Let’s Take a Look at Actress Park Min-young’s Instagram And Her Latest News!

Latest News

Recently, Park Min-young has been starring in the drama, Her Private Life, as the lead actress. The drama is about a gallery curator named Sung Deok-mi who keeps her identity as an idol fangirl secret and a stoic gallery director named Ryan Gold who starts to take interest in Deok-mi, both the curator and the fansite. Between Chaeum Art Gallery’s head curator Sung Deok-mi and the art gallery’s new director, Ryan Gold, starts to bloom a relationship like no other, something that is quite unexpected looking at their very contrasting personalities. But there is also Sung Deok-mi’s friend Nam Eun-gi, who runs a judo dojo and isn’t quite sure if his feelings for Sung Deok-mi are that of friendship or love.

There is also a set of characters who come from Sung Deok-mi’s fandom world, such as Cha Si-ahn, the idol she is in love with, her love for him is expressed in the phrase, “His existence alone is so precious to me.” Against her is her home master and sasaeng fan rival Cindy, while her close friend Lee Sun-joo is her fandom friend since high school who is also running the fan page with her. They met through shared fandom interests and have been friends for over 10 years. Alongside them is Sung Deok-mi’s mother, Go Young-suk and her father Sung Geun-ho, as well as Chaeum Art Gallery’s former director Uhm So-hye and curator Yoo Kyung-ah, and registrar Kim Yoo-seob. The drama airs every Thursday and Friday night on tvN.

So what do you think about Park Min-young and her Instagram feed? Do you love that she posts about her work and daily life consistently? What about her pet dog, Park Lemon, and their cute photoshoots? What do you think she has lined up for herself next? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!