Park Min-woo Profile: Drama List, Movies, TV Shows, Plastic Surgery, Military, and Accident

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Park Min-woo, the Handsome Korean Actor

Debuting officially in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Park Min-woo is mostly known as the supporting roles of television series. Not only dramas, Park Min-woo also appeared as the regular cast of variety show Roommate along with other popular stars such as Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, After School’s Nana, and actor Seo Kang-joon.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Park Min-woo which includes his full profile, his age, height, and weight, the list of his television dramas, movies, and television shows, his plastic surgery, his drama with Suzy, his military service, his accident, and his Instagram feed. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Park Min-woo

park minwoo

Birth Name: Park Min Woo

Date of Birth: Daejeon, South Korea, March 22, 1988

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: B

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chinese Astrology: Dragon

Education: Kookmin University, with a major in Department of Theater and Film

Talent Agency: King Kong Entertainment

Instagram: @1m1actor

Park Min-woo’s Age, Height, and Weight

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As has been explained in her personal profile earlier, Park Min-woo was born in 1988. According to the Korean Age System, in 2018 Park Min-woo’s age is 31 years old while according to the International Age System, Park Min-woo is 30 years old. Besides Park Min-woo, there are other Korean female and male celebrities who were born in 1988 as well, such as Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, Lee Yeon-hee, Park Se-young, solo female singer J-Min, KARA’s Park Gyuri and Han Seung-yeon, former After School’s member UEE, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang, T-ara’s Eunjung, Wonder Girls’ Yubin, 2PM’s Junsu, Nichkhun, and Taecyeon,  former member MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Park Na-rae, and Yang Ji-won. On the other hand, Park Min-woo is considered to have a tall body as his height is 188 cm, whereas his weight is unknown.

List of Park Min-woo’s Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

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Despite having not won any award, Park Min-woo’s acting skill cannot be underestimated as he has starred several dramas, such as I Need a Fairy, Love Detective Sherlock K, and Come Back Mister. His handsome face also appeared on the music videos of ballad singers Kim Yoon-ah and K.Will. Here you may check the list of Park Min-woo’s drama, films, and music videos below!

2010 – Music video of Kim Yoon-ah’s Going Home

2011 – MBC My Princess (as Guest Role)

2011 – tvN Flower Boy Ramen Shop (Supporting Role as Kim Ba-wool )

2012 – KBS2 I Need a Fairy (Supporting Role as Cha Kook-min)

2012 – OnStyle Style Log

2013 – tvN Play Guide (Main Role as Park Min-woo, General Manager of Love Agent)

2013 – OCN The Virus (Supporting Role as Bong Sun-dong)

2013 – MBC Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident (Supporting Role as Poon-gi / Batman)

2014 – jTBC Can We Fall in Love, Again?  (Supporting Role as Choi Yoon-seok)

2014 – tvN Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit (Guest Role as the young version of Han Won-bin)

2014 – SBS Modern Farmer (Supporting Role as Kang Hyeok)

2014 – Music video of K.Will’s Day 1

2014-2015 – SBS Roommate (as Cast member)

2015 – Romance Blue (Main Role as Min-woo)

2015 – KBS1 and Naver TV Cast Love Detective Sherlock K (Main Role as Do Min-woo)

2016 – SBS Come Back Mister (Supporting Role as Yoo Hyuk)

2016 – MBC Happy Home (Supporting Role as Lee Kang-min)

2016 – Mood of the Day (Supporting Role as Kang Jin-chul)

2017 – Will This Love Be Reached (as Main Role)

Did Park Min-woo Undergo Plastic Surgery?

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Unfortunately, we cannot find any past pictures of Park Min-woo nor any news related to his plastic surgery. However, as both South Korea’s commoners and celebrities alike are known to do the procedure soon after they hit puberty, there is indeed a possibility of Park Min-woo having done plastic surgery.

Park Min-woo and Suzy’s Drama

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In 2012, Park Min-woo and Suzy appeared in the same drama I Need a Fairy as Suzy became the cameo of the series. She shoots a scene with Park Min-woo for the 26th episode, acting as an aspiring actress in front of Gook-min (acted by Park Min-woo) and his father, Cha Se-joo (acted by Cha In-pyo).  In the previous scene photo above, Park Min-woo was seen catching Suzy who collapsed in his embrace, as well as giving him a peck on the cheek. The drama crew state that despite the awkwardness between the actor and actress, Park Min-woo and Suzy were able to show excellent teamwork while shooting their scenes.

Park Min-woo’s Military Service and Accident News

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In September 2016, media outlets reported that Park Min-woo will enlist to the South Korean military on September 29th. According to his talent agency, the actor will fulfill his duty to the country after completing basic training for four weeks at Nonsan training camp. Due to health reasons, Park Min-woo will serve as a public interest service personnel and finish the service in 2018.

In April 2018, Park Min-woo was reported to be involved in a motorcycle accident. King Kong Entertainment as his talent agency confirmed the news by stating that the unfortunate event took place near the Donghodaegyo Bridge on March 15th which caused a head injury. In addition, Park Min-woo has undergone major surgery and was put in the intensive care unit. Wishing a fast recovery for Park Min-woo!

Park Min-woo’s Instagram Feed

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Although not updating his Instagram account regularly, Park Min-woo still keeps his fans informed about his current activities. Until this article being written, Park Min-woo has posted 75 posts, follows 84 accounts, and has 445,000 followers on his account (@1m1actor). Here are the top 10 of Park Min-woo’s Instagram Feed that you must see!

park minwoo

In the first post which was uploaded on December 31, 2017, Park Min-woo took a hoodie selfie under the ray of the sun. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote, ‘See you. 2017’.

park minwoo

In the second post which was uploaded on December 15, 2017, Park Min-woo shared another hoodie selfie while pouting, showing off his clear skin. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote an ambiguous message, ‘I can’t’.

park minwoo

In the third post which was uploaded on November 11, 2017, Park Min-woo shared a picture of kids who were playing at a playground. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote, ‘The youth’s dream’.

park minwoo

In the fourth post which was uploaded on August 12, 2016, Park Minwoo took a picture with the little girls who were also his co-stars. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote, ‘With Na-yoon and Sa-rang’.

park minwoo

In the fifth post which was uploaded on May 1, 2016, Park Min-woo looks chic with sunglasses covering his eyes, as well as the denim top draped on his body. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote, ‘#glowloudey #grey’.

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In the sixth post which was uploaded on October 21, 2015, Park Min-woo shared a behind the scene of his drama with Apink’s Yoon Bomi. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote, ‘Detective K #Bomi’.

park minwoo

In the seventh post which was uploaded on October 18, 2015, Park Min-woo took a picture in front of a landmark. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote, ‘rabbit’.

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In the eighth post which was uploaded on October 10, 2015, Park Min-woo took a car selfie while wearing a thick-rimmed sunglasses. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote, ‘My sunglasses’.

park minwoo

In the ninth post which was uploaded on April 28, 2015, Park Min-woo shared a behind the scene photo of his drama Romance Blue, wearing the suits. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote, #RomanceBlue’.

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Finally, in the last post which was uploaded on January 9, 2015, Park Min-woo took a selfie while wearing all-black attire. On the caption, Park Min-woo wrote, ‘In the restroom’.