Park Kyung-lim: Profile and Facts (Husband, Son, Movies and TV Shows)


Two years after becoming married, Park Kyung-lim gave birth to her first child on January 16, 2009. This cute baby boy is named Park Min-joon.

Park Kyung Lim

Not long after the delivery, she captured a pose with her child and posted the photo on her social media. “Min-joon, thanks for resembling your dad,” she said. At another time, it was shown on her social media her 2-year-old baby son with hair starting to grow on his head. In the photo, baby Park wore clothes replicating his dad. He really looks like a junior version of his dad!

Park Kyung Lim

In early 2011, Park Kyung-lim was reported having a premature rupture of the amniotic membrane. This incident led to her miscarrying a baby. It was really shocking news knowing that she was not in the fragile phase of pregnancy but was entering the six-month stage. However, she acted calmly at the prenatal care center. Her agency also stated this was pretty shocking news because she was never rumored to be having trouble with her pregnancy


  • In 2006, Park left the variety show Good Sunday: X Man in order to host her own radio program as an announcer.
  • In the MBC show Section TV Entertainment Relay, she changed her look by cutting her long, wavy hair into a red-brown bob.
  • She hosted Section TV Entertainment Relay with Jo In-sung.
  • In the middle of her popularity, she left for the United States to pursue her education at New York Academy School of Film and Acting
  • When she returned to Korea, she continued her career as an entertainer and also conducted her marriage.
  • While enjoying motherhood, she created a masterpiece called English Success Story by Park Kyung-lim. It was a story about her thoughts of being an alumnus of New York Academy School of Film and Acting.
  • Other creations of hers are the cartoon essays titled A Square Angel and A Man of Park Kyung-lim.
  • In 2016, she made her international debut.
  • In 2002, she was nominated as Best New Female Artist at Mnet Asian Music Awards.
  • She’s the first Korean entertainer to be in a Netflix reality show.

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