Get to Know Park Mi-sun (Profile, Husband, Son, Family, Body, Movies, and TV Shows)

Park Mi Sun

Who Is Park Mi-sun?

Welcome back, fellow readers! Today we are going to take a look at the beautiful senior Korean celebrity Park Mi-sun. Park Mi-sun is a whole-package Korean entertainer. She is involved in the entertainment industry as an actress, host, comedian, and radio announcer. Park Mi-sun made her first appearance in the variety shows Potato and The Winter of the Kiwi. She is also a host and cast member on several famous variety shows such as We Got Married, Quiz to Change the World, and Happy Together. She is very friendly with her co-stars, one of them being Yoo Jae-suk.

Do you wanna know more about this talented actress? Let’s check out her profile to get to know more about her!

Full Profile of Park Mi-sun

Name: Park Mi Sun

Birthplace: Seoul

Birth date: March 10, 1967

Age: 51 years old

Zodiac: Pisces

Blood Type: O

Weight: 55 kg

Height: 170 cm

Eyes Color: Black

Hair Color: Dark brown

Nationality: South Korea

Education: Hanyang University majoring in Theater and Film

Profession: Actress, host, comedian, radio announcer

Agency: Sidus HQ

Debut Year: 1987

Park Mi-sun’s family

  • Lee Bong-won (husband)
  • Lee Yu-ri (daughter)
  • Lee Sang-yeob (son)
Park Mi Sun
  • Lee Young-hye (sister in law)
  • Ko Jung-sun (mother in law)


Park Mi-sun’s husband is named Lee Bong-won. He was born on August 5, 1963, which is a 4-year gap with Mi-sun. Same as Mi-sun, Lee Bong-won is an actor and comedian. They sometimes get involved in the same project. These two slowly got to know each other and decided to settle down together.

Park Mi Sun
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Park Mi-sun’s Body

Starting in the middle of 2017, Park Mi-sun initiated a ‘no bra broadcast’ movement due to many fellow entertainers saying, “The first thing I do as soon as I get home is take off my bra.” She thought that women have to earn not only a good looking body but also a healthy and comfortable body.

Park Mi Sun

Television Dramas

1998: Soonpoong Clinic (SBS)

2004: Oolla Boolla Blue jjang (KBS2)

2006: Please Come Back, Soon Ae! (SBS)

2007: Golden Bridge (SBS)

2009: Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun (MBC)

2010: All My Love (MBC)

2011: The Greatest Love (MBC), cameo

2012: What Is Mom? (MBC)

2018: To. Jenny (KBS2)


Movie List

1987: Potato

1987: The Winter of the Kiwi, extra

1990: Two Wacky Heroes

2004: There We Were

2005: Boy Goes to Heaven, cameo

2009: Fortune Salon

2012: Tone-deaf Clinic


Variety Shows

1998: Youth March (MBC)

1991: A Good Laugh (SBS)

1991: Comedy Observatory (SBS)

1995: The Incredible People (MBC)

1995: TV Talk (MBC)

1995: Show! Miss Republic (Dong-A TV)

1998: Video Action Q (SBS)

1999: Current Affairs Comedy File (KBS2)

1999: Studio of Love (MBC)

2000: Happy TV (MBC)

2002: Man in Crisis (MBC)

2002: Eureka (KBS2)

2002: Gag Concert (KBS2)

2002: What an Amazing World (SBS)

2005: Couple’s Diary (MBC)

2005: IQ (EBS)

2006: Economic Vitamin (KBS2)

2006: Capture the Moment, How Is That Possible (SBS)

2006: Talk Talk Talk at 2 P.M. (MBC)

2006: Try to Live Well (SBS)

2007: Love in Asia (KBS2)

2007: Bad Housewife (YTN Star)

2007: Sponge 2.0 (KBS2)

2008: True or False (SBS)

2008: Cheerful Hero (MBC)

2008: Quiz to Change the World (MBC)

2008: Happy Together Season 3 (KBS2)

2009: Intimate Note Season 3 (SBS)

2010: Kind Mi Sun (Story On)

2010: Comedy Star (KBS2)

2011: We Got Married (MBC)

2011: Even If It’s Hateful, Once Again (SBS E!)

2011: Encore, Rebellion of the Tone-deaf (Channel A)

2012: The Great Birth Season 2 (MBC)

2012: Star King (SBS)

2012: How’s Your Husband? (tvN)

2013: Blind Test Show 180 Degrees (MBC)

2013: Bonanza Show Bang Bang Bang (MBN)

2013: Shinmungo (TV Chosun)

2013: Daechan Life (TV Chosun)

2013: Mamma Mia (KBS2)

2014: Hey Fox (TV Chosun)

2014: Whale Wars (tvN)

2014: Modern K-Pop History, Bangjajeon (tvN)


Radio Programs

1997: Kim Heung Gook and Park Mi Sun’s Radio Special Operation (MBC Radio)

1997: Jeong Yu Seong and Park Mi Sun’s Radio Special Operation (MBC Radio)

2003: Kim Heung Gook and Park Mi Sun’s Korean Special Show (SBS Love FM)

2008: Lee Bong Won and Park Mi Sun’s Our House Radio (SBS Love FM)

2010: Lee Bong Won and Park Mi Sun’s Wa Wa Show (SBS Love FM)



1988: 2nd MBC Gag Contest – Gold Medal

1988: MBC Drama Awards – Best Newcomer in Comedy

1996: MBC Drama Awards – Excellence Award in Radio

1999: MBC Drama Award – Top Excellence Award in Radio

2000: 36th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best Female Comedian (Soonpoong Clinic)

2004: SBS Drama Awards – Special Awards for Radio (Korean Special Show)

2005: 12th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards – Best Radio Host

2007: 9th KBS Right Language Awards – Recipient

2008: MBC Entertainment Awards – Top Excellence Award, Female Entertainer in a Variety Show

2009: 45th Baeksang Arts Awards – Best Female Variety Performer (Sunday Night)

2009: KBS Entertainment Awards – Top Excellence, Female Entertainer in a Variety Show (Happy Together Season 3)

2009: MBC Entertainer Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Sitcom (Tae Hee, Hye Kyo. Ji Hyun)

2010: MBC Entertainment Awards – Top Excellence Awards MC Category (Quiz to Change the World)

2011: MBC Entertainment Award – Top Excellence Award, Female Entertainer in a Variety Show (Quiz to Change the World)

2011: 23rd Korean PD Awards – Best Performer, TV Host Category

2013: KBS Entertainment Awards – Top Excellence Award, Female Entertainer in a Variety Show (Mamma Mia, Happy Together Season 3)