Learn More About Actress Park Kyung-hye: Profile, Instagram, Drama ‘Goblin’, etc.


Goblin Virgin Ghost, Park Kyung-hye

Who’s watched popular 2017 fantasy drama Goblin? Calling all drama lovers, because you must see this very popular drama whose other name is Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. Besides have a sweet, unique story line, all the members of the cast have excellent track records as actors. Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun play the couple who are the main characters, and the other members of the cast are  Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo In-na, and Yook Sung-jae. Guardian’s final episode recorded an astonishing 18.68% nationwide audience share, making it the third-highest rated drama in Korean cable television history. The drama tells the story of goblin and a grim reaper who have their own secrets and unresolved problems from past. The goblin needs to find his chosen human bride which is necessary for him to regain his mortality, while the grim reaper finds his true love who already reincarnated.

The drama’s popularity has been lucky for everyone on the cast, even for supporting members. Not the least of that luck went to the actress Park Kyung-hye, who played the role of virgin ghost who often talked to, and teased, Ji Eun-tak. The 26-year-old actress started to get noticed for her acting as the virgin ghost in Goblin. She even got recognized during the Korean Drama Awards in 2017, in the popular character category. Let’s find out more in her profile!

Park Kyung-hye’s Profile

  • Name: Park Kyung-Hye
  • Hangul: 박경혜
  • Born: January 5, 1993
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Instagram: @wo_we_eya

Park Kyung-hye’s Filmography


  • The Dude In Me | Naeanui Neukom (2019) – Jae-Hee
  • The Drug King | Mayakwang (2018) – Lee Kyung-Ja
  • 1987: When The Day Comes | 1987 (2017) – Jung-Mi
  • Jane (2017) – Na-Kyung
  • Salute D’Amour | Jangsoosanghwe (2015) – trouble kid in Sogarumri group
  • Big Match (2014) – kid elf
  • Hwayi: A Monster Boy | Hwayi: Gwoemuleul Samkin Ayi (2013) – female employee of Paju agricultural association

Television Series

  • Touch Your Heart | Jinsimi Dadda (tvN / 2019) – Dan Moon-Hee
  • My Strange Hero | Boksooga Dolawadda (SBS / 2018-2019) – Jang Ji-Hyun
  • Clean With Passion For Now | Ildan Ddeugeobge (JTBC / 2018) – Choi’s visitor
  • Heart Surgeons | Hyoongboowegwa(SBS / 2018) – Lee Sun-Young
  • Jugglers (KBS2 / 2017-2018) – Goo Kye-Young
  • Falsify | Jojak (SBS / 2017) – Seo Na-Rae
  • Goblin | Dokkaebi (tvN / 2016-2017) – ghost
  • Sound of Your Heart | Maeumui Sori (KBS2 / 2016-2017) – Ae-Bong’s friend
  • That Sun in the Sky | Jeo Haneule Taeyangi (KBS2 / 2016-2017) – Go Sung-Ran
  • Good Person | Joheun Saram (MBC / 2016)
  • Cunning Single Lady | Angkeumhan Dolsingnyeo (MBC / 2014)\
  • Drama Special: Disqualified Laughter | Wooseum Silkyeok (KBS2 / 2016) – bride


  • Popular Character Award (“Goblin”) – 2017 (10th) Korea Drama Awards – October 2, 2017

Her Appearance in Goblin


Having a chance to be part of the drama Goblin, made Park Kyung-hye very grateful. While the shooting period was coming to an end in the early part of 2017, Park celebrated her birthday. She was congratulated by many of the cast, including the lead actors, Gong Yoo and Kim Go-eun. He even gave her a beautiful gift.

As reported by Allkpop, actress Park Kyung-hye talked about performing alongside Gong Yoo in Goblin. She narrated what happened on her birthday, when they were filming for the drama. “We filmed once on my birthday. Kim Go Eun sunbae told Gong Yoo sunbae that it was my birthday. He told me happy birthday and gave me a handshake, so I was able to spend a very thankful birthday,” she said.

The actress was obviously very happy that a star as renowned as Gong Yoo made sure to wish her ‘Happy Birthday’. Gong Yoo is extremely popular, especially among women. During a special appearance on SBS’s Running Man, it was announced that Gong Yoo has been setting fire to the hearts of women from 10 to 50, he didn’t need to pay attention to her birthday. But the fact he did reveals his sweet nature. “It was a more valuable gift than anything else. I was just happy and thankful that I was able to film with Gong Yoo sunbae,” the actress gushed.

Kyung-hye also revealed that she didn’t get to film many scenes with the Train to Busan actor. “I don’t really have many scenes with Gong Yoo-sunbaenim. Most of my scenes are getting scared by his character and running away,” she said. Park Kyung-hye played a version of the virgin ghost, with flowing black hair, pale skin, and wearing the type of white dress that we see in so many horror movies. However, Kyung-hye’s character is cute and funny, and sometimes causes unintended trouble for Kim Go-eun’s character, Ji Eun-tak. Then the Goblin has to come and save his bride from trouble.

However, she noted that it was Kim Go-eun who told Gong Yoo about her birthday. In a very recent interview with OSEN, as mentioned by ILoveKStars, the actress talked about Kim Go-eun and said “Kim Go Eun has a lot of charm, and I fell in love even, if I am a woman,” adding “Most of the time I was with Kim Go Eun, I took all meals, warm coffee and snacks.”

She also said that her ghost character wasn’t created to be a nuisance to Eun-tak, but was initially was a lonely soul and thanked Kim Go-eun, both in-character as the ghost as well as being herself, saying “Thank you for being my friend in a difficult world.”

The cast and crew of ‘Goblin’ were headed to Thailand’s Phuket island on February 6. Hopefully, she’ll be travelling with them and come back with even sweeter memories with the co-stars.

Such a lucky, talented girl! She deserves more attention 😉

Park Kyung-hye’s Latest Update

Those who’ve watched Goblin know that the grim reaper and Sunny’s love story was left hanging out there and still unfinished. Meanwhile, the 2019 drama Touch Your Heart is said to be the spin-off for the Goblin cast, since the main cast are Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na. Besides that, Park Kyung-hye will appear, cast as a secretary, to bring some office goodness to this romance about a lawyer and a hallyu star. The drama has been airing since February 6, and will have 20 episodes.

Meanwhile, the actress also has her personal instagram and often shares her activities there. Her username is @wo_we_eya, and has 9k followers. Follow her to find out her updates!

This picture was taken as a candid while she was having a trip in a car. She looks very cute!

Let’s hope to see Park Kyung-hye more in the movies and dramas ahead but as a main character!