Does Park Min-Young Have a Husband? Find Out More About Her Love Life, Ideal Type, and Dating Rumors!

Park Min-young

Park Min-Young Boyfriend and Dating Rumors

Park Min-Young was born on March 4, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea. She studied at Dongguk University and majored in theater. In 2005, she began her career as an actress and debuted on an SK Telcom commercial.

Afterward, in 2006, Park Min-Young starred in the sitcom High Kick! Followed by I Am Sam. Her breakthrough came when she starred in Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010. What’s more, a year later, she starred in the drama City Hunter along with her ex-lover Lee Min-ho.

Park Min-young

In July of 2018, she successfully played Kim Mi-So’s character in the television drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, which is based on a webtoon. The partner in the series is Park Seo-Joon.

Thanks to this series, Park Min-Young has won an award at the 6th APAN Star Awards in the K-Star Award category, and at the 13th Asia Drama Conference, she was awarded in the Special Recognition category. Park Min-Young also starred in a Chinese drama based on a C-novel titled Braveness of the Ming. Aside from acting, she modeled in BIGBANG’s MV “Haru Haru.” Now, Park Min-Young is joining the variety show Busted.

Is Park Min-young Already Married? Does She Have a Husband?

Park Min-young

As we all know, Park Min-Young was dating Lee Min-Ho when they starred in City Hunter, and the relationship didn’t last long. Since him, Park Min-Young is not known to have had another relationship or lover. Instead, she is pursuing her career.

Park Min-young

When asked if she would get married, she replied that she had not thought of anything like marriage because she still wants to focus on her work. Three years ago, when Park Min-Young had an interview with Stars From Korea, she said that she would get married at the age of 35 and the wedding would be held in May. Is she really going to get married at 35, as she said in 2015?

Park Min-Young’s Dating Rumors!

Last year, Park Min-Young gave an interview session where she uncovered everything about her dating rumors with her co-star. She said that the circumstance didn’t require clarification, yet at the same time, she was explaining as she felt bad towards the staff, team, and fellow actors who got tangled up in the rumors.

Many fans believe that several of these are true. Hence, we think it won’t hurt to dig deeper into every dating rumor she has so that we can have further understanding. So, are you curious? Let’s find out down below.

Park Min-Young with Park Seo-Joon

Park Min-Young and Park Seo-Joon starred in the television drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. In the drama, their chemistry can be felt with their amazing acting.

Park Min-young

As time went on, because they were so close, they were rumored to be dating. They are even nicknamed by their fans the Park-Park couple because their first names are similar.

Park Min-young

Though there was no actual evidence, their dating rumor spread. Both later denied it because they were not dating, and it was very illogical to assume so because of their similar names and single drama together.

Park Min-Young with Mickey Yoochun

Park Min-Young with Mickey Yoochun

Park Min-Young and Mickey Yoochun are the two main casts of “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” a K-Drama aired on KBS back in 2010. As indicated by the report, the two stars began to affect one another during the filming. Park Min-Young’s happy character might have intrigued Micky Yoochun, as the latter had been struggling because of legal wrangling with his previous agency, SM Entertainment, and his group’s suspended activities JYJ’ in Japan.

Nonetheless, not long after the information on the stars’ relationship down and out on Thursday, the representatives of both Park Min-Young and Micky Yoochun denied that they were in a real relationship, saying they were simply old friends.

As to the dating rumor with Mickey Yoochun, Park Min-Young explained, “It’s not real. On the day the rumor broke out, I had recently wrapped up recording a love scene with him, so everybody on-set just got over it as ‘not a serious deal.’ It wasn’t awkward for me to see him a short time later.”

Park Min-Young with Lee Min-Ho

Park Min-Young with Lee Min-Ho

The leads from the K-Drama “City Hunter,” Park Min-Young and Lee Min-Ho, went from co-stars in love to dating in real life. Both their agencies’ representatives had stepped forward to affirm the pair had been secretly dating for longer than a month after the announcement.

One of their representatives also added that their relationship began to develop on account of City Hunter truly. Their individual roles were crucial in that they had a lot of long-hour shooting meetings, frequently overnight. As they worked together for extended periods of time, they started developing feelings for each other.

Nonetheless, on January 25, 2012, came the official announcement that the couple had separated after only five months of dating. In April 2012, though, there were theories that the ex-couple was about to revive their relationship.

However, Park Min-Young’s agency denied the rumor by saying, “It isn’t true that she will get back with Lee Min-Ho once more. They are simply friends who ask how the other is getting along. Their internal circles are similar to what we know, so they can’t end their contact completely. Their houses are close to one another, so that is by all accounts the source of the rumor.”

Park Min-Young with Ji Chang Wook

Park Min-Young with Ji Chang Wook

The healer is a standout amongst other K-Dramas that you might have probably watched. This drama had a tad of everything: action, parody, drama, and romance. Park Min-Young and Ji Chang Wook’s on-screen chemistry was amazing to the point that fans kept on rewinding certain parts of the scenes. The passion between these two stars was serious to the point that many fans really wanted them to be together.

Once Ji Chang Wook went to secretly meet Park Min-Young in one of her filmings in China. They were seen in Shanghai hot pot café for over four hours, and they looked cheerful when gotten on camera. In any case, when asked if they were dating, Ji Chang Wook reacted with, “Am I dating Park Min Young? Did we truly work admirably in our acting?”

Fans kept on believing that they would begin dating, though it never occurred.

Park Min-young’s Ideal Type of Man

Park Min-young's Ideal Type of Man

On the February 15, 2019, episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly,’ she played a round of ‘ideal type world cup’ to decide her favorite variety show host. Park Min-Young originally picked Kang Ho Dong over Kim Gura while referring to her affection for ‘New Journey to the West.’ When requested to pick between Yoo Jae Suk and Shin Dong Yup, she stated, “Yoo Jae Suk is my number one variety show star. Be that as it may, since I worked with him as of now, I’ll pick Shin Dong Yup.”

Her two last decisions came down to Kang Ho Dong and Shin Dong Yup. “I’m mulling over,” said Park Min-Young. “In any case, I’ll pick Kang Ho Dong,” she added.

She likewise shared that her ideal type of a man is actually a Hollywood Star, Josh Hartnett. She clarified that she likes how his eyes appeared to be slightly puffy. She also likes how he takes a look at things.

Who is Park Min-Young’s Current Boyfriend?

Who is Park Min-Young's Current Boyfriend

The appropriate answer, until further notice, seems, by all accounts, to be no one. She consistently reminds her fans that she is single and not dating anybody. Lee Min-Ho was Park Min-Young’s only boyfriend, she announced publicly. In an interview, she said that she attempted to date secretly before, yet it didn’t seem to have been effective.

In recent interviews, she said she’s not, in any way, ready to date. She is putting this down to the way that she is currently dealing with plenty of projects. That’s why she doesn’t think dating is something she could do right now.

So, that’s the information about Park Min-Young’s relationship status along with her dating rumors. For now, we can only wish her the best of luck in her acting project until the right man arrives. If the said man arrives, we will scrape further information about him and Park Min-Young’s relationship. So, make sure to stay tuned for the upcoming update in Channel Korea.