyed a Starbucks drink or two, judging by the cardboard container in the background.

Her next selfie seems to have been taken while she was on board an airplane heading to Shanghai, for her various activities, one of them being a shoot she was doing for Cosmo. The actress once again shows off her impeccable style in a monochromatic look, a light grey, and a darker grey turtleneck underneath. Her statement earrings also make an impression, this time in a very chunky, silver piece.

Last but not least, we have a behind the scenes look of Park Min-young as her character in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Kim Mi-so. The selfie seems to have been a throwback of sorts as the drama ended not too long ago, with her character still fresh off of people’s minds. Not only that, she is dressed to the nines with white lace top and another statement earring.


Park Min-young not only uses her Instagram platform for work, but also to show off her holiday adventures across the world. Let’s take a look at some of her most iconic pictures in various landmarks!

The first picture revolves around the vacation she took in Amsterdam, with an iconic picture of herself on a bridge, overlooking a very picturesque canal. Canals are quite an attraction in Amsterdam and have become one of its most defining features, alongside biking along the stream and various early 20th-century architecture. Not only that, but the boats parked alongside the canals seem to also be another tourist attraction, as indicated by the caption Park Min-young put to describe the post.

This post is once again taken during her trip in the Netherlands, as she soaks under the sun, while posing in front of a windmill that is attached to a building at the side of the road. Windmills, as most people know, have also come to be such an icon in the Netherland’s landscape, usually featured in movies that use the farm fields as a backdrop. The building also seems to be a restaurant, could be one that Park Min-young visited in order to enjoy some brunch with her closest friends and family.

This particular post features another European icon, which is the Parisian Eiffel Tower in all of its glory. It seems that Park Min-young flew to Paris not solely for vacation, as she is in a shoot for the magazine, Grazia Korea. Despite it, she seems to be enjoying her time posing in front of the glorious landmark and taking a break in between to enjoy the views that are unique to Paris and Paris alone.

Her next stop, it seems, is the islands of paradise themselves, Hawaii. This particular holiday was done in between the wrap up of shooting What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, and her new upcoming drama that is about to shoot in a few weeks. She managed to squeeze in some time off to enjoy and take in the view, as she lounged in swimming, as pictured in the post above. She captioned the post wittily with, “Aloha,” alluding to the place she is currently vacationing at.

Different than her previous trips, this particular one is to a winter wonderland that is not that far from South Korea. Park Min-young has decided to vacation in Hokkaido, a province in Japan that is known for its seafood and egg tarts.


As part of her work as a celebrity, Park Min-young also shares a handle of her behind the scenes life with her fans. From drama shooting, to fan meetings abroad, let’s take a look at some of Park Min-young’s most iconic work portraits!

In one of her most recent posts, Park Min-young took a picture with a coffee truck sent by her fans from Taiwan to the set of her current drama shooting. The post serves as a thank you note to her fans who have taken the time and effort to support her and the other cast members while filming the drama. She cutely poses with some packed lunch that was apparently sent along with the coffee truck. This helps fans appreciate her as a celebrity but is also a way for her to appreciate fans’ support of her work and the process behind the scenes.

The next post, reveals Park Min-young with her co-stars from the drama, Her Private Life. The trio that consists of herself, Ahn Bo-hyun, and Park Jin-joo, took a lovely selfie in their characters’ costume while reminding fans to tune in for the third and fourth episode, following the second episode’s airing. The three are meant to be best friends from a young age in the show, and that chemistry is definitely visible.

All dressed up in black and posing in a short ladder stool, there could only be one thing that Park Min-young is portraying and that is a fansite. In her new drama, Her Private Life, Park Min-young portrays the idol fan, Sung Deok-mi, who is practically in love with the idol Cha Shi-an. She runs a fansite that follows him in his every activity and schedule and makes sure to upload them on her website. This look just captures the essence of the fansite, with low-key but practical wardrobe choices, as well as a mask and hat to cover her identity.

The work that she posts on her Instagram is not just limited to her drama filming, as seen above, she also makes sure that her fans are updated in terms of her fan meetings and other activities involving the fans. The one above happens to be a fan meeting she was doing in Taipei, as part of a tour of sorts. She was excited to meet with the fans, shared an evening playing question and answer, and performed a tiny bit as part of fan service. Hopefully, in the future, we would be able to see a full-on dedicated fan meeting tour.

Not only does she post about her fan meetings, but also her magazine shoots, and this one in the form of a short video that is reminiscent of reality shows, such as Asia’s Next Top Model. Park Min-young effortlessly poses for the camera as the music plays in the background, to set her mood and the poses that go along with it. The video ends as the camera pans to where her dog, in the arms of her manager, watches Park Min-young work it in front of the camera.

Pet Dog, Park Lemon

In her daily life, there’s only one other thing that Park Min-young seems to cherish more than her fans and her job, and that is her dog, Park Lemon. She often features her dog in her selfies, in behind the scenes look and generally in all aspects of her life. You can even find some coordinated shots, as if her dog is the star of the photoshoot, so let’s take a look at some of Park Lemon’s most iconic posts!

Here we have Park Lemon posing in the most adorable way, lying on the floor all stretched out, with her tongue out, as if teasing the person behind the camera. Park Min-young obviously found this cute too, as she uploaded the picture on to her Instagram with an emoji that perfectly represents Park Lemon’s expression. The fans also loved it, with this particular picture boasting over 170,000 likes.

The next post is an adorable one commemorating Park Lemon’s 3rd birthday, complete with a cake and birthday hat to match. Amongst the blue and white balloons, Park Lemon looks like they are laughing and enjoying the occasion just as much as the fans enjoyed cooing at the picture. The cake, albeit structured like one, seems to be made out of dog food and features a little, tiny version of Park Lemon as a decoration.

This particular post of Park Lemon takes on a more minimalist approach, with her sitting right off center from a rattan lounge chair situated in front of a white brick wall. It gives off a very clean and sophisticated look, but also contrasts very well with the leash that is on Park Lemon. The caption is a witty iteration of Park Lemon’s personified speech, greeting the fans as they take over Park Min-young’s Instagram.

In the lovely spirit of the holidays, Park Min-young dressed her dog up in the classic Santa Claus get up. The costume consisted of a hat, a red vest, and not much else but there seems nothing more to be done when Park Lemon’s all white fur helps with the illusion of Santa Claus. In the picture, Park Lemon is once again fully down on the floor and cutely looking up into the camera, one of their signature poses.

Last but not least, we have a picture of Park Lemon with their owner, Park Min-young herself, all dressed down and posing cutely for the camera.